Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 825

Chapter 825: Ye Mos Legend
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Li Changqing, you bastard! You used another gu to fake your life gu!" Wen Gu pointed at Li Changqing shaking in anger. She wasn't even able to get up and get separated from Ji Lie. Those two worst enemies hugged each other even before their death.

Li Changqing bowed and showed a warm smile. "Martial Sister Wen, you've wronged me by saying that. I really did use my life gu, but I long found out how to plant two life gu inside my body."

The satisfaction on Li Changqing's face was obvious.

"Great, great! I always thought that I was the number one gu master in All Gu Sect since I was able to force out the same heart gu, but the real master is you!" Ji Lie was shaking.

Li Changqing saluted with his fists and said, "Thank you for your recognition, Martial Brother. After martial brothers and sisters go to the immortal world, I will bring All Gu Sect to its peak with the Golden Magical Gu, " it was as though he was actually thanking Martial Brother Ji for his compliment.

Then, Li Changqing picked up the curved sword on the ground. He walked to Ren Xi and cut his head off.

'Li Changqing was very astute', Ye Mo thought. He knew that although Re Xi was unconscious, if he had woken up, perhaps he would have been the strongest there.

Then, Li Changqing didn't go kill Ji Lie or Wen Gu. He walked up to Ye Mo.

Theoretically, Ye Mo supposed the smallest threat. Li Changqing was too careful.

"Mo Ying, sorry I harmed you. I shouldn't have taken you here," unexpectedly Feng Yanqin said.

It was clear that she didn't have long to live.

Then she said to Li Changqing, "Martial Brother Li, kill me first. I have wanted to stop living for long."

Li Changqing smiled. "Don't worry, Martial Siter Feng, I still need to do something with you before you can die. You have great essence blood on you, can't I give it to someone else?"

At this moment, everyone realized that if Li Changqing wanted to do things with Feng Yanqi, he had to kill Ye Mo first.

Then, Li Changqing turned to Wen Gu and said, "Martial Sister Wen, don't worry. If I can breakthrough, I will also have some fun with you. I really want to know if your body is like your face after I strip you. But even if it is, I wouldn't mind."

Ye Mo felt disgusted. Li Changqing was already odd-looking and he had such a weird taste. He even liked a tree-skinned woman like Wen Gu. The All Gu Sect members were all queers.

But Ye Mo was curious about Feng Yanqi's words. He got up, as though he could no longer feel the cold.

He didn't even look at Li Changqing and he said to Feng Yanqyi, "I don't think you're such a kind-hearted person. That night, you sucked Chen Yinzhu dry to reach earth level and then you dumped him off the cliff. I don't see you being soft-hearted at all. The second day, you sucked Ge Liangzhong dry in a cave, and you were very decisive too. Why did you say sorry today? That's not your character."

Then, Ye Mo shook his head as though he really didn't understand.

When he said this, everyone froze and stared at Ye Mo, who had spoken so casually and fearlessly.

After a long while, Feng Yanqi said in shock, "You're no ordinary person indeed. That night I didn't even know you were watching. Just who are you?"

Feng Yanqi was a little fearful, even though she knew she was about to die. She had been enjoying a man when she hadn't even noticed someone else was watching on the side.

He had even seen the specific details of what she had done. Was he a ghost? How could someone like that be scared of her? No wonder he was so calm.

"Just who are you?" Li Changqing stopped and looked at Ye Mo vigilantly.

Ye Mo said plainly, "More than ten years ago, I killed someone called Ren Sha in Hong Kong, and then some Yan Wuliang on the sea. A few days ago by the Yan River, I killed Hong Guangping. I heard they're all from the All Gu Sect, so in order to avoid seeing trash like them again I came here to kill them all. Pity, I didn't even need to do anything and you guys solved the problem."

"You're Ye Mo?!!" the four of them called out at the same time.

Li Changqing started to shiver. He knew he was less than an insect in Ye Mo's eyes.

"That's right, I'm Ye Mo." Ye Mo's reply made them sink into an ice hole. Feng Yanqi knew she was going to die so she didn't care that much. However, Wen Gu, Ji Lie and Li Changqing, whom all had other cards, froze their thoughts.

In China- no, in the entire world, there were so many legends about Ye Mo!

Almost all powers who went against him were annihilated, no matter how powerful or strong they were. Ye Mo not only dominated the entire ancient martial arts world, he also had built his own country beating the strongest country in the world too.

Among the big families and powers in the world, as well as the hidden sects, the number one rule was to not mess with Ye Mo.

Li Changqing and the others hadn't lived in seclusion, hence they knew what Ye Mo had done recently.

He had gone missing for more than ten years and the first thing he had done when he came back was to pull out the Dongfang family from the roots of Luo Yue. Then, he had taken the strongest ancient martial arts cultivation method away in front of all the hidden sects. Yet, no one in the world dared to have any thoughts about it. Only Ye Mo could make people stop in front of such treasure.

A few days ago, Northern Sand had also been pulled out from its roots - all the hierarchy system got slaughtered and cleaned. It was said that the original government took control of the country again.

The first thing the government had done was to establish good relations with Luo Yue.

The Northern Sand that had dominated the world for decades got annihilated in one night. Not only that, even the Northern Sand King was said to have been killed by Ye Mo. One could see Ye Mo's power and yet he had gone there. Li Changqing and the others knew that no matter what, they wouldn't be able to escape from Ye Mo.

Clank' Li Changqing dropped the curved sword and kneeled to Ye Mo. He didn't even have the courage to resist.

"Ye-Qianbei, have mercy. I'm willing to be your dog. If you tell me to go east, I will never go west." Li Changqing had all sorts of plans but none of them were useful there. He finally realized that in the wake of absolute power, schemes were useless. His only hope was that Ye Mo would let him work for him.

Ye Mo sneered. Without explaining, a wind blade sliced Li Changqing's head off. Hot blood spewed out and it soon turned into ice.

So he was Ye Mo! Feng Yanqi laughed to herself. No wonder she couldn't see his power.
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