Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 837

Chapter 837: Separation
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More than 90% of the people didn't have a spirit root nor a spirit root that was near full. If one had many spirit roots, he would at most have one that was near full. They would never have more than one that was full. Those with full spirit roots were mostly single spirit rooted.

Usually, the more spirit roots you had, the worse your talent. But if they were all full, then it was be a different story. This was rarer than a single spirit root.

"It isn't impossible. I've heard that Shang Yun Sect has a cultivator that had four full spirit roots. He was cultivating earth style and yet he was faster than a pure wood spirit root. This girl has a three full spirit root - she's a true genius!" the man said on the side.

Then, the woman immediately took out a testing device and said to Ye Ling, "Put your hand on it."

Ye Mo didn't stop them. His power was nothing compared to a golden core state cultivator's. Although he knew that woman had no ill will, he still felt uncomfortable. Power. If he had power, no matter what they did, he could take Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu away.

Ye Ling put her hand into the device and it showed indeed that she had a water, fire and wood full spirit root.

"A three element full spirit root indeed!" the woman called out in joy. Yet when she saw Song Yangzhu, she was dazed and said, "Test yourself too."

"Another metal and water double spirit root! Her metal spirit root is nearly full!" the woman got even happier. She hadn't thought she would able to find such talented disciples just by going outside. She couldn't believe it.

"Are you two willing to be my disciples?" the woman was so excited that her voice changed. Although she was Zheng Yuan Sword Sect's golden core state elder, good talented disciples were chosen first by other sects.

Hearing the woman's words, everyone around gave them looks of envy. They weren't idiots and they could tell those two were golden core state cultivators. Who wouldn't want a golden core state cultivator to be their master?

But what they didn't expect was that Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling shook their heads at the same time.

"I'm Zheng Yuan Sword Sect's Elder Li Yuqian. If you become my disciples, you will cultivate with me at Yan Yuan Peak. Why don't you want to?" Li Yuqian was worried.

The other man quickly said, "I'm a little stronger than Elder Li. I'm the peak lord of Die Zhang Peak, you can also be my disciples and come with me."

"Elder Han, how can you say that?" The martial brother who had come with her wasn't helping her. Instead, he was trying to steal the two girls away from her.

Song Yangzhu reacted first. She could tell that the woman was very powerful, her husband wouldn't be able to beat her. She immediately bowed. "Sorry, Qianbei, but I want to be with my husband. Ye Ling also wants to be with her brother, we don't want to be separated."

"Your husband?" Li Qianyu looked at once at Ye Mo and grabbed his wrist. However, she put her hand down in disappointment. "A mixed spirit root and not pure."

Ye Mo heard this and was dazed. He had a mixed spirit root, but it wasn't impure. And, he had tested Song Yangzhu before. She had indeed a dual spirit root, but it wasn't full.

"This kid doesn't have the right to enter the inner sects, but on your account we can let him be an outer sect member. His spirit root is very bad. It would be very hard for him to reach foundation establishment state, much less golden core state. You guys-"

Li Yuqian cut off some of the inappropriate stuff she was going to say. "If you live together every day and be all lovey dovey, it will affect your dao. You're so young. How can you have so many impure thoughts? I've cultivated for 60 years and I've never had such impure thoughts."

Song Yangzhu was going to rebuke, but Ye Mo stopped her. "Yangzhu, I'm going to go to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect anyways. If you and Ye Ling could become Li-Qianbei's disciples, it would be very fortunate. I still need to go and find Yimo, so you guys can just focus on cultivation."

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling heard this and understood that Ye Mo really meant. He had to go looking for Yimo and the others. They were too weak and it was inconvenient to bring them.

Moreover, without a golden core state master, those two foundation establishment state law enforcers wouldn't let them go.

Thinking about this, Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling quickly walked up to Li Yuqian and bowed. "Wanbei Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling are willing to serve Qianbei as our master."

Li Yuqian was confused at how Ye Mo had made the two women agree so easily. That man's power was average, but he really knew how to deal with women. They were willing to reject a golden core state master for him.

Li Yuqian quickly cast these thoughts aside and looked happily at the two women. "Okay, in that case come with me now."

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling looked at Ye Mo. Li Yuqian frowned. She felt Ye Mo was quite annoying. His own talent was bad, but he was damaging the future of two talented girls. But in order to not make Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling dislike her, she didn't force anything. She would never let Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling meet up with Ye Mo again.

Ye Mo knew the woman was getting impatient, but he still had to say some last words.

"Qianbei, us three are staying at a hotel not far away. After we check out of the hotel, we will go with Qianbei to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect," Ye Mo said.

Li Yuqian could tell Ye Mo had some private things to say to the two women. However, since she wasn't planning on letting them see Ye Mo again, she had some patience. She waved her hand. "Go, I'll wait for you here."

Li Yuqian then yelled at the two foundation establishment state cultivators, "P*ss off! You're lucky this time. If you dare to be disrespectful to my disciples ever again, don't blame me then!"

"Yes, yes." The two foundation establishment state cultivators left while cursing in their hearts that the two girls hadn't been her disciples before.

Xia Zhongwen felt like he was in a dream.

Seeing Ye Mo and the others leave, he immediately followed them too. He wanted to stay at the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, so he needed to tighten their relationship. Moreover, he felt Ye Mo was someone worth being friends with.

"Wait!" Just when he was about to leave, he was stopped by Elder Han. He also took out a spirit root testing device and said, "You've reached stage 9 chi gathering at such a young age! Let me see what spirit root you have."


Ye Mo brought the two women back to the hotel. He set a sound barrier formation before saying to the two women, "After you two leave, you might not see me for a while, so you need to work hard cultivating."

"Huh? Brother, aren't you going to the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect too? If you're not going, I'm not going either," Ye Ling said.

"Yes, if you're not going, what's the point of us going?" Song Yangzhu said.

Ye Mo shook his head. "Li Yuqian isn't going to let you come out so I don't slow down your cultivation. The only way is for us to reach golden core state. This place has more spirit chi than Luo Yue. I think with your Primordial Fortune Chant, you can reach foundation establishment state really quickly."

"Don't worry, one day, we will have our own land on this continent, just like Luo Yue City. So don't look for me, I will come to take you away. Just work hard cultivating. Your life won't be truly yours until you reach a higher state."
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