Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Search for a Place
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Ye Mo looked at the big mission screen and found that most of the missions were at the All Herbs Mountain Ranges. Ye Mo remembered the small booklet the manager had given him the previous night. It had information about the mountain range, so he quickly took it out of his storage ring.

The All Herbs Mountain Ranges was one of the ten biggest ranges in the North Far State. It was not only a place for Zheng Yuan Sword Sect members to go on trials, but also for the Lian Qing Sect, the Flowing Cloud Sect, the Demon Spirit Sect, the North Lightning Palace and other sects' trial grounds. The North Lightning Sect was a five-star sect, it was said they had a hollow spirit level master.

Although many sects had trials in the All Herbs Mountain Ranges, it had never been thoroughly searched as it was huge. Even after all these years, the sect members would at most search the outskirts. They couldn't even reach half of the places in there.

Although the All Herbs Mountain Ranges had a lot of spirit herbs and fortunes, there were also a lot of dangers. It had a lot of beasts and dangerous places. Each year, many sect members who went on trial there would disappear.

"This is a good place," Ye Mo said to himself. It was that big. If he found a distant place to cultivate, no one would be able to find him, right?

There it shall be.

Ye Mo closed the booklet and looked at the mission screen. There were rarely any solo missions and even if there were, most of them weren't at the All Herbs Mountain Ranges.

Just when Ye Mo was wondering whether to go on a mission with someone, he heard a lively voice say, "Martial Brother, do you want to go on a mission to the All Herbs Mountain Ranges?"

Ye Mo heard this voice and thought it was a loli. However when he turned around, he saw it belonged to woman in her 30s. Her skin was a little dark, and she wasn't ugly.

Ye Mo quickly nodded, "Yes, I want to get a mission."

The woman heard this and said hospitably, "I'm Liu Zhenyue. Me, another martial sister and two other martial brothers took a mission to the All Herbs Mountain Ranges to collect the Rainbow Gold Lotus. We're missing one person, do you want to join us?"

The Rainbow Gold Lotus? Ye Mo had heard of this of course. It wasn't a pill ingredient, but a supplementary material for forgery. It could be used to make women's clothes. It usually grew in cold places next to ponds. It was a decent thing.

But that couldn't be found in the outskirts, Ye Mo nodded, "Okay, then I'll join your team. I'm Ye Mo, I just arrived at the sect."

Liu Yuezhen immediately rejoiced to see that Ye Mo was joining them. She quickly waved to the three people behind her. Ye Mo was at stage 8, he provided decent assistance to the team.

The other three team members quickly approached them. After Liu Zhenyue's introduction, Ye Mo found out that the person with an average height but whiter skin than Liu Zhenyue was called Jiang Yi. There was also an extremely handsome man called Tong Zhentan. These two were both at stage 9. There was also another good-looking girl called Huang Ping.

She was only at stage 7, but she clearly liked the handsome Tong Zhentan. All her thoughts were about him.

After the five of them registered, the immediately left the mission hall. What surprised Ye Mo was that Tong Zhentan took out a low-grade flying artefact - it was a small boat.

It was quite cool to have something like that for a chi gathering state disciple.

Tong Zhentan smiled. "It belongs to my family. My family gave it to me after I became an inner sect member."

"You're not an outer sect member?" Ye Mo was very surprised. Most of the people taking missions were outer sect members.

Tong Zhentan smiled but didn't reply. He knew a lot of people looked down on him for going on missions with outer sect members, but it wasn't just about taking missions. Cultivation should be joined together with experience in order to achieve maximum improvement. Moreover, his goal wasn't the Rainbow Golden Lotus.

"Let's all get on the boat. We will have to fly for two days before we can enter the All Herb Mountain Ranges," Tong Zhentan said to everyone.

The three others rushed onto the flying boat but Ye Mo shook his head. "I have a flying sword, I can use that."

They saw this and didn't say anything. After all, Ye Mo had just met them. It was normal for him to have such concerns and wariness.

Two days later, they entered the All Herbs Mountain Ranges. The boundless ranges appeared in front of their eyes. There were also many forests and lakes. It was a primitive place.

Tong Zhentan's flying boat slowed down drastically after entering the ranges. He reminded the others, "There are lots of beasts here and some people lurk in the shadows to ambush people. Stay alert."

Ye Mo went around and noticed a lot of low-level beasts. The strongest beast was only at level 2, they didn't even have a beast core. He also saw a lot of spirit herbs and even cultivators fighting beasts.

The group had a clear target and didn't waste much time on the road. Ye Mo didn't even do anything. They reached a misty lake on the fifth day.

Ye Mo realized that it was probably the place where the Rainbow Golden Lotus grew.

Ye Mo's spirit sense was very strong, but not even his spirit sense could scan to the end of the lake.

However, Tong Zhentan stopped the flying boat and landed a few km away from the lake. He said to Ye Mo and the others, "The Rainbow Golden Lotus is on the other side of the lake. There are some Metal Spine Crocodiles around. Although there are a lot of them, the strongest one is only at level 2 peak. We just need to be careful and we should be able to succeed.

Then, Liu Zhenyue said, "How about Martial Brother Ye and I distract the crocodiles?

"Okay, then Jiang Yi, Huang Ping and I will try to get the Rainbow Golden Flower," Tong Zhentan said and waved his hand, leading them to the river.

Ye Mo saw five or six Metal Spine Crocodiles laying lazily around the Rainbow Golden Flower. They were indeed level 2 and some level 1 beasts.

Beasts that weren't level 3 yet were at most at chi gathering state comparatively. Only those at level 3 were equivalent to foundation establishment state cultivators.

When the group was still 3 km away from the crocodiles, Tong Zhentan yelled, "Martial Sister Liu, Martial Brother Ye, hurry up and draw their attention!"

Ye Mo frowned. He thought that even if they were to do that, they should wait until the other three were closer. Moreover, there were a lot of Rainbow Golden Flowers there too. If they just needed a small amount, they didn't even need to startle the beasts - they could just take them.

With this thought, Ye Mo didn't attack and stopped instead. However, Liu Zhenyue charged at the beast and caught the attention of three level 2 crocodiles. They attacked Liu Zhenyue immediately.

Ye Mo sighed. He didn't know what Tong Zhentan wanted, but he had no good will.

Liu Zhenyue was soon surrounded and in danger. She was hit twice by their water arrows and her clothes were ripped. Liu Zhenyue noticed things weren't right. Why was she the only one fighting?

Ye Mo saw Tong Zhentan look at him in confusion and thought that maybe he was wrong about him. But since Liu Zhenyue was in danger, Ye Mo couldn't keep watching and stopped two beasts with his flying sword.

Liu Zhenyue immediately breathed at ease. She gave Ye Mo a grateful look and took a pill.

When Ye Mo's flying sword heavily injured a crocodile, a deep howl sounded.

A black figure darted out of the water rapidly and charged at Ye Mo and Liu Zhenyue.

Not good. Ye Mo could tell immediately by that power that it was at least at level 3.

Liu Zhenyue's face also changed drastically. She had also immediately realized that it was a level 3 beast.

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned Tong Zhentan, who was using that instant to dart amongst the Rainbow Golden Lotus. He had used the perfect timing.

Ye Mo saw a purple one in the middle of the flowers, which Tong Zhentan was aiming for. Right away, Ye Mo realized he had been tricked by Tong Zhentan.
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