Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 831

Chapter 831: Return to Magical Continent Mountain
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Ye Mo had been planning to make the five essence pill after foundation establishment state, but he knew that Ye Ling was already very desperate.

Luckily, he had a lot of 10000-year-old stalagmite marrow. However, Ye Mo thought of things too simply. With his power, he was able to barely make the five essence pill, yet the spirit chi on earth was too deficient. He tried five times and they all failed when he was trying to condense the ingredients into a pill.

Ye Mo had wasted a tenth of his herbs trying to make these five cauldrons and this pained his heart.

For the sixth try, he used 9 spirit stones to make a spirit gathering formation. Only then was he able to make one five essence pill, and the quality wasn't very high either. The five essence pill was unlike other pills. One could only get one pill per try - those who could make two or more were geniuses.

The pills were also divided into mortal, spirit, heaven, immortal, holy and god grades. Each grade had nine levels.

The five essence pill wasn't hard to make, but it was a heaven grade pill. It was all due to how rare the stalagmite marrow was.

The five essence pill was a peak level heaven grade pill. If it wasn't for the fact that it was so easy to make with the right ingredients, it would have been listed as an immortal pill. However, it was also possible to concoct the pill to a lower grade. For example, the pill Ye Mo had just made was only at heaven grade level 5.

Such pills could not be used to test a pill master's skills, as the methodology for concocting the pill was simple.

Ye Mo had wasted nine spirit stones and five cauldrons of ingredients to make only one five essence pill. This made him completely give up on the idea to made the foundation establishment state pill now. It was only a spirit grade level one pill, but its method had the same difficulty as the five essence pill.

After Ye Mo made Ye Ling take the five essence pill, he started to make other pills. He had a lot of herbs from the small world but he just didn't have time to make them.

After half a night's rest, Ye Mo made Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling a flying sword and a storage ring each.

After Ye Ling took the five essence pill, she got on the test that she had three element spirit root. Ye Mo wasn't too satisfied with this, but he knew it was due to the quality of his pill. He still taught Ye Ling cultivation, but he decided to make her a better pill once his pill concocting skills improved.

He was very worried about his daughter and the others. Hence, the next day as soon as it was dawn, he told Huang Yinian and Xu Ping, before taking Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling, to leave Luo Yue.

He had been planning to go to Japan to find the Xiang Ninjutsu dojo leader originally, but he set that aside for his daughter.

When Ye Mo and the others arrived at the hidden valley where the Seven Star Formation was, he found that the place was much tighter now. The formation's radiance was indeed weak. Ye Mo could tell that it could last at least half a month.

Which meant that once it disappeared, the formation would close completely again.

There were not only hidden sects' masters watching it, but the army as well large amounts of journalists and prospectors.

However, not everyone could just enter the formation freely. People had to sign something to go in and not everyone could go in.

As for Ye Mo, the government wanted to block news of him. Yet news of him going in the formation were soon released. Ye Mo's fame was so big in China and all over the world that it was beyond his imagination.

Due to Ye Mo going in, a lot of people also followed.

Ever since the formation at the Magical Continent Mountain was opened, the blood bath had never stopped.

The small world's masters completely surrounded the place and everyone who came in from the outside world had to leave all of their belongings before going. If they didn't want to or had nothing valuable, they would be killed.

At that moment, there were still a few people tied up near the formation.

A man with a scar on his face was about to kill one of the tied up people, but he was stopped by another man.

"Wait, the formation brightened up again. Lets see if it's a wealthy goat this time. If not, kill them all together!" another called out.

"Brother, is this the small world? Does it look no different from the outside world?" Ye Ling asked.

Before Ye Mo could reply, he scanned his spirit sense out and saw the bloody scene. He immediately frowned.

When he had stayed there, the place had been empty. So why were there so many people there now?

"What are you looking at kid? Take off all your clothes and leave your things behind. Hmm! Brother Bao, there are two beautiful chicks!" a short fat man was yelling at Ye Mo, but then he saw Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling.

Ye Mo looked at the people tied up on the side. He actually knew one of them. It was Xu Shi from the Heaven Squad!

Ye Mo looked at these people and understood why the earth level tertiary stage Xu Shi could be tied up too. There were two half step great heaven martial artists there. Even the weakest was at black level tertiary stage.

"Are you f*cking deaf?! I told you to take off your cloth-" the short fat man yelled again.

But he stopped half way as Ye Mo's wind blade had sliced off his head.

A blood pillar was shot into the sky, which scared Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu.

The remaining people saw that Ye Mo had killed an earth level primary stage master immediately. Without saying anything, they all pulled out their weapons.

But what got them confused was that their big boss had been staring at Ye Mo for a long time and went back to reality after Ye Mo killed the fat man. However, he knelt down immediately.

Just when people didn't know what was going on, the other half step great heaven master also knelt down - he was shivering. Seeing their two big bosses kneel own, everyone stopped their steps and the scene became eerily silent.
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