Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 828

Chapter 828: The Incident at Xin Jiang Mountain
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Before, Nie Shuangshuang was at most someone he knew. But after finding out that she had opened a bar at Beijing just for him, his impression of her changed.

"Brother Ye, I'm very happy that you saved m- me. Hahaha- After that, I realized you didn't like me killing people, so I haven't killed anyone since. Hahaha." Nie Shuangshuang felt the frost chi invading her dan tian. She knew that if things continued like that, she wouldn't last for long.

Yet she realized she didn't regret being able to die by Ye Mo's side.

"Sorry," Ye Mo apologized again.

Nie Shuangshuang smiled sweetly. That innocent smile made her look very holy. She looked at Ye Mo and said shakily, "Brother Y- Ye, I already told you. It was my own de- decision. You don't need t- to apologise."

Ye Mo looked at her and said in guilt, "The reason I'm saying sorry is because although I saved you twice, I did it casually. I didn't intentionally go save you. I didn't think of you as a friend at the time."

Although he knew that Nie Shuangshuang would be very disappointed, he still chose to tell the truth. He would let her understand that from now on, she was his friend.

Unexpectedly, Nie Shuangshuang said calmly, "Bro- brother Ye, I kn- know that at that time you already thought of me as a friend. I will never feel lonely with you."

Nie Shuangshuang's voice was getting lower and lower until it eventually disappeared. Her eyelids closed and even at the last moment, she still firmly believed that the reason Ye Mo had saved her twice was because he thought of her as a friend.

It felt like he could still hear her voice by his ear, but Ye Mo knew that her chi had disappeared.

Seeing Nie Shuangshuang lean on him and not move, Ye Mo was shaking. He had not been ready for that woman to die for him. He could no longer control the tidal wave in his heart.

"Arghhh!" Ye Mo howled and burnt his essence blood. He knew that when he finished burning it, he would be close to death. However, even if he was to die, he would build a beautiful place for her. He would let her know that she was his friend. He wasn't going to let her be lonely anymore.

The egg spun rapidly after Ye Mo started burning his essence blood. Just when Ye Mo spat more blood, he felt the golden dot above his dan tian starting to spin.

The golden page world was spinning?

The two eggs were getting colder and colder, but the cold stream started to flow into Ye Mo's golden page world.

Ye Mo couldn't control both items.

Rumble- Ye Mo felt his brain shake and when he opened his eyes again, he saw he had appeared in the golden page world. That egg was still that cold.

Nie Shuangshuang was still by his side. She had gone to the golden page world too but her hands had left the huge egg behind.

It was the second time he was there, but he wasn't foundation establishment state yet. Ye Mo realized that it might be due to him being about to die. The golden page seemed to save his life every time he was about to die.

Ye Mo detested the egg that had caused Nie Shuangshuang to be like that.

'I will spirit control you!' When the frosty flow flowed into the golden page world through him, Ye Mo took a small strand and started to seep his spirit chi into it to control it.

Luo Ying, Ning Qingxue and the other had been in the small world for more than a month. They had completely understood what Ye Mo had done there. Compared to his blood-boiling battles, they cared more about what sort of woman Mu Xiaoyun was.

They had looked for more than a month and used the Magical Merchant Association to put out countless notices, but they hadn't gotten any news from Ye Mo. From Yun Ziyi, they had found out that Ye Mo had asked for large amounts of formation texts and then disappeared for a few years.

When Yun Ziyi knew that these women were Ye Mo's family, she tried even more to get on their good side. She had finally understood why Ye Mo wasn't interested in her - any of Ye Mo's wives was far better than her.

The only comfort she had was she seemed to be a little prettier than Luo Fei.

"Sister Luo Ying and Qingxue, do you think that we might've come in when brother went out?" Tang Beiwei asked.

Yun Ziyi shook her head and said, "Probably not, Brother Ye had already disappeared for a few years. If he had gone out, he would have gone to find you first. Yet he didn't, which means that he didn't go out."

Just when they were agreeing with Yun Ziyi, the manager arrived and gave a small wax pill to Yun Ziyi.

Yun Ziyi opened it and immediately got up.

"What's going on?" Tang Beiwei asked.

"Someone found an ancient ruin on the Xin Jia Mountain. After going in, they saw a teleportation formation. The formation had started running," Yun Ziyi said quickly.

Luo Ying looked at Yun Ziyi in shock. "Do you know about teleportation formations?"

Yun Ziyi nodded. "Yes, our family had one to the outside world, but it exploded. My father left through there and still hasn't come back."

Ning Qingxue heard this and immediately looked joyful. She quickly said, "Ziyi, that teleportation formation goes to the outside?"

Yun Ziyi nodded. "Yes."

Tang Beiwei immediately said desperately, "Then let's quickly go see! Perhaps Brother left through that formation!"

Seeing the four women leave hurriedly, Yun Ziyi quickly called, "Wait for me!"

When Yun Ziyi got taken on the flying sword, she realized that they all could fly. Although she was very excited and wanted to learn it, she knew she couldn't ask directly.

An hour later, they arrived at Xin Jia Mountain and found there were already a lot of people.

"Ji Mei, you're here! Why isn't Brother Ye here too?" a blue-shirted man came to the teleportation formation and asked a beautiful woman.

Ji Mei raised an eyebrow. She realized that it was Fu Wu, the person who had saved her with Ye Mo. She saluted. "It's brother Fu. Brother Ye had a lot of things to do so he left alone."

"So that's the case!" The blue-shirted man frowned, he was suspicious. Ji Mei was Ye Mo's maid, how could she be at Xin Jia Mountain?

"Brother, may I ask the full name of the Brother Ye you just spoke about?" Tang Beiwei had sharp ears and immediately asked.

Seeing that these were all very beautiful women, Fu Wu saluted. "A friend I met, his name is Ye Mo."

"What? where is Ye Mo?" The women surrounded him.

Fu Wu looked at Ji Mei. She had been the last one to see Ye Mo, not him.

Jie Mei could only say, "After Brother Ye took me to Xin Jia Mountain, he disappeared. So I've been cultivating here since."

"You're saying Ye Mo has been here before?" Luo Ying immediately asked.

Ji Mei looked at Luo Ying. She felt like that woman, who was prettier than her, would definitely not be weaker than her.
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