Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 834

Chapter 834: Dont Be in a Rush to Leave
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Let's go have a look at the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect." Ye Mo chose the next target. There was no future for solo cultivators in this world.

Solo cultivators had no resources and were often in a lot of danger. Although some could reach to a state where people had to look up to, these were a minority. Most of them died while looking for resources.

No matter what world it was, dependence and back-up was very important.

Ye Mo just told Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling to put their storage rings away, but he didn't give them a mask. Although they were pretty, pretty girls were everywhere in the cultivation realm. They weren't very extraordinary. After all, they weren't at Luo Ying, Qingxue, Beiwei and Xiaoyun's level.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't using his flying sword, Ye Ling asked strangely, "Brother, wouldn't we go faster if we flew?"

Ye Mo shook his head with a bitter smile. "We're just chi gathering level cultivators. We're not at a market or near a sect. If we fly, we won't keep a low profile. Some bored high level cultivators might kill you for no reason."

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling took a cold breath in. They hadn't thought people could be killed for just passing by. Just what kind of place was this?

Ye Mo didn't explain. Although the reality might have not been as dangerous as he said, Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling had just arrived at the cultivation realm. It was better for them to have a careful attitude.

The three of them simply walked out of the Miao Mountain and saw people heading towards one direction on a big road. Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense. Most of these people were cultivators and a small portion ancient martial artists. However, there were no foundation establishment state masters. Only a few were at chi gathering tertiary stages.

Ye Mo and the others soon joined the crowd and he decided to show his power too.

People could come to look for trouble if they were too low-key.

As soon as Ye Mo joined the crowd, people noticed them immediately. Yet when they saw his power, many chose to stay a little further away from Ye Mo to avoid angering this Qianbei.

Ye Mo was trying to find someone to ask about things when a sturdy-looking man brought a girl less than 20 years old over to Ye Mo. He saluted with his fists and said, "Friend, I'm Xia Zhongwen, and this is my Sister Xia Pinger. Are you guys going to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect too?

Ye Mo nodded and studied the two brothers, wondering why he had to come talk to him out of all those people.

The man was shorter than him, but he was still more than 175 cm tall. He had sturdy muscles and was at stage 9 chi gathering. He was one step away from foundation establishment state, but some people could get stuck at chi gathering peak for the rest of their lives.

His sister wasn't much shorter than her brother, but she was also at stage 5 chi gathering. Her looks were average and had some freckles on her face. She looked very shy and stayed behind her brother, not daring to talk. Ye Mo just studied her casually and she blushed.

Xia Zhongwen replied happily, "Friend, there's still about three to four days until we get to the sect. There are too many people on this road and there might be some ill-willed people. If you don't mind, we can form a small group."

Ye Mo realized that this man approved of his power. He was at chi gathering level 8, there weren't many of his caliber here. Most of the people at chi gathering tertiary stage already had a group.

"Okay," Ye Mo agreed.

"I'm Ye Mo, this is my wife Song Yangzhu and my sister Ye Ling,' Ye Mo introduced.

Xia Pinger had little courage but she wasn't an introvert. She soon talked happily with Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu. Although Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling weren't familiar with the language there, they improved rapidly under Xia Pinger's tutelage and the fact that the language was similar to Chinese.

Through his conversation with Xia Zhongwen, he understood the sect's power. It was said that they had a nascent soul state ancestor, 14 golden core state masters, almost 100 foundation establishment state members and countless chi gathering state martial artists. It was indeed a big sect.

Ye Mo also found out from him that the North Far State's sect division was just like the sect division where he had been in his previous life, the East Black State. The sects were divided into nine stars categories. Zheng Yuan Sword Sect was a four-star sect despite being at the very bottom of the four-star category

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling finally realized that what Ye Mo had told them was true. They understood what sort of world that place was.

On their journey, they saw the strong abuse the weak. The high-level cultivators formed groups and asked for goods to the low-level cultivators. If they didn't give anything, it was either getting injured or death.

The low-level cultivators had no choice but to give spirit stones or other treasures in order to get the high-level groups' protection.

"These people are really shameless!" Song Yangzhu had seen a young man get killed immediately for not being able to give spirit stones for protection fees.

"Sister Yangzhu, Brother said we shouldn't comment on these things," Xia Pinger said quickly.

"Two pretty girls! What? You don't like me killing people?" the cultivator who killed the young man walked to them.

The four people with him all walked up to Ye Mo and the group. These five men were all at stage 8 and above - three at stage 8 and two at stage 9.

"I saw there was a stage 9 here so I didn't want to cause trouble, but instead you are the one who wanted to start trouble. Hand over your storage bags and tell that chick who cares so much to come with me. I'll return her later and this matter will be resolved." The stage 9 martial artist glanced cockily at Song Yangzhu, but he stared at Xia Zhongwen.

The remaining four men sealed their exits" as if they were sure Ye Mo and the others would surrender. They had power indeed. Other than Ye Mo, who was at stage 8, and Xia Zhongwen, who was at stage 9, the three other girls' power was miniscule.

The people around immediately moved away.

Xia Zhongwen's expression changed and saluted with his fist. "Martial Brothers, she said it unintentionally before. Please don't mind it, there are 10 low-grade spirit ston-"

"Stop! You want to buy a life for 10 low-grade spirit stones? Do you f*cking think I'm a beggar?" the stage 9 cultivator said in contempt.

"Sorry, I-" Song Yangzhu said worriedly to Ye Mo. She couldn't have imagined something so casual would cause so much trouble.

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand at her. He stopped Xia Zhongwen and then walked to the front. "I didn't go looking for trouble with you, but you dare to mess with me."

Then, Ye Mo's flying sword flew towards the cultivator's neck.

"A flying sword?" the cultivator was shook. He hadn't thought a stage 8 martial artist would dare to attack first and also have a flying sword.

Although he was at stage 9, he had no flying sword since he was a solo cultivator. Even some cultivating family members didn't have flying sword. Only those from big sects could afford giving inner sect members their own flying sword. Outer sect members had to do large amounts of missions to get it.

His group only had two members that had a flying sword and they all came from cultivation families.

As soon as he saw the flying sword, he knew he had messes with someone that wasn't simple.

Ye Mo wasn't going to let him dodge that easily. His flying sword chased the stage 9 closely while he shot two windblades.

Although he was only at stage 8, he was much stronger than a chi gathering stage master. There was no pressure in killing a stage 9 man. If he hadn't wanted to keep a low-profile, Ye Mo could instantly have killed this person.

The cultivator wasn't able to dodge the flying sword nor the wind blades.

Splurge- The stage 9 master was cut in three pieces. Ye Mo took back his flying sword and grabbed the storage bag in the air, while burning the three pieces of the body into nothing.

The series of movements had been so fluid that it was clear he did it frequently.

The other four cultivators were dead silent and so was the crowd around them. Killing a stage 9 master instantly - what kind of power was that? It was the power of a foundation establishment state Qianbei.

The other four men immediately wanted to run.

"Since you're here, don't be in a rush to leave." Ye Mo checked the storage bag and said lazily.
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