Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 830

Chapter 830: Frost Turns into Bed
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Su Jingwen was no longer the same person after starting truth cultivation. She understood a lot about Ye Mo, how he could save people using runic paper and why he was able to make magic artefacts. Since he could do it, so could she.

She wanted to be able to stand at Ye Mo's height one day and tell him what she had always wanted to say. Although she began liking him due to his power, it was nothing related to that now.

When Ye Mo took the first stream of frost, he immediately felt his organs getting frozen too. It was as though if he breathed once, his lungs would shatter.

He had to try to spirit control the frost streams before his essence blood got used up.

While enduring the coldness, Ye Mo rejoiced that he had only taken one stream, since he would have frozen to death immediately if he had taken too many.

Under the control of his spirit sense and cultivation essence, the frost stream was being gradually marked by him.

Ye Mo found in joy that his cultivation essence was starting to grow slowly after he spirit controlled the frost streams. Every bit he spirit controlled, his organs would feel a little warmer and his essence blood would return a little.

Did this mean that if he kept spirit controlling the frost stream, the essence blood he had burnt would return?

Thinking about this, Ye Mo resisted the pain and started trying his best to spirit control the frost stream. An hour later, Ye Mo found that he had completely spirit controlled the frost stream.

It turned into a small white spot, like one thenth the size of a sesame seed. He felt as though he could control the small white spot at his will.

Ye Mo rejoiced. If he turned the spot to the size of a fist, how powerful would it be as a weapon?

Ye Mo continued to spirit control more streams of frost.

As he spirit controlled more, the white dot grew bigger and bigger, turning from white, to grey and then a dark grey. Ye Mo also noticed that as his essence blood rejuvenated, a sliver of origin power was injected into his essence blood.

After some time, Ye Mo woke up and found that all the ice on him had disappeared. He was no longer cold. He seemed to have controlled the frost flow between the golden page world and the ice egg.

Ye Mo looked at the lychee-sized dark grey ball in his golden page world and reached out to it. The ball immediately came to his hand and emitted a bone-chilling frigidness. But he could still control it completely.

Ye Mo wanted to test the ball's power, but he saw Nie Shuangshuang, who laid peacefully on the side, and no longer had the mood to do so.

The frost on her had also disappeared, but she wqs no longer breathing. Although he knew he couldn't save her, Ye Mo still placed a lotus life pill in her mouth.

It melted immediately yet after a long while, Nie Shuangshuang still wasn't moving.

Ye Mo sighed. He took out many jade stones and made a jade bed for her. Ye Mo laid Nie Shuangshuang on it and kept the bed in the golden page world.

Despite not sensing her soul in his spirit sense, Ye Mo still put his only yin sha bead next to her, hoping that he would be able to one day find enough top grade spirit stones to make a house for her in the golden page world.

The two big eggs were still in a corner of the golden page world. Ye Mo didn't have time to completely spirit sense the frost chi inside. He had to go back to Luo Yue as soon as possible.

He made a jade box and placed the two eggs inside before leaving the golden page world. He knew that the next time he was back, he would be at foundation establishment state.

Ye Mo arrived at the stone room again after leaving the golden page world. His cultivation essence was abundant, so he returned to the entrance of the cave.

There was an old herb basket laying next to the entrance. All the herbs had dried up after all this time.

Ye Mo picked it up and found a pink bag. Inside there were some of her clothes, a jade and the Nine Moon Evergreen Chant. The two things that he had left for her had come back to him again.

Ye Mo put the herb basket away and dashed towards Luo Yue on his flying sword with a sunken mood.

Song Yangzhu hadn't been able to calm down to cultivate the past few days. A week ago, Su Jingwen, Chi Wanqing, Xu Yuehua and Yimo had all gone into the small world.

What made her worry was that the formation's radiance was getting weaker and weaker, which meant that in some time, it would be impossible to go there anymore.

"Yangzhu." Ye Mo found Song Yangzhu immediately when he got back to Luo Yue Lake and landed next to her. However, he only saw Ye Ling cultivating and not Yimo.

Song Yangzhu was dazed whe she heard his voice and she immediately realized that Ye Mo had come back. She ran up to him at once and embraced him.

"What's wrong? Where's Yimo?" Ye Mo asked.

Song Yangzhu soon told him what had happened.

What Ye Mo didn't get was how could the small world open up itself.

"What do we do?" Song Yangzhu asked.

"Brother!" Ye Ling also ran over when she heard the voices.

Ye Mo was worried about Yimo. Luo Ying and the others were at chi gathering tertiary stage and he wasn't too worried. However, Yimo had only cultivated for three month and she was so innocent. Luckily, Xu Yuehua was a heaven level master.

"Don't worry." Ye Mo patted her shoulders and said, "I'll make some pills tonight and we'll go to the small world tomorrow."

"Brother, can I go with you guys?" Ye Ling asked worriedly. Everyone had left. If her brother left too, she would be by herself in Luo Ying.

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment before nodding. "Okay, you can come with me. I'll help you make the five essence pill tonight and try to get you a spirit root so you can cultivate too."

Ye Mo was planning on letting the two women stay there an cultivate, but after seeing their faces, he knew that wasn't plausible.

Song Yangzhu breathed at ease. She had feared that Ye Mo would leave her behind and go off on his own.
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