Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 829

Chapter 829: Teleport Activated
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The moment that the Xin Jia Mountain teleportation formation got activated, the Duan Heng Ranges' Seven Star Formation emitted faint rays of light.

The rays seemed to be weak and only one star was shining properly. But soon, all the seven peaks started to emit a faint light and not long after it formed a big spoon.

As the light got sucked in by the huge rock, the light on the Tian Kou position became brighter and brighter and eventually formed a big round image.

If Ye Mo has been there, he would have known that the Seven Star Formation had repaired itself and that had been fully activated.

The fact that it had been activated was quickly spread among the hidden sects' people. Jiu Ming Academy and the Chinese government joined together to control this place. Although the outer hidden sects people didn't know what it was, since a few scientists had disappeared in its inside, they realized that it could be a formation to the inner hidden sects.

Zeng Zhengxia and Caiji, who knew about the small world thanks to Ye Mo, immediately went into the small world. With this, more and more peoples started going in.

After seeing Ye Mo's power, the hidden sects' people has realized that their power could only dominate the mortal world. If they wanted to reach higher states, they would have to go other places.

The Chinese government controlled the site, but no one knew if it was a teleportation formation for sure because all the people who had gone in had disappeared. No one reported back.

But even with the government's control, people kept going in - as they were hidden sects' people. Not even the Heaven Squad supported the government.

These news soon spread all over the hidden sects and Luo Yue got news of it too.

"Sister Ling, my dad hasn't been back for two months. Do you think he went to the small world too? I think my dad went to look for the other two aunties." Yimo was already at stage 2 now.

Song Yangzhu quickly said, "Yimo-"

Yimo poked her tongue out.

Looking at the happy Song Yangzhu and Yimo, Su Jingwen was a little sad. She had realized that the only person in the world she would ever be interested in was Ye Mo. She would rather live alone forever than find someone to cope with.

For the first time, Su Jingwen wanted to not see Ye Mo again.

Ye Ling stared uneasily at Su Jingwen and Chi Wanqing and sighed. She took out two jade bottles and gave these to them. "Sister Jingwen, Wanqing, when my brother left, he told me to leave these pills for you. He said he was looking for you two. However, you came here on your own, which means that he wasn't able to find you."

"The face preserving pill?" Su Jingwen got up excitedly. "Ye Ling, did your brother really leave this behind? Did he actually say he was looking for us?" It was something truly special since Ye Mo had left it for them.

Ye Ling nodded firmly. Her brother had left these for her, but she didn't need them. Hence, she might as well give them to those two.

After Chi Wanqing heard these words, her face was immediately filled with joy. She hadn't thought Ye Mo would still remember her. She didn't know if Ye Mo still kept what she had given him, but her fatigue was swept away.

Song Yangzhu also sighed. Compared to these two, she was extremely lucky. She knew that if that accident hadn't happened and she hadn't had Yimo, she would never be with him.

Song Yangzhu suddenly felt grateful for that accident. If it hadn't been for that, she would have never met someone like Ye Mo and never known about cultivation, nor know the feeling of being protected by a husband.

Song Yangzhu finally understood why Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue had gone into the small world to find Ye Mo, because they couldn't bear to be without him. Ye Mo was unique.

Su Jingwen and Chi Wanqing each had had a unique experience with Ye Mo and understood that he was irreplaceable. No other guy in the world would touch their hearts like Ye Mo had.

No matter if he was willing or not, she would ask Ye Mo personally.

While they were still chatting, Xu Yuehua rushed to the Luo Yue Mansion. She had just reached great heaven and heard about the formation to the small world, so she immediately went there.

"Sister Yuehua." Song Yangzhu got up quickly.

Xu Yuehua said desperately, "A teleportation formation to the small world appeared in the Duan Heng Ranges. Are you guys going?"

Xu Yuehua had given her job away and focused on cultivation. Hence, she was immediately interested as soons as she heard about the small world.

"I still want to wait for Ye Mo to come back and ask him," Song Yangzhu hesitated and said.

Although she suspected that Ye Mo had gone in too, she still wanted to wait. What if he hadn't?

Ye Ling said, "Sister-in-law Yangzhu, I suspect that my brother went inside. He has been out for two months but he isn't back yet. He should've been very fast. Perhaps my brother opened the portal? But I think we should still wait for a while. He always leaves for long periods of time.

Xu Yuehua calmed down after the initial excitement. She realized that Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling didn't want to leave Luo Yue for now, but she didn't have anything there. Pursuing the highest state of cultivation was her only goal.

Thinking about this, Xu Yuehua said firmly, "Even if you're all not going, I'm still going. I don't have anything to do now anyways. I'll go around and have a look in the small world. If things don't work out, I'll come back."

"Sister Yuehua, I'll go with you." Unexpectedly, Su Jingwen got up.

"Me too," Chi Wanqing also said firmly. She had decided to follow Ye Mo's footsteps.
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