Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 843

Chapter 843: Foundation Establishment Enlightenment
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Half a day later, Ye Mo felt that all of his cultivation essence had stabilized. He took out his herbs to prepare the foundation establishment pill.

Although Ye Mo could tell that it was possible for him to reach foundation establishment state without the pill, just in case he would make a cauldron of pills first. Ye Mo knew that the reason he had reached stage 9 peak so easily was due to his solid foundation.

He had been cultivating in a place with little spirit chi, so he had built a very solid foundation, which had burst up when he arrived in a place filled with spirit chi.

The huge spirit chi whirlpool had caught the attention of many beasts as well as that bear's. However, due to Ye Mo's formation, it didn't find anything.

The rest of the beasts immediately got scared by the bear's power when they approached its territory.

When Ye Mo realized that he didn't have to be afraid of interruptions, he cared even less.

Ye Mo came the Magical Herb Sect and all his pill concocting techniques had been taught to him by Luo Ying - whether it was herb refinement, fire control, pill formation or pill collection.

But after Ye Mo had started cultivating the Three Birth Chant, he developed his own pill concocting method. It was based on Magical Herb Sect, but it had his own mark. And when it matured, he would form his own system.

Through the Three Birth Chant, Ye Mo felt that the most important thing about pill concocting was herb refinement and pill collection.

Ye Mo had all the main ingredients and supplement ingredients for the foundation establishment pill.

He had used the Shen Nong cauldron for many years. It was no longer as dull-looking as when he first got it, it had spirit chi circulating around it. After he was ready, Ye Mo focused his mind and started making the foundation establishment pill.

He threw the herbs into the cauldron for refinement. Under Ye Mo's Three Birth Chant technique, the herbs turned into pure herbal liquid.

Three hours later, the liquids started to merge together.

The intense spirit chi made Ye Mo feel very comfortable concocting pills. Without any failure, the herbal liquids rolled in one direction under Ye Mo's spirit sense. Another hour later, it started to emit a faint aroma started to. Ye Mo could tell that the pill was about to be formed.

For the first time, Ye Mo felt like it was so easy to make pills. Even the chi increasing pill wasn't hard.

Without any pressure, Ye Mo saw pills form inside the Shen Nong cauldron.

Six crisp green foundation establishment pills were made under Ye Mo's own technique and stored inside a jade bottle.

Six pills! Ye Mo was very satisfied. Although the foundation establishment pill wasn't very hard to make, it was still a spirit level 1 pill.

Ye Mo looked at the six foundation establishment pills and sighed. If he had had a better flame, perhaps he could have made more pills in one go and the quality would have also increased. With a good flame, the preparation time would also be greatly decreased.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo made up his mind. If he was going to be a pill master, he needed to find a good flame.

Ye Mo put the foundation establishment pill away and continued making two more cauldrons.

Ye Mo made 18 pills altogether. He put eight pills into two jade bottles, he had prepared these for Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling.

It was already midnight when Ye Mo finished. Ye Mo calmed down and prepared himself to reach foundation establishment state.

This time, an even larger spirit whirlpool was formed but the bear just glanced at it. It couldn't even be bothered to get up.

When Ye Mo got at stage 9, more than 90% of his chi had turned into cultivation essence. Hence, it was much easier for him to reach foundation establishment state than for others.

As expected, when Ye Mo's cultivation essence started charging at the foundation establishment state barrier, the blocked meridian was unblocked automatically and large amounts of spirit chi were devoured by Ye Mo, turning into cultivation essence.

Ye Mo felt his meridians enlarge and the cultivation essence in his dan tian got dense. Even so, when he was trying to break through the final barrier, he realized he was lacking some kind of momentum.

Foundation establishment wasn't that easy indeed. If he hadn't had such a solid foundation, he wouldn't have even be able to feel the final barrier. He would have needed at least another year.

Ye Mo felt like he was devouring a lot of spirit chi, but it was far from enough. Ye Mo simply took out a foundation establishment pill and swallowed it.

The pill turned into spirit liquid, making Ye Mo's meridians rumble. Instantly, its size increased many times.

The cultivation essence, that had been a little difficult to move, gathered together and blasted open the final barrier. Ye Mo felt a light-cracking sound inside his body and he felt an extremely comfortable and powerful sensation. Ye Mo was shook. He realized he had reached foundation establishment state!

He had experienced this feeling once before, but he hadn't felt so comfortable the first time. Foundation establishment state was building the foundation of the immortal dao. It cleared the body of impurities and garbage.

His body emitted a bad smell. Ye Mo understood that his body was being refined once again.

Ye Mo calmed down and continued the process while stabilizing his foundation establishment state power. After some time, Ye Mo could feel that his cultivation essence was many times stronger. He scanned his spirit sense out and everything within 100 kms was clear in his mind.

This shook him greatly. He had known his spirit sense would be much stronger than others ever since he had started cultivating Three Birth Chant, but he hadn't thought the difference would be this huge.

An ordinary foundation establishment state master could only reach 40 km, yet his could reach 100 km.

He took back his spirit sense and felt the power of his cultivation essence. It was already at foundation establishment state level 1 middle stage.

He didn't stop. He took the Purple Lotus and ran the Three Birth Chant again. Ye Mo went into deep meridian cycles. It was the first time he had gone into deep cultivation after reaching foundation establishment state.

The cultivation essence flowed in his meridians more and more freely until it went wherever it wanted. The incomplete Three Birth Sword Ray also became gradually clearer.

Ye Mo slowly realized that he had been cultivating it in the wrong path. The cultivation essence he had used to activate the sword ray and the cultivation essence he had used to control the sword ray to leave the sword and attack the enemy were wrong.

Although it was strong, Ye Mo found out that it wasn't the right path. Because what he had been doing made the sword ray slow and limited its power. If there were a lot of sword rays, it would be a great waste of his cultivation essence.

The real Three Birth Sword Ray should be controlled by one's spirit sense and will. Only that way could he activate countless sword rays instantly. When he cultivated it to a high level, the sword rays could even form all sorts of shapes and no one would be able to escape.

Ye Mo was overjoyed and focused on it even more. He felt that if he could use his spirit sense to control the Three Birth Sword Ray and master it, he would be invincible among those in his same state. If his cultivation essence helped the spirit sense control the sword ray, it would be even stronger.

"So this is the real Three Birth Sword Ray!!" Ye Mo called out in excitement. His battle power had increased many folds.

He found that he was even at foundation establishment state level 2 tertiary stage now!

So fast! Ye Mo sighed, but he didn't eat the second Purple Lotus. It could only help him improve two levels, so he wasn't in a rush.
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