Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 844

Chapter 844: Shadowless
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

He was already at foundation establishment state. Ye Mo wanted to see if he could go into the golden page world.

With just this thought, he appeared in the golden page world the next moment.

Ye Mo rejoiced. He was indeed able to go there after reaching foundation establishment state. He found that the golden page world was tens of times larger than before. It had tens of kilometers of land. What shook him even more was that the spirit chi inside was the same as the outside, which meant that he could stay inside there and cultivate.

Ye Mo was wondering if he would be able to take people inside or plant spirit herbs there in the future. Immediately, the golden page world sent him the message that the golden page world belonged to him, but he needed to be at least at truth realisation state before he could take people inside. However, he could bring beasts that were weaker than him and plant herbs too inside.

He turned around and saw the two big eggs, which were still in the golden page world.

Ye Mo sat down and decided to digest the second Purple Lotus before trying to spirit control the egg.

Ye Mo ate another lotus and started running the Three Birth Chant. A much larger spirit chi whirl than at chi gathering stage was formed, but then it gradually turned into a waterfall.

Ye Mo felt that his cultivation essence was getting more and more refined.

He broke through level 2 without any complications and reached level 3 foundation establishment state.

After an unknown amount of time, Ye Mo woke up and found that he was at level 3 middle stage.

He was just one step away from foundation establishment state middle stage. However, Ye Mo didn't go for foundation establishment state middle stage.

He had realized that although his spirit chi devouring speed was still the same, his cultivation speed had slowed down. Yet Ye Mo wasn't worried at all. He knew that the denser the spirit chi, the faster he would cultivate.

The Three Birth Chant had a big stomach for spirit chi. He just needed to find a place with dense spirit chi, make a spirit gathering formation and he wouldn't have to worry about cultivation at all. Moreover, Ye Mo was also a pill master. In time, he would be able to make all the pills he needed.

Ye Mo swiped the air with his flying sword casually and tens of sword rays got formed almost instantly inside the golden page world.

So powerful! Ye Mo rejoiced. He put away the flying sword and stopped practicing the Three Birth Sword Ray. Instead, he picked up the egg and started spirit controlling the frosty streams inside.

Ye Mo was many times faster at spirit controlling now that he had reached foundation establishment state.

That dark grey ball appeared in his sea of consciousness from the golden page world. It grew bigger and bigger until it got to the size of an egg. He felt it was a big killing move, no weaker than his Three Birth Sword Ray. With its will, it could emit unlimited frost, which would freeze the enemy.

"I'll call you Winter's Arrival," Ye Mo said and he summoned the ball out.

Ye Mo felt that there were more frost flows inside the egg. He believed that if he had spirit controlled all of it, it might have formed a fist-sized Winter's Arrival ball.

Yet when he tried to spirit control more frost flows, it suddenly stopped. Ye Mo checked what was going on and found that the egg in his hand was slowly cracking.

Ye Mo was shocked and quickly placed it on the ground. As soon as he did, it completely cracked open and what came out of the egg shook him again.

It was a grey insect. It was the size of a pea.

That football-sized egg had hatched a pea-sized insect. Ye Mo was speechless.

However, what shook Ye Mo even more was that the insect started to eat the huge egg shell. How could a pea-sized insect eat egg shells that big?

But the little guy ate it all - and very fast as well.

Then, he found that the insect didn't get bigger at all, but a faint golden color did appear on his grey body.

Was it really a gu? Ye Mo tried to communicate with it with his spirit sense. The small bug felt Ye Mo's spirit sense and landed on his hand with such extreme speed that even Ye Mo wasn't able to react.

So fast! When his spirit sense connected to the bug, he immediately had a sense of connection.

This little guy had chose him as master. Soon he realized that it wasn't a gu, but a type of worm. Its full name was Shadowless Tao Worm.

Ye Mo had never heard of such name before, but he had a feeling that it was something very substantial.

"I'll call you Shadowless from now on," Ye Mo named it.

Shadowless heard this and made a very loud sharp call.

Ye Mo took out an essence increasing pill, a Purple Lotus and spirit stones. He placed them in front of Shadowless. It charged at the Purple Lotus without hesitation and after a brief moment, it was already in its stomach.

Ye Mo then glanced at the other egg. Was that also another Shadowless Tao Worm?

Without hesitation, Ye Mo started to spirit control the other egg. But what disappointed him was that he couldn't spirit control the frost stream in the other egg no matter what.

What was going on? Ye Mo tried again and again, but he felt like the egg didn't seem to belong to him.

Was it due to the Nie Shuangshuang? Ye Mo subconsciously glanced at Nie Shuangshuang, who looked like she was asleep.

She was dead though.

Ye Mo tried a few times and gave up. He placed the huge egg next to Nie Shuangshuang. He was already satisfied with Winter's Arrival and Shadowless.

He didn't know how strong Shadowless was yet, but from its stomach and speed, Ye Mo could tell it was no pushover.

Shadowless flew to a corner of the golden page world and stopped moving, but Ye Mo could feel spirit chi flowing towards it.
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