Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 836

Chapter 836: Local Snake
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Kid, you're not from here, are you? It's fine if you want to earn money in my spot, but you'd be looking down on me if you tried to leave without paying anything." A stage 9 martial artist and a chi gathering peak martial artist stopped Ye Mo.

They had seen Ye Mo earn a few hundred spirit stone very quickly and they got blinded by greed. Moreover, they could tell Ye Mo was a foreigner and he hadn't gotten a stall permit.

A few hundred spirit stones were a huge fortune for chi gathering cultivators. Most of them didn't even have tens of spirit stones because they immediately used them for pills as soon as they got them.

If it had been the outside, Ye Mo would've already killed them. However, he knew he was in the Miao Mountain Market. It was someone else's land. No matter how powerful he was, he had no way but to stay low in the land with a golden core state master.

He knew those two had nothing to do with the stall, but he still gave them 20 stones. "In that case, take this as a fee for using this stall."

Hmph. One of the cultivators saw Ye Mo only take out 20 and was immediately unhappy. He pushed the spirit stones away, clearly unhappy that Ye Mo had only taken out so little.

Ye Mo saw the two men wanted more. So without thinking, he put the 20 stones away.

The cultivator understood that he had made a mistake - Ye Mo had put the 20 spirit stones away. He immediately got furious and wanted to attack, but the other stage 9 cultivator stopped him, "Wait, Martial Brother Ming."

The cultivator then looked at Ye Mo coldly. "I'm Cai Jing, this is my Martial Brother Ming Fawu. You have just come to this market, so you might not know the rules here. This market belongs to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. Everyone has to pay a stall fee. If you don't pay it, we have the authority to attack you."

Ye Mo sneered. With his experience, he could tell Cai Jing was putting on an act. It was true that stalls costed money, but he had only been here for an hour. The fees certainly couldn't be that much. Moreover, those two men were clearly not the market managers. They just wanted to scam him for some money.

However, Ye Mo was going to see if he could join the sect later on, so it wasn't good to offend people before he had been accepted.

"How much is the stall fee?" Ye Mo asked.

"You just earned 500 spirit stones, we would only take a small portion. How about you give me 240 spirit stones? And we can be friends. Next time you open a stall, we will protect you." Cai Jing immediately said when he noticed that the man backed down after he brought up his sect.

Ming Fawu heard this and wasn't too satisfied. Ye Mo was clearly a foreigner. They could easily take 400 stones from him. These foreigners wouldn't dare say much, even if they scammed him.

"Just that much?" Ye Mo heard this number and calmed down instead. Since those guys were so shameless, he didn't need to give them any respect. He didn't think the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect was the only sect in this world.

Seeing this, Cai Jing realized that he had asked for too little. If he had asked for more, perhaps this man would have agreed. But he had already said the amount in front of so many people, so he couldn't really go back on his words. "Yes, that much. We're going easy on you."

"P*ss off!" Ye Mo yelled.

Ming Fawu heard this and was dazed for half a second before pointing at Ye Mo's face roaring, "You f*cking trash! What did you say?"

Ming Fawu couldn't resist it and charged at Ye Mo. Although fighting wasn't allowed in the market, he was an outer sect sect member. He wasn't going to stand still when an insect was telling him to p*ss off.

But before he could hit Ye Mo, Ye Mo slapped him twice.

Ming Fawu was thrown ten meters away. He crashed onto the barrier of another stall and bounced back.

Everyone saw this and the scene immediately turned quiet. That foreigner didn't care at all.

"You're asking to die!" Ming Fawu wiped his mouth. His face was bleeding and he had lost a few teeth.

Cai Jing also reacted and sent out his flying sword to Ye Mo.

"What's going on?" Two law enforcers came to the scene.

When they saw the two cultivators, Cai Jing stopped his steps, while Ming Fawu dashed at Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo sneered. He sealed Ming Fawu's cultivation chi with his cultivation essence and kicked Ming Fawu's chest.

Ming Fawu was thrown away again and landed in the middle of the street. He finally understood that his chi was far weaker than this foreigner's. Not even a third as strong as this man's.

Hmph. The law enforcers saw that Ye Mo still dared to fight and sneered. Ye Mo was shook. He realized the two cultivators' cultivation essence was stronger than his. They were probably at foundation establishment state.

Ye Mo scanned with his spirit sense and realized that one of them was at foundation establishment state primary stage and the other one was at foundation establishment state middle stage.

"Peng-Qianbei, this man is causing trouble in the market. He attacked me and Martial Brother Ming," Cai Jing said.

"Who says you can start trouble here?" the foundation establishment state primary stage master asked Ye Mo coldly. Ye Mo didn't matter to him at all. Although he knew Cai Jing and Ming Fawu had been trying to scam foreign cultivators, he wasn't going to help Ye Mo because Cai Jing would pay them tributes later.

Ye Mo realized these men were in the same group. If it had been in the outside, he was sure he could kill that foundation establishment state primary stage cultivator. However with that middle stage master there too, he didn't stand a chance at all.

Ye Mo still had to explain. Yet he only got to tell half of the events when he got stopped by the foundation establishment state middle stage man. "Stop talking b*llshit! We saw you attack. Now you need to come with us."

Ye Mo knew it wasn't good. If he went with them, he wouldn't survive. If he had been by himself, he could run away. However, there was still Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling.

More and more people were watching - even Song Yangzhu, Ye Ling and the Xia siblings had come.

"Brother, what's going on?" Ye Ling grabbed Ye Mo's clothes tightly. She had heard people say that the two law enforcers were foundation establishment state Qianbei.

Ye Mo pulled Song Yangzhu. Even if he couldn't run, he was planning on running.

"Yangzhu, let's go!" Ye Mo pulled Song Yangzhu and tried to leave.

"Hahaha! If a stage 8 chi gathering cultivator can run away from me, I, Gong Ling, don't need to live," the foundation establishment state primary stage cultivator saw this and laughed. He immediately raised his power and the chi gathering cultivators around him were forced back by the pressure.

Ye Mo protected Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu. Perhaps due to a lot of people being there, another powerful spirit sense scanned over and Ye Mo was shook. This spirit sense was no longer at foundation establishment state - it was at least at golden core state middle stage!

Gong Lin immediately retracted his power and stood carefully on the side.

"Hmmm." A man and woman appeared before everyone.

The woman looked like she was in her 40s and grabbed Ye Ling's wrist.

Ye Mo couldn't even stop her.

After a moment, she said in shock, "A three element full spirit root? How is that possible?!"
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