Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 817

Chapter 817: Strange Adventure Squad
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

As the flying sword neared the Northern Sand King's neck, Ye Mo had a sense of extreme danger, and he moved aside without even having time to think of the reason.

Sizzle- A few shimmering beams passed through where Ye Mo stood. At the same time, Ye Mo's flying sword produced a splash of blood as well, and the Northern Sand King's head fell to the ground before rolling to a stop.

Ye Mo also knelt on the ground. Even though he reacted immediately, his leg was still hit. The beam passed right through his calves.

Ye Mo ate a lotus life pill and stopped the bleeding.

Ye Mo sat on the ground and sighed. If he didn't kill the Northern Sand King immediately and gave him the chance to properly use that railgun, he might really have been killed in the end.

If the Northern Sand King hadn't been scared and not shot Ye Mo immediately, then the result would have been really hard to predict. Ye Mo was sure that if the Northern Sand King had shot immediately, he would be in a much worse situation.

Ye Mo recovered some power and walked up to the Northern Sand King, picking up that gun. Without looking, he knew it was the same type he gave Luo Ying but just stronger, and its energy source was the extreme energy stone.

When Ye Mo looked at the Northern Sand King again, he finally understood why he was so fast.

The Northern Sand King's legs were completely pulverized, but Ye Mo was sure he hadn't attacked the Northern Sand King's legs. There were two used up runes tied to his legs.

Ye Mo carefully picked up the scraps and pieced them together. His face changed drastically - this was a rune that only golden core state cultivators could draw, a god mobility rune!

No wonder he could run so fast, this rune seemed to be high quality stuff. If it was an ancient martial artist who used this today, he would never have been able to chase up.

Where did the Northern Sand King get such a rune? Ye Mo really wanted to know.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense over the Northern Sand King's body and found another smaller rune in his pocket.

A teleportation rune? Ye Mo was shook. He could barely make low quality god mobility runes, but even some actual rune masters wouldn't be able to make teleportation runes!

Ye Mo knew that this teleportation rune was also high quality. Finally Ye Mo understood how the Northern Sand King could disappear right in front of him. He seemed to have more than one of these but couldn't use the second one.

Ye Mo felt quite lucky. If the Northern Sand King had used the second teleportation rune, he might not have been able to catch him. However, since his legs were ruined, he would eventually be able to find this guy.

The Northern Sand King having these runes meant that he had definitely found a cultivation ruin before, and it must have been a rather high level one.

Ye Mo searched the Northern Sand King carefully but didn't find anything special.

Ye Mo took out a fireball rune from his ring and burned the Northern Sand King's body. Then he slowly left this valley. He had killed the Northern Sand King and annihilated Northern Sand, but he still didn't know who the Northern Sand King was, where he came from, and why he had built Northern Sand.

But Ye Mo didn't care. He didn't have to know. He just wanted to find a place to recover his cultivation essence before going to Nan Jiang, Wan Qu Mountain.

But right after Ye Mo finished taking care of the scene, he saw five people with big backpacks come over. Three men and two women. Ye Mo didn't want to talk much and sat down.

Although he had used up all his cultivation essence, he still had spirit sense and a few fireball runes as well as a rail gun.

Although these five posed no threat to him, Ye Mo still scanned them with his spirit sense. What surprised Ye Mo was that four of them were at the yellow level while one was a black level peak martial artist who could reach the earth level at any time.

What shook Ye Mo the most was that the strongest one was the most seductive looking woman. She had the smallest bag, and the two bag straps squeezed her chest out, making it seem very enticing. Accompanied by her exquisite face, this made the two yellow levels constantly glance at her chest while gulping down their drool.

The other woman was in her 40s and looked average. She was only at the yellow level tertiary stage, but Ye Mo knew her. She was Huang Mei, the advisor of the Hong Martial Gang.

One man was also at the yellow level tertiary stage, but he was in his 50s. He had a coarse figure and was walking while looking down. There were two fat rabbits hanging off his bag.

The five got to where Ye Mo was, and Huang Mei didn't recognize him at first, because she was keeping her head low for some reason.

"Hmm, there's someone here, and he's injured!" the youngest man spotted Ye Mo and exclaimed.

They all stopped, so Ye Mo could only say, "I'm an adventurer, and I got injured, so I'm just having some rest here. Do as you please."

It was nearly dark, yet this injured solo adventurer wasn't asking for help. This was quite strange.

"Huh?" Huang Mei suddenly exclaimed. Ye Mo sighed - she had probably recognized him.

"What's wrong, Sister Mei?" the prettiest and strongest woman asked Huang Mei, seemingly suspicious.

Huang Mei recovered immediately and said awkwardly, "This person is injured and it's so late, if we leave him here, he might not survive."

"That's right, yeah, Sister Mei, you're really kind hearted." That busty woman blinked her flashy eyes and suddenly took out an exquisite bag. From the bag, she took out a pea-sized pill and said, "This is a healing pill, take it."

Ye Mo took the pill and scanned the woman's bag with his spirit sense but didn't speak.

The woman laughed, "Little brother, you're really lucky. We're also adventurers, I'm Feng Yanqi, the acting captain. How about you come with us? We are in the outskirts of the Duan Heng Ranges after all, it's very dangerous to stay here alone at night. I know you also cultivate ancient martial arts, and although you haven't reached the yellow level, you must think you're quite strong. But we are actually..."

Ye Mo knew that she was implying that any of them were stronger than him. She was very close to Ye Mo when she spoke. Her voice was very soft, and she smelled irresistible.

Seeing Ye Mo not talk, the woman said, "Brother Chen, how about you help him."

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, "No need, I can walk myself."

Then he got up. The bag the woman had was filled with all sorts of Gu bugs in different colours.

She said this was the outskirts of the Duan Heng Ranges which meant that they were near Nan Jiang. A woman near Nan Jiang who had a bunch of Gu? Without thinking, Ye Mo knew she was from the All Gu Sect.

Seeing Ye Mo get up but not eat the pill, Feng Yanqi laughed, "Aiyo, little brother, do you think I'm going to harm you? Don't worry I didn't give you aphrodisiacs or anything. This is just to treat your wounds. Moreover, even if I gave you aphrodisiacs, you would be the one gaining, hahaha!"

Ye Mo was calm. He saw that that 50 year old man was calm too, while Huang Mei blushed a little. As for those two younger men, they didn't look too happy.
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