Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 833

Chapter 833: Truth Realisation is Harder than Going Above the Heavens
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo had storage rings because he had the Space Abyssal Rock. There were many more Space Abyssal Rocks in the cultivation realm than on earth, but how many people were there in the cultivation realm?

Seeing the storage rings, the monkey-mouthed man immediately wanted to rob it. Moreover, the other woman also tried to grab Ye Mo. These valuable items were usually only in the hands of high level cultivators.

Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu weren't even able to react due to how fast they had attacked. However, Ye Mo attacked before they could react. Ye Mo knew that there was no place for reason in that land, so Ye Mo immediately threw out two windblades.

These weren't like the windblades he used in the small world. In the cultivation realm, cultivators all had spirit sense and cultivation chi to protect themselves. If he didn't strengthen his wind blades, it wouldn't cause much damage at all. The monkey-mouthed man and woman were both at stage 6 chi gathering.

Slash- Two blood streams flew in the air.The two thieves were hacked away and crushed onto the ground.

"Foundation establishment state!" the woman called out and died. The monkey-mouthed man wasn't even able to speak, as he died with shock and regret.

"Foundation establishment state Qianbei," the tall man murmured - he didn't know what to do.

Ye Mo knew he was no foundation establishment state cultivator, but his Three Birth Chant allowed him to transform his cultivation chi into cultivation essence at chi gathering state. Cultivation essence was the signature trait of foundation establishment state.

"Qianbei, please have mercy!" the tall cultivator begged.

He was just at stage 7. It wasn't that he couldn't attack before, but he was a better person than the other two.

"What is this place?" Ye Mo left him to ask where he was. He didn't want to go around like a senseless fly and bump into a strong and cruel cultivator.

The tall man immediately said shakily, "This is near Miao Mountain, we came from Ping Xiao City. We were planning on going to Zheng Yuan Sword Sect's disciple recruitment tournament. We found a Tian Dan Flower her-"

Ye Mo sighed. He had gathered quite a lot of Tian Dan Flower at the Wu Wen Mountain. Yet he hadn't expected those people would fight over a Tian Dan Flower in the spirit chi abundant cultivation realm.

But Ye Mo realized that there were too many people cultivating there and everyone was looking for spirit herbs. People would even fight over lower grade spirit herbs.

Ye Mo yelled, "Speak clearly! Where is Miao Mountain? Where is the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect? why are they recruiting disciples?"

The tall cultivator was dazed. How could that foundation establishment state Qianbei not know about the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect or Miao Mountain? But he didn't dare to ask that. He could only reply, "Miao Mountain is the mountain range on the outskirts of the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. Many lone cultivators try to find their fortune here."

"Zheng Yuan Sword Sect is one of the four-star sects in the North Far State. They are taking in disciples from a radius of hundreds of thousands of kilometers around them."

Ye Mo heard 'North Far State' and his head buzzed, 'It's real!'

When he had still been at the Magical Herb Sect, he had seen on a journal that Luo Yue Continent was divided into the East Black State, the West Extreme State, the North Far State and the South Peace State.

The journal said that each of the four states were boundless - it was unknown how many billions of kilometers they had. The Heartless Sea's area separating the four states was much bigger than billions of kilometers. A person wouldn't be able to touch the border of the East Black State in a lifetime.

The journal also described that comparing the other states, North Far State was desolated. There were rarely any hollow spirit cultivators. The East Black State was the second worst, rarely anyone could reach cauldron filling state. The South Peace State was the paradise of Luo Yue, the legendary place of ascension. Yet, the author had never been able to see it with his own eyes. And to the West Extreme State not even gods and demons dared to go close, much less cultivators.

This meant that each state was boundless and between these boundless states there was the Heartless Sea, that was even larger than the four states.

This mean that the North Far State had the worst spirit chi and was the least suitable for cultivation. The East Black State was a little bit better, but rarely anyone could reach cauldron filling state. The best place to cultivate was the South Peace State - it was said that people could ascend into the immortal realm there, but the person who had left the journal had never been in his lifetime. Meanwhile, the West Extreme State was said to be a very dangerous place and it wasn't somewhere ordinary cultivators could go.

It seemed like he was in the North Far State at that moment. Ye Mo was very disappointed.

That tall man noticed that Ye Mo was in a daze and immediately tried to run away. However, he only ran a few meters before getting killed by Ye Mo's flying sword.

"Brother, what do we do?" Ye Ling asked worriedly.

Song Yangzhu frowned even more, as she worried about Yimo. No one followed reason in that place. How could she feel safe about Yimo?

Ye Mo sighed and took their storage bags before saying, "Hang your storage ring on your chest. In the cultivation realm, no one dares to scan other people's clothes with spirit sense. Let's find a market and I'll buy a few spirit sense shielding clothes."

In the cultivation realm, those who dared to scan other people's clothes with spirit sense were public enemies. Furthermore, everyone had spirit sense shielding clothes.

"Brother, I heard those people call you a foundation establishment state Qianbei. Is foundation establishment state the highest power level here?" Ye Ling asked.

Ye Mo shook his head, "In the cultivation realm, cultivation is divided into nine levels: chi gathering, foundation establishment, golden core, nascent soul, hollow spirit, body condensation, cauldron filling, disaster transformation and truth realization. Then, each state has nine small levels. It is 81 small levels in total to reach truth realisation state peak. The strongest master I know of is only cauldron filling state level 7.

"Huh!" Ye Ling exclaimed, "Brother, if we all reached truth realisation state peak, then wouldn't we become immortal?

Ye Mo smiled bitterly. "You haven't cultivated, so you don't know about the hardships of cultivation. Did you see those people before? They were fighting each other to death for a mere Tian Dan Flower. But that's only something used for chi gathering state. Even with adequate herbs, some people reach the end of their lives before they could ever breakthrough. Moreover, each state is much harder than the previous one."

Ye Mo's words made Ye Ling fall silent. After a while, she said firmly, "Brother, since other people can reach truth realisation state, so can I!"
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