Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 826

Chapter 826: Change of the Big Egg
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo's decisive kill made the icy room even colder.

Ji Lie took a few pills and recovered a little. He then said coarsely to Ye Mo, "Ye-Qianbei, I've never had any conflict with Ye-Qianbei. If you need these two eggs, take them. If I hear Qianbei's name, I will immediately leave as far as possible. If Qianbei has anything for me to do, just order me and I will do it immediately."

"Do you want me to spare your life?" Ye Mo said coldly.

"Yes, yes, please have mercy, Qianbei!" Ji Lie was about to reach great heaven. Of course he didn't want to die.

However, he saw Ye Mo take out a bottle and let out a small bug. He stopped talking at once.

He knew all too well what Ye Mo had poured out. It was a pill gu and one that he had released.

"Do you know this?" Ye Mo placed it on the ground and asked coldly.

Ji Lie saw Ye Mo's cold eyes and knew that he might die due to it.

Before Ji Lie could reply, Ye Mo said coldly, "13 years ago, you killed everyone at Emei Mosque and you injured a woman with a child. Then, you planted this pill gu on that child. That woman is my wife and the child is my daughter. Ji Lie, you tell me if I should let you go."

"Huh!" Ji Lie's heart turned cold. If he had known that was the case, he would've rather gone somewhere else than take essence blood at Emei Mosque.

Ji Lie thought about the situation. He was going to die, so he might as well try before he died.

But before he could use his qi, a ball of fire had surrounded him and Wen Gu. He saw clearly that the fire came from Ye Mo's hands and the burning sensation sank him into desperation.

"Hahahaha!" Wen Gu laughed as though she didn't feel she was going to die at all. She pointed at Ji Lie and screeched, "Fire with no root! There really is fire with no root! This is karma! Karma! Hahahaha!"

Ji Lie was shook. He was indeed surrounded by fire with no root. The fire Ye Mo had sent out had no fuel and appeared straight in the air. It was fire with no root.

Oath, oath. Ji Lie wanted to laugh.

Seeing the two burn in the fire, Feng Yanqi murmured, "Karma. Is there really karma? Then why did the heavens abandon me? Why? When I was raped and treated like a dog, where was karma? I don't believe it. I don't believe karma. This world is a cannibalistic world. If I don't devour others, others will devour me. Brother, I'm going to join you."

Feng Yanqi's voice quieted and stopped. Ye Mo could tell she had died.

She seemed to have had a tragic past that made her what she was today. Ye Mo sighed. He sent a few more fireballs, turning all the bodies into ashes before looking at the broken barrier.

Golden Magical Gu Egg? Ye Mo looked at the ball-sized eggs and was doubtful. Gu eggs were usually grain-sized.

Ye Mo used a few windblades and the barrier disappeared completely. The stone room grew even colder. Ye Mo was sure that the frigidness came from the gu eggs. How could two gu eggs make the room that cold? Ye Mo really wanted to know what they were.

Ye Mo walked up to the table and picked one up. That bone-piercing cold invaded Ye Mo's body. It was so cold that Ye Mo almost dropped the egg. He quickly ran his cultivation essence to relieve the piercing coldness.

An ordinary person would've been turned into a block of ice. Ye Mo couldn't tell what this thing was, but he knew that the person who had set this formation was definitely a mighty being.

Ye Mo studied the egg for a long time, but he couldn't discern what it was. He carefully pierced his spirit sense into the egg, but it was immediately blocked.

Ye Mo scanned the other egg too and had the same outcome.

"Just what is this?" Ye Mo murmured to himself and then shook his head. He decided to put the two eggs into his ring and research it later.

However, what shook Ye Mo was that he couldn't put them in. He couldn't even put them into the golden page world.

Ye Mo grabbed the two eggs. He wanted to force them inside but when he put cultivation essence on his hand, it was sucked in by the egg without resistance.

Later, even though he wasn't running his cultivation essence through it, the egg kept sucking his cultivation essence.

Not good.

Ye Mo immediately sent out his flying sword, he wanted to slice it off his hands. It didn't matter if he broke the egg, his life was more valuable.

However, Ye Mo realized that his spirit sense couldn't control the flying sword. He couldn't mobilise his spirit sense either.

No matter what he did, he couldn't move and his cultivation essence and spirit sense were being drained into the egg incessantly.

Half a day later, Ye Mo felt like he was getting frozen and still couldn't move.

Ye Mo cursed, but there was nothing he could do.

Suddenly, he noticed an explosive feeling coming from the table.

Ye Mo knew that it was a self-destruction formation. If the formation was broken before it's time had gone up, the formation would detonate the energy stored beforehand.

However, Ye Mo couldn't leave. He could only hope that the formation's energy was depleted so much that even the self-destruction wouldn't affect him much.

Then, he heard a rumble and a huge explosion. Everything around the stone room started to collapse.

Ye Mo breathed at ease. The stone room didn't collapse and he could still live.

10 km from the All Gu Mountain, a woman in her twenties carried a huge herb basket on her back and collected herbs there.

A huge explosion made her stop and look into the distance.
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