Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 846

Chapter 846: The Sealed Door
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

However, Ye Mo found Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling at his place. Yet soon he realized why they were there. His place had been surrounded by multiple chi gathering and a foundation establishment state cultivators. Clearly, they were waiting for him to come back.

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were anxious. They didn't know what to do and they could only sit in the house, waiting for fate to arrive.

"Stop. No one is allowed near here." Ye Mo was stopped by two chi gathering level 8 cultivators.

"P*ss off." Ye Mo kicked the two cultivators, who were thrown tens of meters away and unable to get up. It wasn't that Ye Mo didn't want to kill them, but that he knew he couldn't kill in the sect yet.

"Ye Mo."

"Brother!" Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling had heard the movements outside and saw Ye Mo's return. They couldn't help but to run to Ye Mo's arms together.

Ye Mo's heart finally rested at ease seeing them. He had calmed down. He knew that the next enemy he would face was a foundation establishment state peak master who was perhaps at golden core state.

Ye Mo was confident, but he didn't think he could beat a golden core state yet. No matter how strong his Three Birth Chant was, he couldn't take on a golden core state master at foundation establishment state level 3.

If he had been level 7 or above, he would have had a sliver of hope. He could only hope that Li Bailsen wasn't at golden core state yet.

"Brother, you need to leave quickly. That Li Bailsen locked us here as bait for your return. He said you killed Li Bailin," Ye Ling said.

Song Yangzhu didn't say anything. She knew that even if she did, Ye Mo would never leave them behind.

Ye Mo patted Ye Ling's shoulder and didn't say anything. He knew she would understand what he meant.

Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned and saw that two chi gathering cultivators had left to notify Li Bailsen. Ye Mo didn't care. He didn't try to run, as he knew he wouldn't be able to get away now.

He knew there were masters watching the scene and Ye Mo could feel a hidden strong spirit sense. That person didn't come over, but Ye Mo knew he was at least at foundation establishment state tertiary stage.

He wouldn't have feared if had been was by himself, but he had Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling with him. He couldn't escape.

Ye Mo checked their powers. Song Yangzhu was at level 3 chi gathering and Ye Ling was actually at level 4.

He looked at Song Yangzhu and asked, "Why would you be out? Where is your master? Did she not care at all?"

Song Yangzhu shook her head and said, "We were progressing very fast at the peak. But ten days ago, two golden core state elders invited my master to go on a search to an ancient ruin, so my master left."

Ye Mo realized that it wasn't that Li Yuqian hadn't intervened, but she had been drawn away. Although Ye Mo didn't know their master, he believed she wasn't someone that would betray her own disciples.

Ye Ling said, "After a few days Master had left, we got news that someone from the outer sect was challenging the number one of chi gathering state, Fu Yishuang. We wanted to see if it was you, so we came out. We thought it would be very hard for us to get out, but we got out very easily.

Song Yangzhu nodded. "Yes, we came here and we were immediately locked up. If that Li Bailsen hadn't been trying to get you to come back, we- we-"

Ye Mo's heart was burning even more, yet he grew calmer and calmer. He knew that Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling shouldn't have been able to leave Yan Yuan Peak so easily.

It could only mean that there was a traitor there who had been bought by Li Bailsen.

Ye Mo decided to no longer let the two stay there. He had to take them away.

Ye Mo had made up his mind to build his own power, just like Luo Yue on Earth.

It was best to build that place in the South Peace State. However, even if he managed to get there, his power would be at the bottom.

The North Far State had the lowest cultivation level on the Luo Yue Continent, but it suited Ye Mo to build his foundation.

"Perhaps one day, I can build a strong sect that will dominate the entire Luo Yue Continent," Ye Mo murmured.

On Luo Yue continent, you needed power to get more cultivation resources. The best way was to build your own power, so you didn't have to rely on others.

"Brother, do you also want to build a Luo Yue City here?" Ye Ling asked quietly.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, although I haven't decided if I should build a city, your idea is good. Perhaps I really should do it."

"Brother, have you been here a long time ago? Why does our Luo Yue City have the same name as this continent?" Ye Ling asked.

Ye Mo scratched his nose in awkwardness and pulled the two of them. "Let's talk about this later on. We'll go to the mission hall first."

Ye Mo wasn't going there to do missions, he was going there to exchange goods. He had a level 3 beast pill and many spirit herbs. He was planning on exchanging them for a Ming Yuan pill.

It made cultivators below level 6 foundation establishment state go a level higher. However, it could only be used once and it had side effects.

But Ye Mo didn't care. He was at level 3. After using that, he would be at stage 4. It was just one level, but the difference was huge. One was at foundation establishment state primary stage, while the other was middle stage.

If he reached foundation establishment state middle stage, he would have a much better chance at dealing with Li Bailsen. As for the side effects, Ye Mo really didn't care. He had the 10000-year-old Stalagmite Marrow, and the Stalagmite Pill could mitigate any side effects.

The Ming Yuan pill was precious, but Ye Mo believed he could get it as he still had the Bitter Ten Years. It wasn't much use to him anymore, so if worse came to worse, he would trade it with that.

He could also trade it for the foundation establishment pill, but he wasn't an idiot. Even taking out the Bitter Ten Years would be dangerous for him with his current power.

Ye Mo took the two women to the door, but he was stopped by a middle-aged man cultivator. There were four or five chi gathering cultivators behind him. Not far away, hundreds of other disciples were watching.

Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu saw the cultivator and their face changed. Ye Ling whispered to Ye Mo, "Brother, that guy is at foundation establishment state. Only foundation establishment state cultivators can wear that sort of clothes."

Ye Mo squeezed Ye Ling's hand and said to the foundation establishment state cultivator, "This is my place. What are you guys doing at my door?"

The foundation establishment state cultivator looked at Ye Mo in contempt and said, "What am I doing? I'm telling you to p*s off inside or I will teach you a lesson!"
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