Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 83

Chapter 83: I Cant Let You Go

Translator: Tim Editor: Tehrn
Ye Mo cultivated another big cycle, and when he had finished, it was already noon. He felt that all the injuries in his body were gone and was full of vigor. Even his power increased a little. If he progressed a little more, he would reach the peak of the 2nd stage. Although he wasnt there yet, he knew that such a minor improvement on such a desolate place, scarce of spirit Chi was quite significant. He wasnt disappointed at all.

He looked by his side, Yun Bing had gotten up and wasnt in the room. It seemed that she went out. Ye Mo got up and saw the toothbrush and toothpaste Yun Bing prepared for him and washed his face.

Ding ding! the doorbell sounded. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense immediately and saw that the person standing at the door wasnt Yun Bing, but a 20-or-so-year-old girl. However, she didnt seem that much younger than Yun Bing. Although she wasnt as pretty as Yun Bing, her chest area was a bit more generous. In Ye Mos impression, out of every girl he knew, the bustiest was Wen Dong; however, the chest of the girl in front of the door was even bigger than Wen Dongs.

Seeing her look if she hadnt been that young, Ye Mo would have thought this girl was already married. However, he didnt have much experience with women so it would be normal if he was wrong.

An unknown girl came to Yun Bings home, and even if Yun Bing was at home, he would tell her not to open the door, so now that she wasnt here, there was no reason for him to open it. After all, he was on the run right now.

The girl waited for a while and saw that nobody answered the door, so she said to herself, Sister Bing isnt at school and isnt at home either, where could she be?

Afterward, Ye Mo saw her leaving and finally felt relieved as he didnt want this woman to come in; however, he soon realized how unlucky he was because, at this moment, Yun Bing was coming back, carrying a lot of things including a bag, but it wasnt his.

Huh, Sister Bing, where did you go? I looked everywhere, from the school to here, and I finally found you! This girl immediately screamed in joy when she saw Yun Bing.

He Li, why did you come? When did you come to Ning Hai? Yun Bing replied immediately but soon, He Li saw Yun Bings anxious face and seemed to have understood her situation.

Obviously, its because I have a something to talk to you about, hurry and open the door. Ill tell you inside, He Li said immediately.

Yun Bing hesitated at the door but didnt open.

What, Sister Bing, youre not gonna make me tell you here are you? I came from so far away, and youre not even going to let me in and sit for a while. Its not like you have a man hiding inside, why are you afraid of opening the door? He Li saw Yun Bing still wouldnt take out the keys and immediately joked.

Yun Bings face blushed and stuttered: Um... He Li, why dont we talk outside... I have someone at home

Huh, Sister Bing, you have a boyfriend? Then I must go inside to meet him! I must see what sort of person can conquer your distant heart! He Li immediately shouted in surprise.

Yun Bing hesitated for a while, she wasnt someone who didnt know what was at stake. Although He Li was a good friend of hers, Ye Mos identity was too special. Thinking about this, she bit her teeth and said, He Li, how about I present you to him next time, he is still naked at home, I

He Li looked at Yun Bing for a long while as though she discovered an alien before saying, Sister Bing, I really didnt know you were so open. Youre even sleeping together. Who is this guy? No, make him dress up, I must meet him!

But his clothes were ripped last night, Yun Bing couldnt find a better excuse in the spur of the moment.

He Li opened her eyes wider again and examined Yun Bing from head to toe before sighing: Sister Bing, you really are strong, how long does it take to take off the clothes, you guys cant even wait for that... that scene! Oh my god

Yun Bings face was blushing red, but she couldnt explain it.

Okay, seeing how youre so embarrassed, I wont go inside and disturb your romance. I just came here to tell you that Feng Rong came back. He was asking for your news everywhere, but I dont think this Feng Rong is trustworthy. Be careful of him. Im here to participate in the press conference so I wont chat with you now. Next time, remember to bring your boyfriend and show me! He Li turned and left after talking.

Yun Bing looked at He Lis disappearing back before she was relieved and let out a sigh. She finally managed to trick her to go away. Unfortunately, the cost was to expose her nonexistent wildness and promiscuity.

Yun Bing opened the door and saw Ye Mo who stood at the doorway. She was so scared that she immediately closed the doors and said worriedly, Youre not well yet, why did you get up?

Ye Mo said with gratitude, Mrs. Yun, thank you for what you did just then.

You heard it all? Yun Bing thought about the fact that Ye Mo was standing behind the door as soon as she had asked the question, so he mustve heard it. However, she also remembered her words and her face started to change. She wondered what Ye Mo would think of her.

Yeah, I heard it all, that was really hard for you, so if theres the opportunity in the future, I will definitely come back and repay your goodwill. However, I have already troubled you for two days, Ye Mo said with guilt. He was someone who would respect those who respected him more and split his debt and enmity very clearly. He paid animosity with animosity and goodwill with goodwill.

I didnt really help you, and from now on, dont call me Mrs. Yun. I feel its a bit awkward Yun Bing remembered the time when she slept beside Ye Mo. They had slept together, despite not doing anything, Yun Bing still felt calling her that was a bit weird.

However, Yun Bing suddenly realized the implication of his words and said in shock, What did your words just then meant!? Are you leaving?

Ye Mo nodded and said, Yes, I have already bothered you for many days. You saved me, and I cant stay at your place any longer, that would be endangering you. I have recovered now, and I need to leave. By the way, did you help me look for my bag?

No, I cant let you go Yun Bing just said half her sentence when she saw the shock on Ye Mos face. She immediately blushed and changed her tone: I meant that its too dangerous outside, they are searching for you everywhere, if you go out now, it would be suicide.

Ye Mo felt warm in his heart. Yun Bing was the typical cold-faced, yet warm-hearted woman. He had just helped her once, and she repaid him with this much. She even neglected her reputation for him.

Sister Bing, I know that youre saying this for my sake, but in fact, I have the means to escape, you can rest assured. Ye Mo felt the need to change the way he called her from Mrs. Yun to Sister Bing.

Seeing Ye Mo change his words, Yun Bings face eased down. She stayed silent for a moment before saying, Ye Mo, stay for another night. In fact, when you sleep at my house, my sleep is also a lot better. It was like that last night, so just think of it as helping me, can you?

Ye Mo looked at Yun Bing in disbelief, with her ruddy face, she actually looked stunningly enticing and beautiful. He knew that Yun Bing was afraid that he would be caught immediately after he left.

Seeing Ye Mo look at her for so long without talking, the ruddiness on her face retreated and turned white. Just when she wanted to say something, Ye Mo spoke, Fine, Sister Bing, I think youre right. Ill leave tomorrow morning then. Perhaps thats when it would be the safest.

Seeing Ye Mo agree to her, Yun Bings face was beaming with joy. She acted like a little child trying to please an adult and brought out the bag in her hands: All your things are in here, I also bought a lot of food, and Ill cook for you in a moment so that you can fill your stomach.
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