Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 835

Chapter 835: Miao Mountain Market
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Let's attack together! I don't believe-" The remaining stage 9 master immediately realized that they couldn't resolve things peacefully, so he took out his flying sword to fight for his life.

However, he stopped in the middle of the sentence. He had just blocked Ye Mo's flying sword, but got killed by the hidden sword rays.

It was a modified sword ability, the Three Birth Sword Ray. The reason he had used it then was to test its power. Secondly, he had shot it from a very hidden angle. Hence to others, the man had been killed by the flying sword.

Seeing that the cultivator couldn't resist at all, Ye Mo rejoiced. This thing was a big killing blow indeed. If his sword rays formed a net, then no matter how fast the opponent was, they would be killed.

Another stage 9 got instantly killed. The cultivators around didn't even dare to watch too closely.

Ye Mo took the storage bag and looked at the remaining stage 8 cultivators.

"Qianbei, this is my storage bag." A smart cultivator gave his storage bag to Ye Mo as quickly as possible. The remaining two men saw this and they both handed over their storage bags without hesitation.

Ye Mo picked these up and then yelled, "Piss off!"

"Yes, yes, thanks for sparing our lives, Qianbei." The three men ran away faster than rabbits and immediately disappeared.

The reason he hadn't killed these three cultivators was because he knew there were countless people like that in the world and he wouldn't be able to kill them all. In order to protect himself there, it was pointless to kill. The only way was to increase his own power - to make everyone fear his power.

Xia Zhongwen, like others in the crowd, stared at Ye Mo in shock. He had never seen a chi gathering state this strong.

Xia Pinger was also dazed and unable to talk. They had been still thinking about how to pay a huge sum for these people to let them go, yet now Ye Mo had killed them easily and gotten five storage bags.

Song Yangzhu approached him and hugged Ye Mo's arm excitedly. She had heard Ye Mo say there were many people stronger than him in that world, but she was still proud that Ye Mo could easily kill a strong enemy.

"Brother, these people don't seem that strong. Why do people endure their robberies?" Ye Ling asked in confusion.

Xia Zhongwen got defeated by Ye Ling's words. They might have not seemed strong to her brother, but for others they were the strongest ones there.

"Brother Ye, I didn't think you were this strong. I probably wouldn't even be able to last three moves if I fought you. Funny how I thought I was a little stronger than you before," Xia Zhongwen said.

Ye Mo patted his shoulders and said, "I have fought a lot, so I have some experience. You will be the same too."

Xia Zhongwen didn't think so. He had experienced a lot of battles too.

"Let's not talk about this, Zhongwen. It's dark now, is there a place to rest?" Ye Mo didn't mind, but Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were tired.

"There is one 30 km ahead. There's a market and some hotels too. We can rest there for the night and continue the next morning. However, it's a little pricey to enter the market," Xia Zhongwen said.

Ye Mo handed the two storage bags over Xia Zhongwen and said, "These are yours. Keep these two flying sword too."

Ye Mo really couldn't be bothered taking these low-grade flying swords.

Xia Zhongwen quickly waved his hand. "I can't take that, it's too precious."

Ye Mo patted him and smiled. "We all have flying sword. You don't have any, so take it. We're all friends. Moreover, I don't really like this type of flying sword."

Xia Zhongwen could tell Ye Mo didn't care about those low-grade flying swords, so he took them and thanked Ye Mo greatly.

The Miao Mountain Market was quite a famous market near the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. It was very popular mainly because it was very safe. This market belonged to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, so rarely anyone dared to cause trouble there. Many lone cultivators, pill concocters, forgers and rune makers made a living here.

Everyone had to pay a five low-grade spirit stones entrance fee.

Ye Mo had robbed 11 storage bags and given two to Xia Zhongwen, but he still had nine left. Ye Mo had gotten 172 spirit stones from these bags. Moreover, he had three from before, so he had 175 spirit stones in total.

"So prosperous!" Song Yangzhu exclaimed.

Ye Mo had been to some markets before and he felt it was alright, but it was indeed prosperous. It was almost like a city. There were all sorts of businesses there but of course, mostly related to cultivation.

The five of them went into an ordinary hotel where they had to pay three spirit stones per night. Ye Mo bought Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling the cheapest defensive inner clothes and spent all of his spirit stones.

With dense luminous stones and luminous formations, the market was bright like daylight even during the night.

Ye Ling had never cultivated before and Song Yangzhu was very weak. They were very tired going all the way from Luo Yue to there, so as soon as they went in the hotel, they were told to rest by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo meanwhile, left the hotel. He knew that without spirit stones, it would be like walking on Earth without money. They wouldn't be able to do anything.

Ye Mo wanted to see if he could exchange some of his pills to get some spirit stones. Of course, he would get large sums of money if he took out a few of his face preserving pills made of stalagmite marrow, but he knew he would be a dead man if he did.

Ye Mo still used an ordinary storage bag. There were more than 10 essence increasing pills and one great essence increasing pills. These pills were what he was going to sell that night.

In a corner of the market, Ye Mo set up his stall. However, unlike the mortal world markets, even in the farthest corner, people soon arrived.

"Essence increasing pill, great essence increasing pill- How much?" A stage 6 chi gathering master went to him immediately when he saw the pills.

Both of these two pills were required by chi gathering states - the great chi gathering pill could allow this man reach chi gathering tertiary stage. He could get these at a pill shops, but he knew these stalls would sell for much cheaper.

"The essence increasing pill, 20 spirit stones for one. The great essence increasing pill, 30 spirit stones for one." Ye Mo knew the prices of proper shops. Essence increasing pills were sold for 25 spirit stones and great essence increasing pills were sold for 38 spirit stones. He believed his price wasn't high.

This cultivator heard this and immediately got excited. It was 5 to 8 spirit stones cheaper than in a shop. Usually, these stalls would only be 2 spirit stones cheaper. If these pills were real, then he would be earning big.

"Martial Brother, can I have a look at the pills?" the cultivator asked.

"Of course." Ye Mo handed one of each to the cultivator without hesitation.

The cultivator smelled the pill and felt the spirit chi inside the pill. He immediately called out in excitement, "A top grade essence increasing pill!"

But he realized at once that he shouldn't have talked so loudly. He quickly said, "I want three essence increasing pills and one great essence increasing pill."

However, before he finished, a few more chi gathering tertiary stages arrived. All of them had heard the words 'top grade essence increasing pills'.

People also liked watching shows on the streets in the cultivation realm, so when they were sure that Ye Mo's pills were top grade pills, all of Ye Mo's 10 essence increasing pills and 10 great essence increasing pills were quickly sold.

He had gotten 500 spirit stones very quickly. Ye Mo sighed. The life of pill concocters were indeed prosperous.

The ones who didn't get pills didn't want to leave. However, Ye Mo didn't care. He packed his things and was about to leave.

Yet, he was stopped by two people.
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