Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Attaining the Dao through Martial Arts
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Bang- The sound of another clash could be heard as a curved sword with searing sword qi smashed against Ye Mo's fist wind.

Pang Wei just barely managed to pull out his curved sword and block Ye Mo's strike, but he was smashed many meters away and stumbled onto the ground. He spat another mouthful of blood before steadying his sword and glaring at Ye Mo coldly.

Ye Mo took out a lotus life pill and put it in his mouth. This Pang Wei was quite tough, and his body was surprisingly strong. It could be seen that the Wu God Chant was really something.

But Pang Wei was thinking that he had underestimated Ye Mo. Never had he thought he would meet someone who could beat him head on. When he got the Wu God Chant, he immediately knew it was a cultivation method of the highest shelf. Yet even though he had been cultivating it for decades, he was still no match for Ye Mo! What was Ye Mo's secret?

He really didn't believe that Ye Mo had a stronger cultivation method than him.

Everyone was dumbfounded, and no one knew who would win the fight now.

Ye Mo didn't use any wind blades as he knew that it would just be a waste of cultivation essence.

"How about you let me go. I know you're not truly trying to get revenge for them. You want the Wu God Chant, so I can give it to you." Pang Wei was still bleeding, but he was very calm.

Ye Mo ignored Pang Wei and approached him again. This time, his flying sword appeared in his hand, and he pierced out with it.

It was just a simple pierce, but the half step great heaven cultivators and great heaven masters could easily feel Ye Mo's killing intent. It was a simple strike, but Ye Mo had locked off all directions of escape for Pang Wei.

Pang Wei sneered. Even though he had the lower hand, Ye Mo was underestimating him by thinking that he could lock him down with just an inner qi wall.

But immediately after, Pang Wei's face changed drastically. This strike wasn't slow, but when Ye Mo first pierced out, there was just one sword, while after one inch, it became two swords, after another inch, it became 4 swords, 8, 16 and so on.

Pang Wei was shook. He couldn't let Ye Mo keep piercing, as each sword tip also had a sword ray enveloping it.

Pang Wei didn't dare to hold back anymore. He gathered all his inner qi in his curved sword and hacked at the sword rays. Inner qi sprayed everywhere, and Pang Wei knew that it was because he used too much inner qi and couldn't control it properly.

Clank clank clank- Pang Wei's curved sword was shattered into countless pieces.

He knew that it they clashed head on with fists, perhaps he could last a while, but in a battle with weapons, he had no chance and couldn't even run away.

Ye Mo's sword rays didn't completely dissipate. A few escaped and pierced into Pang Wei's body, bringing out flowers of blood which splashed onto the rock behind him.

Ye Mo then telekinetically grabbed a very thin old book from Pang Wei with the words Wu God Chant on it.

Pang Wei was covered in blood but didn't fall dead immediately. He uttered word by word, "What sword technique did you use?"

Ye Mo said plainly, "It's not a sword technique, it's a sword ability or sword skill."

"What sword skill?" Pang Wei was really unsatisfied. He was killed in a head-on clash even though he had the upper hand at the start. He had to know what sword ability he died to.

"Three Birth Sword Chant," Ye Mo said and then opened the Wu God Chant.

"Three Birth Sword Chant," Pang Wei murmured and collapsed onto the ground.

The scene was dead silent. No one dared to speak loudly. The fight between these two masters was more than they could handle.

Only Ye Mo moved as he was flipping through the book. Everyone knew the book must be very valuable, but no one dared to go up or even speak.

After ten minutes, Ye Mo had completely remembered the content of the book and understood what ancient martial arts truly was.

This was an insanely powerful cultivation method. Instead of ancient martial arts, it was more like a cultivation method for attaining the dao through martial arts. However, it was incomplete.

It was divided into four ranks: lesser heaven, great heaven, wu state, god state.

The lesser heaven had four levels: yellow, black, earth, and heaven.

Great heaven had three levels: refined blood, enlightenment, and wisdom. Li Cheng and Pang Wei were both at the refined blood state.

The wu state had three levels: bone sacrifice, wilderness soul, and Wu king. God state was incomplete, meaning that one could at most reach Wu king with this copy of the Wu God Chant.

Ye Mo closed the booklet. He felt that the booklet was very useful to him. Ye Mo believed that using the Three Birth Chant, he could set up a new cultivation system.

It would be a body cultivation cultivation method.

In the cultivation realm, there were quite a few body cultivation methods, but rarely anybody chose to practice it. One reason was because they required large amounts of resources, and another reason was that it took large amounts of time. The truth cultivators didn't even have enough time for truth cultivation, who would waste time on body cultivation?

Ye Mo put the Wu God Chant away and said to everyone, "I'll be leaving now, we shall meet again if the time comes."

Then he leaped away, and everyone immediately looked at where Ye Mo stood in disbelief.

When Ye Mo took his first step, there was still a figure of him visible, but after the second step, his figure was dimmed. And when he made the third step, he completely disappeared.

No one dared to think what level Ye Mo was at. These were inhuman means. Those who had had some little schemes for the Wu God Chant immediately gave up on their thoughts.

Wang Yijian had a bitter smile. He had understood that Ye Mo was much stronger than him, but he didn't expect it to be this much.

Also, he hadn't been the number one master of Jiu Ming Academy. Although he didn't know what Pang Wei's purpose was, it would have clearly been all too easy for Pang Wei to kill him. He wasn't afraid of death, but he didn't want Jiu Ming Academy to fall in his hands.

He was actually a little thankful to Ye Mo right now. He glanced at Cai Ji who was in disappointment and suddenly said, "Martial Sister Cai Ji, I would like to talk to you. Do you have some time?"

Cai Ji woke up and said, "Sorry Martial Brother, I know what you want to ask. But how about you ask Martial Brother Zeng as I'm a little unwell, and I'll be going to rest."

Then, she saluted with her fists and left.

After Ye Mo killed Pang Wei, she wanted to kneel on the ground and tell her dead parents that she had gotten revenge for them. But after Ye Mo left, she felt emptiness. She didn't know what to do anymore, as she had lost her life goal.

She also felt bad that Ye Mo didn't even speak to her before leaving. Ye Mo had said he would give it to her. She didn't really want it, but it would make her feel better if Ye Mo had asked first.

When Cai Ji went back to her room and took off her jacket, she found an ancient-looking booklet inside the pocket of her inner layer.
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