Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 819

Chapter 819: Strange Fetish Feng Yanqi
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"It's an earth and wood double spirit root." Ye Mo saw this and was shocked. Theoretically, there shouldn't be a lot of people on Earth with spirit roots due to the lack of spirit chi. Yet, he had found so many people with spirit roots!

"What's that?" Huang Mei asked strangely.

Ye Mo said to her, "Huang Mei, thank you for saving my life. You're cultivating ancient martial arts. If you still want to cultivate that, I have a cultivation method that can let you reach above great heaven."

Huang Mei was definitely one of the smartest people alive and after hearing this, she knew Ye Mo had more to say. So she asked calmly, "Then, does that mean there's other stuff too?"

Ye Mo nodded, "Yes, if you don't want to cultivate ancient martial arts, then cultivate truth like me."

"Cultivate truth?" Huang Mei repeated. She had never heard of this before.

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment before saying, "Have you heard about immortals? It's not a legend. The reason there are no immortals now is due to the lack of spirit chi on Earth. Simply put, the ultimate goal of truth cultivation is to ascend to the immortal realm. Of course, that opportunity is very rare, maybe not even one out of 100,000 cultivators can ascend.

Ye Mo was talking about Luo Yue Continent.

"What?!" Huang Mei was dumbfounded by Ye Mo's words.

After a long while, she said shakily, "I must cultivate truth. I must-"

Huang Mei was a hot-blooded person. She couldn't bear doing nothing and that's why she had chosen to scheme for big people, even if it was a gang. Now, there was something more suitable for her than scheming - how could she not agree?

Ye Mo nodded. He was just about to tell her the specifics of truth cultivation when he saw that Feng Yanqi and Brother Chen were together already.

Such a crazy woman! Brother Chen couldn't resist her seduction and hugged her from behind. However, before Brother Chen could go in, she turned around, pushed Brother Chen on the ground and started moving erotically on top of him.

"Master, tell me." Huang Mei asked.

"Oh, okay." Ye Mo returned to his senses and looked awkwardly at her. "Um- You don't need to call me master, just call me Ye Mo. Truth cultivation and ancient martial arts begin in similar ways. We unblock our meridians-"

Ye Mo paused again as he saw Brother Chen gradually getting thinner. It was like the blood in his body was getting sucked away.

Ye Mo didn't scan their private parts with his spirit sense, but he knew that Brother Chen's blood essence was getting sucked into Feng Yanqi through sex.

Brother Chen was getting drier and drier, while Feng Yanqi's face became more vibrant and her temperament got stronger.

Ye Mo thought of the duo cultivation methods in the cultivation realm. Some benefitted both parties, while some only benefitted one side and sucked dry the other person.

Feng Yanqi was no truth cultivator, so she couldn't do that. She was probably using a Gu bug to do it.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo felt disgusted and that biological reaction went away.

He could tell Feng Yanqi really had a strong fetish. Brother Chen looked like a mummy and yet she was still interested in moving up and down on him. She wasn't going to let go until she had sucked him completely dry.

Ye Mo finally realized that the reason Feng Yanqi had found that group of people was for her cultivation.

Ye Mo wondered about why had Feng Yanqi brought Huang Mei then. Did she have something special planned for her?

Ye Mo subconsciously glanced at Huang Mei.

Huang Mei subconsciously shivered at Ye Mo's glance. She felt Ye Mo was giving her a weird look. Moreover, Ye Mo kept on talking and stopping, as though thinking about something.

Ye Mo realized this and immediately said, "I'll teach you truth cultivation formally tomorrow night."

Huang Mei got up and looked at Ye Mo. "You need to be careful with Feng Yanqi. I feel she's strange. There were six of us in the beginning, but the second day, we lost someone."

Ye Mo was dazed at these news. He hadn't thought that Feng Yanqi could have acted so quickly. Brother Chen was the second one.

"How did you meet her? How did you get together? What purpose do you have here?" Ye Mo asked in surprise.

But as soon as he finished speaking, he felt Feng Yanqi's power increase again. She had reached earth level.

Huang Mei was about to start talking when Ye Mo stopped her. "Go back to your tent first. We'll talk tomorrow night. Feng Yanqi is about to come back."

"How do you know?" Huang Mei subconsciously asked, but she immediately nodded and went out. She knew it must be related to truth cultivation.

As soon as Huang Mei got back, she heard Feng Yanqi return and scream.

Ye Mo, Huang Mei and the other two men got out of their tents. They found that Feng Yanqi had ran back with tattered clothes while calling, "Quickly! Go save Yinzhu!"

"What happened? Yanqi!" the other man in his 30s asked.

Feng Yanqi immediately said, "Yinzhu, fell off the cliff! Hurry and save him!" Her eyes were full of worry.

"What happened to little Chen?" the middle-aged man who didn't usually speak suddenly asked.

The two men went to the cliff Feng Yanqi led them to and shone the torch down. However, it was bottomless.

"How did Chen Yinzhu fall down from here?" the man in his 30s asked with a strange tone.

Feng Yanqi wiped her eyes. "I wanted to go to the toilet at night, but I was scared to go by myself so I asked Brother Chen to come with me. Then, after I was done, I twisted my ankle trying to get up and Brother Chen quickly came. He hugged me-"

"You were doing your business next to the cliff?" Huang Mei asked strangely.

Feng Yanqi said in embarrassment, "No, it's quite far from here. But when I had just gotten up, Brother Chen hugged me and because my pants weren't tied up, he- he-"

Everyone knew what she meant. Chen Yinzhu was indeed keen for Feng Yanqi.

Feng Yanqi didn't seem to mind what other people thought and said, "I struggled a few times but Brother Chen hugged me tighter. And then I couldn't resist anymore and- and- In our excitement, we actually went next to the cliff. Brother Chen accidentally tripped over. Weep- weep- I did this to him."

Ye Mo sighed. That woman was really good at acting. If he hadn't seen everything with his spirit sense, he might have even believed her.

But it was true that she really couldn't resist anymore and that she had indeed harmed Brother Chen.

Everyone fell silent.

The other young man in his 30s had a bleak face. He hadn't expected Chen Yinzhu to evade him and go alone with Feng Yanqi. At the same time, he looked contemptuously at Feng Yanqi. She was clearly a pretty and busty woman, but she had had a liking for a man like Chen Yinzhu and had taken a dump outside in the middle of the night.

"Let's go back first - it's too late. There is be no way for us to find him. We'll talk about it tomorrow morning," the middle-aged man said.

Huang Mei suddenly said on the way, "I heard there's a type of ghost in the mountains that leads people to places they don't want to go subconsciously at night. Women are more likely targets, as their yan chi isn't strong-"

"Huh!!" Feng Yanqi screamed at this and subconsciously looked at Ye Mo.
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