Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 840

Chapter 840: Just Passing by
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The purple flower was called the Purple Lotus. It was the king of the Rainbow Golden Lotus. It was hard to differentiate from ordinary Rainbow Golden Lotus, but it only had five lotus seeds. It was not only useful for reaching foundation establishment state, but it could also cause foundation establishment state breakthrough two levels.

However, at most two small levels. If one had already eaten the lotus before, then it would be useless.

Ye Mo saw it and Liu Zhenyue was no fool. Her expression looked really bad. It wasn't her first time working with Tong Zhentan. She hadn't thought that generous looking inner sect member could be so shameless and use people of his own sect as bait.

Ye Mo didn't dare to hold back against a level 3 beast. His flying sword immediately blocked the level 3 beast's attack while he threw three wind blades at the other three level 2 beasts.

Clank- Ye Mo's flying sword clashed with the head of the level 3 beast, but it only made a small mark. The three wind blades didn't even leave a mark. Ye Mo hadn't intentionally tried, but one could still see how tough the beast's skin was.

Liu Zhenyue reacted. She was going to join him on the attack, but Ye Mo stopped her.

"Hurry up and run! Can you beat a level 3 beast?" Ye Mo said and immediately blocked three more water arrows. He wasn't really trying to save Liu Zhenyue nor help Tong Zhentan stop the beasts.

"No, we leave together. What will you do when I leave?" Liu Zhenyue immediately said.

Ye Mo was speechless. He hadn't expected Liu Zhenyue to be such a genuine person. However, he pulled Liu Zhenyue and immediately started running.

While running, he cursed at the Metal Spine Crocodile, "Do you have a pig brain? Your Purple Lotus is about to be stolen. Hurry up and go after it!" Ye Mo said.

The Metal Spine Crocodile seemed to have understood Ye Mo and looked back. He immediately saw Tong Zhentan, who had dug up the purple lotus and began to run.

The level 3 beast howled. It immediately left Ye Mo and Liu Zhenyue behind and chased after Tong Zhentan.

Ye Mo sighed. Tong Zhentan had calculated it perfectly. The beast wouldn't be able to catch up to him no matter what. Yet, how dare this punk scheme against him? He was going to get revenge no matter what.

The other three level 2 beasts also left Ye Mo and Liu Zhenyue behind.

Liu Zhenyue wiped the sweat off her forehead and looked awkwardly at Ye Mo. "Sorry, I didn't think he was this sort of person. If it hadn't been for you, I would've died today."

Ye Mo waved his hand, but he looked coldly at Tong Zhentan. At first he had thought that although he was bleak, he had still taken the woman he liked and ran away. Yet now, Ye Mo didn't see it that way. Tong Zhentan had grabbed Huang Ping and thrown her to the Metal Spine Crocodile to buy some time, despite knowing that the beast wouldn't be able to catch up to his flying boat.

"Animal," Liu Zhenyue saw this scene and cursed.

Huang Ping was still confused when she was pushed by the person she loved into the big mouth of the Metal Spin Crocodile.

Huang Ping immediately realized what was going on and her heart died. For a mere herb, he had thrown her into the crocodile, despite being able to escape and just so that he would be 100% safe. She loved someone like that.

Just when she had completely given up hope, Jiang Yi dashed over and pushed Huang Ping out. However, the crocodile bit off one of his arms.

The Metal Spine Crocodile ignored the two of them and kept chasing after Tong Zhentan.

Huang Ping was dazed. She hadn't been able to react at the scene.

She knew Jiang Yi liked her, but she liked Tong Zhentan. He was not only an inner sect member and extremely handsome, he was also very generous and seemed reliable.

Meanwhile, Jiang Yi had very white skin and didn't like to talk. He seemed a little dull, but she hadn't expected him to be able throw himself into the crocodile and save her.

Huang Ping felt like she had been very dumb. Without thinking, she approached Jiang Yi and helped him stand up. She sniffed for a long while before saying, "Sorry."

Jiang Yi took a pill, but his face got even paler. "I'm happy that you're fine."

Ye Mo nodded and felt a little better. If the four of them had joined up against him, he might have killed them all. But now, it seemed like Tong Zhentan was the only problem.

Ye Mo looked at Liu Zhenyue, who was still in a daze, and said, "If I had been you, I would've collected the Rainbow Golden Lotus and ran instead of standing and watching here. If that level 3 beast comes back, things won't be good."

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned out 20km. Tong Zhentan had been slowed down by another three and due to that, the crocodile had also caught up. However, for some reason, he had managed to persuade other three cultivators to fight the crocodile together.

"Huh? What about you?" Liu Zhenyue subconsciously asked Ye Mo. Ye Mo clearly didn't intend to go with them.

Ye Mo smiled "I still have some business, so I won't be leaving."

Liu Zhenyue looked at Ye Mo strangely. She felt Ye Mo was no ordinary person. He had reacted very calmly when the level 3 crocodile was chasing after them.

But she knew Ye Mo was right. If that crocodile came back, she would get nothing. Hence, she immediately began collecting the flowers.

"Martial Sister Huang, let's go collect some too and run," Jiang Yi said.

Huang Ping agreed.

After the three cultivators collected some flowers, they bid Ye Mo farewell. Ye Mo had also collected some before slowly making his way to where the four people fought the Metal Spine Crocodile.

When Ye Mo arrived, one of them had already been injured, but the three level 2 crocodiles had also been killed.

The three people who fought the crocodile saw Ye Mo come closer slowly and they all slowed down their attacks, keeping a part of their attention on Ye Mo.

Tong Zhentan was very worried. He hadn't thought a mere stage 8 chi gathering cultivator would dare to chase him here.

Ye Mo could tell that one of them was at chi gathering peak. When he saw Ye Mo watch on the side freely, he said to him, "Martial Brother, this level 3 beast is very powerful! We can't bring him down. Please help us! We can give you a part of its body too."

Ye Mo sneered. Even if they gave him all of the body, he couldn't be bothered to attack. Who did that guy think he was?

Ye Mo didn't even respond and just kept watching the fight.

"Martial Brother, judging by your clothes, you're also from the Zheng Yuan Sword Se-" The chi gathering peak cultivator wasn't happy that Ye Mo ignored him.

Ye Mo interrupted him, "You fight your own battle, I watch mine. I'm just passing by, I have some conflict with a guy here. If I hadn't been waiting for you guys to beat this crocodile, I would've long resolved my conflict and left. Who has the time to stay here anyway?"

The chi gathering peak cultivator's expression went cold. He hadn't thought a mere outer sect member would dare to talk to him like this.

But the next moment, he decided not to drag the battle on anymore. He took out a rune and smashed it on the crocodile. At the same time, his flying sword also sealed off the crocodile's retreat path. Clearly, he hadn't been using his full power before.
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