Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 841

Chapter 841: Number Two in the Hall of Fame
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Rumble, rumble- Ye Mo saw that the chi gathering peak cultivator had thrown out a rune paper which turned into a huge boulder, larger than a small mansion, that smashed the head of the Metal Spine Crocodile. The crocodile howled and was thrown a few hundred meters away before landing and convulsing. Half of its head had been smashed apart.

Then, he sent out his flying sword and sliced the crocodile's head off.

Even Ye Mo had to admit that this cultivator's flying sword was strong. It was very hard to slice the crocodile's head off in one go, considering how tough its skin was.

Ye Mo could tell that this cultivator had used at least a level 5 boulder rune.

After killing the crocodile, the cultivator didn't go to take the carcass nor the beast pill. Instead, he walked up to Ye Mo and studied him before saying coldly, "Did you think you could act cocky in front of me just because I was fighting the Metal Spine


Before Ye Mo could reply, he said coldly, "Seeing that we're from the same sect, I'll let you live. Leave behind your storage bag, shatter your dan tian and leave behind an arm. Then you can p*ss off."

That was no different to killing Ye Mo. They were in the All Herbs Mountain Ranges. But Ye Mo wasn't angry - it was the law of the jungle there.

"By the way, my name is Li Bailin. Don't make the wrong enemy when you come for revenge in your next life," the chi gathering peak cultivator laughed.

"Martial Brother Li, you're really generous today," the other chi gathering cultivator who was collecting the corpse said.

So that guy was Li Bailin! The guy who had ranked second on the hall of fame. Ye Mo thought that this guy was indeed much stronger than the usual chi gathering disciples, but it wouldn't be hard for him to kill him. However, that guy had a big brother who was Li Baisen, and he was foundation establishment state peak. He needed to be careful.

Ye Mo ignored Li Bailin and said to Tong Zhentan, who was just watching on the side, "Tong, if you want to steal the Purple Lotus, that's fine, but-"

Before Ye Mo could finish, he was interrupted by Li Bailin, who glared at Tong Zhentan, "Martial Brother Tong, you told me you had offended the Metal Spine Crocodile for the Rainbow Golden Flower, yet it doesn't seem to be the case. It's for the Purple Lotus! Great, great!"

The other cultivator collecting the corpse immediately got up and sealed off Tong Zhentan's escape.

Ye Mo saw that he had gotten what he wanted and stopped talking. Although these people weren't a match for him, anything could happen in the cultivation realm. If he could make the two of them fight each other, why not?

Even Ye Mo wasn't confident 100% that he could have dodged that level 5 rune.

"I underestimated you," Tong Zhentan looked coldly at Ye Mo and then said to Li Bailin. "I got five Purple Lotus Seeds, but I fought for that with my life. Since Martial Brother Li is here too, I'm willing to give you two."

Li Bailin was dazed. The Purple Lotus was the perfect spirit herb for cultivators below foundation establishment state. However, before he had even made a move, Tong Zhentan was willing to give him two.

How could he let go something like the Purple Lotus? Li Bailin smirked and shook his head. "Martial Brother Li, seeing that we're from the same sect, I won't ask you for more. I'll also help you kill your enemy, but you must leave your Purple Lotus behind."

As though he was expecting this, Tong Zhentan wasn't surprised. He just nodded and took out a bag.

Just when Li Bailin thought he was going to get it, Tong Zhentan suddenly threw it to Ye Mo and said, "I got this from Ye Mo."

Before it landed on him, Ye Mo turned away to leave and said, "It's not mine. Whoever wants, you can have it."

Tong Zhentan's expression changed. He had thought Ye Mo would run as soon as he got the bag and Li Bailin would chase after him. Like this, he could escape.

However, Ye Mo was so cunning and he had just let the bag fall on the ground. Tong Zhentan didn't have time, so he simply started running.

But as soon as he lifted his foot, Li Bailin's flying sword had already pierced Tong Zhentan's back. Clearly, Li Bailin also knew what Tong Zhentan was trying to do.

Ye Mo watched this and sneered. He was sure that small bag didn't have the Purple Lotus.

Li Bailins flying sword had a sharp metal chi that made piercing sounds in the air every time it sliced. Ye Mo could tell that the difference between him and Li Bailin was that he used the power of his cultivation essence to lock enemies, while Li Bailin had a complete sword ability.

The flying sword flew all over the place, like falling leaves, leaving people nowhere to hide. Even Ye Mo could feel the cold killing chi from a 100 meters distance.

Ye Mo's eyes narrowed. Li Bailin had never used his full power when fighting the crocodile. He could have killed the crocodile himself, but why did he use the rune?

"Li Bailin, you didn't use full power before!" Tong Zhentan had also realized that Li Bailin's moves were many times stronger than before. His body had a few slices already.

Li Bailin sneered, "Tong Zhentan, other people might not know you, but you think I don't? Would you offend Metal Spine Crocodile for a mere Rainbow Golden Flower? Do you think I'm an idiot?! Did you use full power yourself? I think you were saving it to run away."

Tong Zhentan glared at Ye Mo and Li Bailin hatefully. He knew he was in danger today.

At this moment, Tong Zhentan suddenly approached Ye Mo and said while fighting, "Ye Mo, do you think Li Bailin will let you go after he kills me? Even if you get away today, do you think you can run away from his brother?"

As though believing Tong Zhentan, Ye Mo sent out his flying sword suddenly.

Seeing this, Tong Zhentan looked overjoyed. If Ye Mo managed to hold back Li Bailin, he could run away. Even if Ye Mo just kept the other cultivator busy, he would be able to get away.

The other cultivator, who had sealed Tong Zhentan's escape, immediately turned his focus on Ye Mo.

Tong Zhentan secretly took out a rune. He knew that it was the moment to escape. Just when he was about to use the transmission rune, he felt his dan tian turn cold. He looked at Ye Mo in disbelief as well as the flying sword that had just pierced his dan tian.

Even at death's door, he didn't understand why Ye Mo would attack him and not stop Li Bailin with him. Did he really think that Li Bailin wouldn't kill him?

Li Bailin and his pal were also dazed and unable to comprehend why Ye Mo would help them. He would still kill Ye Mo no matter what.

In that daze, Ye Mo had already gone over Tong Zhentan's body and taken his storage bag.

Li Bailin suddenly laughed and shook his head at Ye Mo. "Are you very bold, just nave or missing a screw? You dared to steal something in front of me."

Ye Mo sneered at Li Bailin. His flying sword suddenly shot multiple sword rays, which surrounded the cultivator that was sealing off his path.

The cultivator didn't consider Ye Mo, a stage 8 cultivator, a threat at all.

Just when he was about to take Ye Mo's flying sword, he found he couldn't move. That powerful cultivation essence bound him, as countless sword rays pierced his body.

"Foundation establishment state," the cultivator mumbled as he was hacked like a smashed tomato.
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