Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 842

Chapter 842: Strong Foundation
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Foundation establishment state? Li Bailin was dazed and immediately screamed, "That's impossible! There's no way you're at foundation establishment state!"

Ye Mo wasn't going to waste his time talking to him. His flying sword shot a sword ray towards Li Bailin and that sword ray soon became two, four, eight, etc.

Ye Mo knew Li Bailin was not bad, he had a flashy sword ability. He didn't want to talk, so he used his killing blow, the Three Birth Sword Ray immediately.

When Li Bailin recovered from his shock, he controlled his flying sword and blocked Ye Mo's sword ray with a veil.

Although Li Bailin wasn't very powerful, his sword ability was indeed good.

The sword veil was much stronger than a cultivation chi veil. Li Bailin not only blocked Ye Mo's attack, but he could also counter-attack.

Seeing him take out another rune, Ye Mo realized this guy had a lot of good items. He wasn't going to let Li Bailin use the rune. He used more cultivation essence to form sword rays.

32. 64. 256.

When they formed a simple net, Li Bailin's sword veil was shattered completely.

Countless sword rays surrounded Li Bailin like needles. The only thing Li Bailin could do was to use his flying sword to protect his head.

He suddenly realized that he, the second ranked master on the chi gathering Hall of Fame, couldn't even defend himself against a chi gathering stage 8 cultivator.

Splurge- Multiple sword rays pierced his body, throwing him hundreds of meters away before crashing on the ground.

Li Bailin was shook. What kind of sword ability was this that it was so terrifying? He quickly took out a few pills and looked at Ye Mo in horror. "Martial Brother, I'm sorry. I'm willing to compensate you. My big brother is Li Baisen. You can't-"

He could tell that Ye Mo wasn't at foundation establishment state. He was a real chi gathering state cultivator, but his cultivation chi had turned into cultivation essence and that sword ability was too terrifying.

Ye Mo realized that even though his Three Birth Sword Ray was indeed a big killing move, his power was too weak and it was incomplete. Otherwise, Li Bailin's sword veil wouldn't have been able to block it at all.

When he used his Three Birth Sword Ray at full power, it used up cultivation essence drastically. If he hadn't had cultivation essence instead of cultivation chi, he might have not been able to move now.

Ye Mo ignored Li Bailin's beg and just sliced off his head.

The other cultivator looked at Ye Mo in horror, not daring to say a word. Other than that woman who was at half way foundation establishment state, no one would have dared to say he was stronger than Li Bailin in chi gathering state.

Yet, that random person had killed Li Bailin in less a few minutes. If Ye Mo had been to the Hall of Fame, he would have gotten number one for sure.

But then he began to worry. That guy was so strong and he had killed Li Bailin - how could he let him go? But before he could beg, Ye Mo's flying sword had already chopped off his head just like he had guessed.

Ye Mo collected the storage bags and the corpse of the crocodile before quickly burning the bodies. He left immediately, but instead of heading outside, he went deeper into the rangers.

Not long after, a small squad got there and observed the scene. The leading fat young man said, "It seems like there was a battle here not long ago, and there was a level 3 Metal Spine Crocodile!"

"It must have been a foundation establishment state Qianbei who fought with the level 3 beast. We should leave quickly." The person's face changed and he quickly left. The rest followed.

Ye Mo didn't know that the moment he had killed Li Bailin, in the depth of the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, a place of dense spirit chi, someone howled. A man in his thirties stood in the air and roared, "No matter who you are, I will cut you into a million pieces and burn your soul for killing my brother!"

Then, he emitted a bright red light and disappeared from the sect, dashing towards the All Herbs Mountain Ranges.

As soon as this middle-aged man left, another two golden core state elders stood outside the man's cultivation home.

The skinnier-looking man sighed, "Martial Niece Li can stay in the air without using a magic artefact. It seems like he has reached fake core state. Sigh- In some time, he will reach golden core state for sure. Why did he leave now?"

"It seems like his brother was killed. Li Bailin was also a genius of our sect. He was about to reach core disciple, but he was killed in the All Herb Ranges just now. No wonder his brother is so angry. Pity," the other golden core state elder sighed.

"I hope he will come back after he gets revenge and reach golden core state."

Then, the two elders left.

Li Bailsen arrived at where Li Bailin had been killed very quickly and studied the surroundings carefully before chasing in one direction. That direction happened to be the direction which the squad that had been there took.

Ye Mo used the Three Birth Chant's stealth abilities to the extreme and dodged countless beasts. He flew for two days straight and didn't stop until he saw a level 4 beast.

The reason he was so careful was that Ye Mo knew of Li Bailsen - he was at foundation establishment state peak and might have even reached golden core state. That master would trace his brother's body and if he chased after him, he wouldn't be able to beat him.

Ye Mo found an obscured valley and dug a cultivation home there, a few hundred meters into the heart of the valley.

He knew he caused a big commotion when he cultivated, so he put up tens of formations before starting cultivation.

The reason Ye Mo had chosen to cultivate on the domain of a level 4 beast was because this beast was a Hun Bear. It was very powerful, but it didn't have much wits. Even if he made spirit whirlpools, it might not be able to understand.

Moreover, he was in the heart of the ranges. Ye Mo believed that no other beast would dare go over there. He had found himself a free bodyguard.

In the depths of the valley, a spirit chi whirlpool was formed in the air. It gradually grew bigger until a small whirlpool was also formed on the side. Eventually, this small whirlpool also got bigger. At some point, eight spirit whirlpools were formed above the valley and they seemed to be merging together.

Ye Mo's face was calm, but he was forcing himself to stay calm. He was surprised at how fast he was devouring spirit chi.

It seemed that after he had ran his cultivation essence in his meridians and chakra points, the Three Birth Chant could run on itself. He believed that he could cultivate while doing other things.

The stage 9 barrier was broken through without resistance. Stage 9 primary stage, middle stage, tertiary stage!

Spirit chi kept flowing through his meridians, forming cultivation essence and increasing the size of his chi sea.

When he got to stage 9 peak, he found that the cultivation essence could run freely in his meridians and each chakra point seemed to be able to contain explosive power.

Ye Mo took a cold breath in. A mixed spirit root? Could a mixed spirit root have such speed?

The Three Birth Chant was too powerful.

Ye Mo stopped cultivating and scanned his spirit sense. He found in shock that it was just daylight. He had reached stage 9 peak in just one night.

What was up with that cultivation speed? Ye Mo suppressed his joy, but he didn't try to break through to foundation establishment state. Instead, he started to stabilize his power.
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