Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 823

Chapter 823: Disaster
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

All five sect members found a place to sit, and Ye Mo did as well, as though he really was an All Gu Sect member.

Feng Yanqi thought she knew Ye Mo well, so seeing Ye Mo calmly sit down after seeing all this, she started to frown and suspect Ye Mo.

He didn't ask her about anything, not even the martial brothers that suddenly appeared.

But she didn't care too much. Even if Ye Mo was fishy, she didn't have to fear him. Ye Mo being so young, no matter how much of a genius he was, he couldn't be much higher than black level. Not to mention, so what if Ye Mo was at the earth level?

Ye Mo kept his spirit sense out after sitting down. He wanted to know how this Golden Magical Gu would appear.

But instead, he saw the small movements of the five sect members. A Gu bug appeared below Ren Xi and burrowed into the earth quietly before it slid towards a smooth part of the stone wall.

Wen Gu, Martial Brother Li, and Feng Yanqi all had Gu bugs appear below them, and the bugs were all crawling towards the same direction. Wen Gu let out two.

What made Ye Mo curious was that the strongest Ji Lie didn't do anything.

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned that smooth stone wall, and he was shocked to find that his spirit sense seemed to sink into nothing. When he forced his spirit sense in, his spirit sea experienced a piercing pain as though the spirit sense was devoured by the wall.

This stone wall was too strange! Ye Mo quickly took back his spirit sense.

Three or four hours later, Ye Mo felt the earth below him shake. Was it an earthquake? Ye Mo stood up immediately in shock.

The other five also got up.

"The passage is open!" Martial Brother Li said in excitement.

As soon as he said this, that smooth wall disappeared, and a cold gust of wind blew by. Then, a black stairway appeared in front of them.

There was still rumbling audible inside the tunnel, as though someone was smashing the wall with a hammer.

"You go in first," Wen Gu ordered Ye Mo coldly.

"Martial Sister Wen, you're too careful. This passage opens once every 50 years, countless All Gu Sect Qianbei have been in there before," Ji Lie said, but he still let Ye Mo go in first.

Ye Mo kept a calm face and didn't reject. He carefully went into the tunnel. He wasn't planning on doing anything before seeing the Golden Magical Gu.

He could only send his spirit sense a little more than 10 meters into the ground.

Ye Mo felt that there was a formation there. This was the second place he found which was related to truth cultivators, which made him believe even more that there used to be truth cultivators on Earth.

Ye Mo didn't go very fast, and he found that the second to follow was actually Feng Yanqi. After her came Martial Brother Li, then Wen Gu, and the last was Ji Lie.

But what shook Ye Mo was that all five Gu bugs had entered Ji Lie's body, and Ji Lie seemed like he hadn't noticed at all.

Ye Mo was dazed. This wasn't right, but Ye Mo didn't think much about it as the tunnel was getting colder and colder.

When Ye Mo walked about 300 meters further, his eyebrows started getting frosty. The others all had ice all over them.

In order not to make them suspicious, Ye Mo started to shiver and walk slower too.

Just when Ye Mo was considering how long he should keep up the act, he saw a big, black, stone hall. There was something in it - two football-sized eggs on the middle of a stone table.

There was a dark barrier around it protecting the stone table. This was probably the Golden Magical Gu egg.

This dark barrier was a defensive formation which was powered by spirit stones, but the spirit stones didn't have enough spirit power, so the barrier was dark coloured.

Probably every 50 years, people from the sect would attack this barrier for the two big eggs.

Ye Mo knew that there didn't even need to be five people. Any one of them could easily break it. The barrier wouldn't last long anymore even if they left it alone.

Since he was here, he decided to keep up the act. Ye Mo jumped into the stone room immediately. The other five all had their attention caught by the Golden Magical Gu and entered as well. They ignored Ye Mo and surrounded the barrier.

"This is the egg of the Magical Gu? It's so big!" Feng Yanqi said in shock and then stood obediently on the side as she looked at Ji Lie.

Ji Lie saw everyone look at him, and he nodded, "I'll have a look." He took out a double-sided axe and smashed at the barrier.

The people watched in shock as the barrier immediately cracked.

They were all dumbfounded. They didn't even work together - how did this barrier break?

After the barrier broke, more frost wind started blowing from the crack, and the stone room got even colder.

At this moment, Ji Lie suddenly sneered and took out four Gus which he squished into a pulp.

Martial Brother Li screamed and rolled around on the ground, clearly due to his Life Gu dying. Meanwhile, that Ren Xi and Wen Gu just spat some blood. On the other hand, Feng Yanqi was fine, as though it wasn't her Gu at all.

Ye Mo thought, 'So Ji Lie did know that they had released their Gu at him! However, Ren Xi and Wen Gu didn't spit essence blood, so they had planned for this. Meanwhile, that Martial Brother Li seemed to be truly injured.

Then, Ji Lie sneered at the four, "We haven't even gotten the Golden Magical Gu yet, and you've already teamed up against me. No wonder there are less and less sect members nowadays. It's because of people like you."

That Martial Brother Li knew he had lost all his cultivation, and he struggled to point at Feng Yanqi, "Feng Yanqi, you b*tch, you betrayed us!"

Feng Yanqi looked calm, "Martial Brother Li, why do you only call me out?"

Martial Brother Li said hatefully, "All three of us are injured, while only you are fine! You, you-"

Feng Yanqi looked at Martial Brother Li in contempt, "If I say that Martial Sister Wen and Martial Brother Ren didn't even spit their own blood, will you get more angry?"

Martial Brother Li suddenly stopped and looked at Wen Gu and Ren Xi who didn't say anything. He opened his mouth wide open, ""

Then, he spat more blood and fainted.

Ji Lie suddenly pulled of his mask, showing his crater-like face and clapped his hands, "How fun, you guys joined up against me. But in the end, the three of you didn't use your Life Gu and let Li Buqing suffer greatly."

Feng Yanqi smiled sweetly, "Li Buqing didn't understand his own position. I've never thought of harming Elder Martial Brother. I know Elder Martial Brother is all too powerful. I might as well commit suicide instead of trying to harm Martial Brother."
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