Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 818

Chapter 818: Each Having Their Own Plans
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Huang Mei glanced at Ye Mo before suddenly saying, "Sister Yanqi, it's dark now, so how about we stay here for the night and keep moving tomorrow morning?"

Feng Yanqi glanced at Huang Mei and smiled sweetly, "Okay, we'll stay here for the night then. Sister Mei is really caring, haha."

Everyone took out tents from their bags and started setting them up.

Soon, it was all set up, but Ye Mo didn't have a tent of his own.

Feng Yanqi looked at Ye Mo and said enticingly, "Little brother, we don't know what your name is yet. Also, how about you come sleep in my tent tonight?"

Ye Mo shook his head, "My name is Mo Ying, and I've been living outside a lot, so I can sleep outside."

Huang Mei took out a big foldable umbrella and gave it to Ye Mo so that he'd have something for cover.

The man who didn't really speak started a fire and soon roasted the two bunnies. Ye Mo got a share too.

Ye Mo knew that five ancient martial artists couldn't get together for no reason. They were either looking for something really important, or they were all tricked there by Feng Yanqi.

Ye Mo really wanted to know why they were there, but he didn't ask. He knew it was best not to.

When the five people got in their tent, there were no sounds at all. Ye Mo's spirit sense could tell what everyone was doing. None of them were sleeping. The middle-aged man who had roasted the rabbits started cultivating, while Huang Mei was frowning. As for the two younger men, one was cultivating, while the other was being restless.

One hour later, Feng Yanqi got out of her tent and called outside of Brother Chen's tent, "Brother Chen, are you asleep?"

Brother Chen immediately got out of the tent happily and said, "Not yet, Yanqi, come sit inside for a while. We can talk about tomorrow's route."

"Sure, sure, but I need a bathroom break first, and it's so dark," Feng Yanqi said embarrassingly.

Brother Chen immediately understood this as Feng Yanqi being interested in him. Otherwise, she would tell Huang Mei to go with her.

Without thinking he said, "How about I go with you, Yanqi?"

"Thank you," Feng Yanqi immediately nodded.

The two quietly left the tent.

Ye Mo's spirit sense followed the two. There was something dodgy going on. With Feng Yanqi's black level peak power, she would never be afraid to go to the bathroom by herself. Besides, did they need to walk that far?

Then, Ye Mo noticed that Huang Mei also got out of her tent. She was in black clothes and really hard to spot.

Ye Mo thought she was going to follow them and wanted to remind her. But instead, Huang Mei went into Feng Yanqi's tent.

Ye Mo scanned it with his spirit sense and knew there were a large bunch of marks in Feng Yanqi's tent. Huang Mei wasn't dumb and was able to find out. She ruined the markings Feng Yanqi had left and then left a pea-sized camera in her tent.

Ye Mo knew that Huang Mei was suspicious of Feng Yanqi but wasn't sure, so she needed to gather evidence.

But Huang Mei was too inexperienced compared to Feng Yanqi. Feng Yanqi would know for sure that Huang Mei was the one who had come in when she got back.

Huang Mei got out of Feng Yanqi's tent immediately as soon as she finished setting up everything.

Ye Mo got up helplessly. He had a good impression of Huang Mei, so he decided to help her. He'd recovered some cultivation essence by now and used invisibility to get into Feng Yanqi's tent and restored the markings Huang Mei had damaged.

When Ye Mo came back to his foldable umbrella, he found that Huang Mei hadn't gone to her tent but came to his spot instead.

"Miss Huang, long time no see," Ye Mo smiled.

Huang Mei said, "City Lord Ye, why would you be here?"

Ye Mo smiled, "I also wanted to ask that, why are you here?"

Huang Mei sighed, "After I left San Francisco, I tried looking for you. I like military tactics, but I served the wrong person. Zhu Hongsheng isn't someone who can accomplish great things. I left the Hong Martial Gang wanting to join you, but I couldn't find you. Later, I was taken away by Northern Sand and ended up having to do things for them."

"Then why are you here? I didn't see you at Northern Sand, right?" Ye Mo asked.

Huang Mei didn't know what Ye Mo's words meant, and she smiled bitterly, "I didn't want to stay in Northern Sand, and when I was doing a mission near Ice Helm Island, I saw that our target was you on a screen. I really admire your capabilities, so I wanted to help you. I killed those few people with me, but someone still managed to detonate the bomb at the last minute."

Ye Mo was dazed. He didn't think there was someone helping him in that situation! He knew Huang Mei's situation at the time, and although he didn't know how she got away, he was sure she was telling the truth. Ye Mo felt warm. He didn't know Huang Mei, yet she had helped him like that. He really owed her.

"I had planned, on going to Luo Yue and expanding my ambitions after helping you there, but I wasn't able to help you in the end. A few years later, I was very happy to hear that you weren't dead, but I no longer had the will to go Luo Yue. And then I heard you went missing." Huang Mei seemed a little dejected.

Ye Mo suddenly got up and bowed to Huang Mei, "No, you did help me. If it wasn't for your help, perhaps I would be dead now."

Ye Mo finally understood why the bomb was detonated only tens of seconds after he ran away from the most dangerous place.

If it wasn't for Huang Mei, he would be dead for sure.

Ye Mo said genuinely to Huang Mei, "Sister Mei, you saved my life. If you hadn't delayed the detonation, I wouldn't have gotten out of that cave for sure."

Then Ye Mo asked her, "Sister Mei, do you cultivate ancient martial arts?"

Huang Mei knew that Ye Mo wanted to repay her.

She immediately nodded, "Yes, I cultivate ancient martial arts. After I knew you went missing, I no longer had the will to use my tactics in the world, so I went around touring places and was able to obtain an ancient martial arts cultivation method.

"Let me test your spirit root first." Ye Mo took out the device. He thought that if Huang Mei had a spirit root, he wouldn't mind teaching her truth cultivation.

"What is a spirit root?" Huang Mei subconsciously asked.

Ye Mo just wanted to answer when his spirit sense scanned Feng Yanqi taking off her pants and squatting on the ground. That Brother Chen was right in front of her, and she didn't avoid him at all. She was clearly trying to seduce him.

Feng Yanqi's fat white ass appeared in Ye Mo's spirit sense and made Ye Mo feel a little uneasy, but he couldn't retrieve his spirit sense now.

Ye Mo had some biological reactions seeing that naked perky ass and quickly gave himself a clear mind spell.

Seeing Ye Mo's uneasy face, Huang Mei immediately asked, "What's wrong? I have some medical pills on me, do you want one?"

Ye Mo came back to his senses and quickly said, "It's nothing, I was just thinking of something."
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