Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 820

Chapter 820: Realization
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Huang Mei was very smart and immediately said, "Mo Ying, could you come sleep in my tent? I have two sleeping bags. Otherwise, I'll be really scared at night."

Everyone was dazed at this. They had been with Huang Mei for quite a few days and knew she was a very conservative woman. Although she was average-looking, her body wasn't bad, and she was mature. Everyone would have some thoughts about such an overnight invitation.

Feng Yanqi was dazed too after hearing Huang Mei's words. She rejoiced. She wanted to stay in the same tent with Ye Mo, and Huang Mei's words were a gift. Although she wouldn't suck essence blood in the tent, she would have something to do at night with a sturdy and good-looking man.

And, although this Mo Ying was injured, his smell was very good. She didn't mind letting such a man sleep with her. She was far from having had enough fun with just Chen Yinzhu.

Ye Mo applauded Huang Mei's wits. This way, he could go to her tent without needing to find an excuse.

The middle-aged man also glanced strangely at Huang Mei's odd actions.

But no one said anything.

Ye Mo knew why Huang Mei told him to go to her tent. Before he taught her the cultivation method, he asked how everyone met.

Apparently, Feng Yanqi used an underground ancient martial arts auction to gather the people to explore an ancient martial arts ruin in Wu Qu Guo.

But he knew that Feng Yanqi was just looking for some resources to feed her cultivation.

"You all believed what she said?" Ye Mo asked.

Huang Mei shook her head, "Of course I wouldn't believe it just like that, but she took out a very ancient metal card which had a map carved into it. She said she had gone there before but that the place needed five people at the same time to be opened, so she invited us. Brother Xiao also confirmed the card to be of an ancient martial arts ruin."

Ye Mo knew that Brother Xiao, Xiao Shui, was the oldest man there. Thinking about the Yan Wuliang he killed, he took out a metal card from his ring and said, "Does the metal card look something like this?"

Huang Mei grabbed it immediately and asked in shock, "How can you have this metal card too? It's exactly the same as the one Feng Yanqi has!"

Ye Mo nodded. He was sure that Feng Yanqi was one of those core disciples of the All Gu Sect.

"Do you understand Feng Yanqi? Do you know how strong she is?" Ye Mo asked.

Huang Mei was dazed and asked Ye Mo, "Do you also suspect her? I'm very suspicious of her, but I can't think of what her purpose is. I think she's about the same level as us, at least yellow level tertiary stage."

"Same level as you?" Ye Mo sneered, "She's at the earth level primary stage. It would be all too easy for her to kill all of you."

"What?!" Huang Mei was truly stunned.

"Earth level?" Huang Mei murmured. Black level was already an insurmountable mountain for her. Earth level was a thing of the legends.

Ye Mo nodded, "That's right, but she just reached earth level tonight. She's from the All Gu Sect, and she uses Gu bugs to cultivate. This makes her much faster than ordinary ancient martial artists."

Ye Mo kept asking, "Do you know how that Chen Yinzhu died tonight?"

Huang Mei knew what Ye Mo meant and said in shock, "Are you saying Feng Yanqi killed him? Why did she kill him?"

Huang Mei was suspicious of her, but Feng Yanqi had no reason to kill.

Ye Mo said plainly, "She has 10.000 reasons to kill. Chen Yinzhu is just the start. She's from the All Gu Sect, and she uses sex to suck men's essence blood to increase her own power. Those who have all their essence blood sucked dry all die."

Huang Mei's face blushed hearing this. She didn't understand why Feng Yanqi brought her too then, but she couldn't ask Ye Mo that. But she knew that if she hadn't met Ye Mo, she wouldn't even know how she died.

This extremely pretty woman Feng Yanqi had the heart of a scorpion! This made her shiver.

Seeing that the atmosphere was awkward, Huang Mei immediately said, "I can have a look at what she's doing."

She took out a camera and opened it, showing the inside of Feng Yanqi's tent.

Ye Mo still said, "Don't put cameras in her tent anymore, she would be able to know each time you went in."

"No way, I was very careful each time, and the cameras are very small and wireless," Huang Mei subconsciously rebuked.

Ye Mo shook his head, "I'm not saying she saw your camera, I'm saying if you enter her tent, she would be able to know."

As though to prove Ye Mo's words, the camera feed showed Feng Yanqi spin around her tent and murmur to herself, "Strange, she didn't come to my tent today."

Huang Mei's face burst red. Ye Mo said, "I wiped the marks you made today."

Feng Yanqi then said, "She sure knows how to enjoy life, calling a pretty boy to her tent to enjoy. Old cow eating young grass. She's clearly so thirsty, yet acts so conservative. How dare you take my man? I'm going to show you what's good-"

Clap- Huang Mei shut the camera screen as her face was red with anger.

Seeing Huang Mei about to throw it away, Ye Mo took it, "This is quite high tech, I'll keep it if you don't mind."

Huang Mei calmed down and said, "I wouldn't have thought that everything I saw was all an act. This woman really knows how to put on a show! Bu by the way, how did you know that so clearly?"

Ye Mo shook his head and didn't answer, "I'll teach you truth cultivation now."

After Huang Mei found out about truth cultivation, the small world and the cultivation realm, she was completely dumbfounded. Everything Ye Mo said was beyond her comprehension.

One night passed quickly.

The next morning, everyone got up to pack their things. No one brought up to look for Chen Yinzhu. Everyone knew that he was 100% dead after falling down from such a high cliff.

However, Feng Yanqi took all of Chen Yinqi's stuff and burnt it at the cliff while crying.
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