Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 816

Chapter 816: Hunt the Northern Sand king
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Thank you, City Lord Ye, for killing Dongfang Wang's men. Only then could I kill him." The Northern Sand King put the gun down and didn't try to shoot Ye Mo.

It was as though Ye Mo had really come to help him. Everyone in the room was confused. Anyone else would've shot at Ye Mo immediately because it was a gun that could kill half step great heaven masters.

Ye Mo smiled and nodded to the Northern Sand King. "Very well then, no need to thank me. It's my honour to be able to do this for the Northern Sand King. But I've done my research. Everyone else here is also Dongfang Wang's men, so-"

"So that's it, I almost got tricked!" The Northern Sand King looked like he was full of hate. He opened fire and killed three more. Just when everyone else started to react and tried to escape, the Northern Sand King disappeared.

Ye Mo was shook. He had kept his eyes on the Northern Sand King but at that moment, he couldn't find the Northern Sand King in his spirit sense at all. The reason he had let the Northern Sand King kill all of those people was because he didn't want the hidden sects' king on the run while he had killed them.

However, he had still gotten away when he was watching him.

Ye Mo couldn't stay there any longer. He shot out a flurry of windblades and blasted the meeting room apart with fireballs.

Although he knew there were lots of secret files and technology in that building, Ye Mo couldn't care. He focused his spirit sense in a 20 kilometer radius.

However, a few minutes later, he still hadn't found the Northern Sand King at all.

If they fought, Ye Mo was sure he could kill the Northern Sand King. However, he hadn't expected the Northern Sand King not to even want to try fight him and to instead just run away.

He was so calculative that he had already planned his escape the moment he had killed Dongfang Wang.

If that was the case, then that man was scarier than the Dongfang brothers. And if he got away, Ye Mo didn't dare to imagine what could happen to Luo Yue.

At the same time, Ye Mo got on the flying sword and scanned the aerial space. Si Xun was in chaos then. All sorts of organisations had come out to try and get power.

Ye Mo didn't care. When he arrived at the outskirts of Si Xun, he was getting more and more worried. The longer he dragged things on, the more chances the Northern Sand King had to escape.

When Ye Mo got near the sea, a ray-like thing darted past the border of Ye Mo's spirit sense. Ye Mo chased it without thinking.

Ye Mo was at his maximum speed, but the shadow still dashed rapidly through the water. It seemed that the figure was a very small submarine. It was rod-shaped and it was at most 2 m long. Yet, even with Ye Mo's speed, he couldn't get close to it.

Ye Mo could tell without thinking that this thing had been designed by Ye Xing.

However, Ye Mo couldn't understand how the Northern Sand King had gotten on that and how he had tricked his spirit sense. What is more, how did he get away from the meeting room?

The Northern Sand King had decided to run away when Ye Mo killed those half step great heaven and earth level masters without a sound. He knew he was no match for Ye Mo.

His specialty wasn't fighting, but hiding and escaping. He was certain that nothing in the world could chase him if he tried to run. However, even with the means he had for running away, he couldn't get rid of Ye Mo.

He finally understood that in the wake of absolute power, even if he built the biggest country in the world and controlled the entire world's army, it would be useless. Ye Mo could easily kill him.

Two hours later, Ye Mo was feeling fatigued. He didn't have any more stamina pills and if he used up all his cultivation essence, the Northern Sand King might really get outside his spirit sense.

Comparatively, the energy source of the submarine was probably something that could outlast him easily. If he used up all his cultivation essence and the Northern Sand King turned around to fight him, he would suffer greatly.

But he didn't want to let the Northern Sand King go like that.

Another hour passed and the Northern Sand King was probably getting bored of staying in the sea, so he started to go near the land.

Ye Mo's spirit sense saw the Northern Sand King pilot the submarine to a beach. He dashed out of the submarine and disappeared.

Ye Mo dashed down immediately and placed the submarine into his ring.

The Northern Sand King's figure dashed and Ye Mo's spirit sense followed it closely.

Ye Mo had to approve the Northern Sand King's speed up until then. The Northern Sand King was running on two legs, while he was using a flying sword.

The Northern Sand King clearly knew that Ye Mo was chasing him and ran without turning around. Ye Mo didn't want to give up, despite having to use a lot of cultivation essence.

He suspected that the Northern Sand King was using something - there was no way a mutant could reach that speed.

He was sure that if he hadn't used the flying sword, he wouldn't have even reached a tenth of the Northern Sand King's speed.

Not even a foundation establishment state cultivator would be able to run as fast as the Northern Sand King.

After chasing for some time, Ye Mo realized they had gotten to China's borderlands.

Ye Mo's face was pale as he held a spirit stone in his hand. He was about to fall of his flying sword because if he kept chasing, he might get heavily injured.

But Ye Mo found that the Northern Sand King had also stopped and was sitting on the ground.

Ye Mo rejoiced and immediately flew over there slowly. When Ye Mo was just a few hundred meters away from the Northern Sand King, Ye Mo stopped to recover his cultivation essence.

However, the Northern Sand King got up to leave again. Ye Mo was shook. He was about to succeed, how could he let the Northern Sand King escape?

But when Ye Mo grabbed his flying sword, he found that his cultivation essence had been depleted so much that even if he found a quiet place to recover, it might take a day.

The Northern Sand King got up but he didn't run away. He looked at Ye Mo and laughed, "Ye Mo, you can actually fly. Funny how I thought you were just a mutant! If I had known there was someone in this world who could fly, I would have never built Northern Sand."

Ye Mo ignored the Northern Sand King. He walked another 300 meters forward, standing only ten meters away from the Northern Sand King before stopping.

"Ye Mo, if I hadn't attacked Luo Yue, would you have still tried to kill me?" the Northern Sand King asked.

Ye Mo gasped. "No, I don't offend those who don't offend me. But you've offended me on multiple accounts."

"The thing I regret the most is offending you. I never thought there would really be someone who could fly in this world!" The Northern Sand King looked despaired and said to Ye Mo, "I want to ask you one last thing."

Ye Mo sneered, "Keep dreaming! Die!" He sent his flying sword out.

Ye Mo felt threatened by the Northern Sand King, so the safest thing would be to kill him first.
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