Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Instant Kill: Foundation Establishment State Level 1
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo suddenly laughed, "Fellow members of the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, I think everyone understands the rules of the sect. One of them is that no sect member is allowed to intentionally seal of a fellow member's home. Yet, someone is doing this to my home today. What do the sect rules say I should do?"

The surrounding crowd was silent. Some people even started to scorn Ye Mo. According to the rules, one could kill without hesitation, but this rule only applied to ordinary members. Even if this foundation establishment state-Qianbei killed thar outer sect member, he would only be punished lightly, much less for sealing off his door.

Ye Mo sneered and said lowly, "I was going to kill this guy who is sealing off my home, but considering we're from the same sect, I'll just lay waste to him. I'm sure someone has already recorded my words with a crystal ball."

Ye Mo's words sounded, but there was a roar of laughter after the initial silence.

Ye Mo sent out his flying sword. It wasn't fast - after all, on the surface he was only at chi gathering stage 8.

But it pierced the foundation establishment state's dan tian silently, just like what Ye Mo had said he was going to do.

The foundation establishment state cultivator sneered. A mere stage 8 chi gathering cultivator dared to do this in front of him. He grabbed the flying sword, which was like a metal rod to him.

Yet, the flying sword pierced the hand of the foundation establishment state cultivator without resistance and stabbed his dan tian with the same speed.

Then, the flying sword flew back to his hand.

The foundation establishment state cultivator looked dazily at his pierced dan tian and half of his left hand. He was speechless.

"You're at foundation establishment state," the cultivator mumbled after a long while.

Ye Mo sneered, "A mere foundation establishment state level 1 cultivator dares to lock my home. I said I won't kill you, so I won't. P*ss off!"

Then, Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out and raised his power. He was clearly at level 3 foundation establishment state. Those watching the show quickly retreated.

The few chi gathering disciples following the foundation establishment state cultivator also quickly moved aside.

Ye Mo saw the crowd retreat and pulled Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling's hand saying, "Let's go."

"Huh! Brother, you've reached foundation establishment state?" Ye Ling understood how hard it was to reach foundation establishment state after staying in the cultivation realm for a few months.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I have reached foundation establishment state, but don't worry. If you cultivate with me, foundation establishment state won't be hard."

Ye Mo wasn't bluffing. He had the foundation establishment pill and he was a pill master.

"By the way, where is Silver?" Ye Mo remembered that it belonged to Ning Qingxue and he didn't want anything to happen to it.

Song Yangzhu quickly said, "It is in the Yan Yuan Peak. Are we going to leave the sect? I'll bring her here."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "No rush, we're not betraying the sect. Let's go get a mission and do it. We'll take Silver after picking up a mission."

"Brother, are we going to roam the world from now on? I love it." Ye Ling clearly had been watching too many TV dramas.

The crowd whispered amongst themselves. Although Li Bailsen was the number one person under golden core state, he couldn't so casually attack a foundation establishment state cultivator.

Ye Mo took the two women to the mission hall, but he realized that Li Bailsen wasn't back yet. He was quite bewildered and asked Ye Ling, "Ye Ling, do you know where that Li scum went?"

Ye Ling thought for a while before saying, "I heard people say that he went to some auction, so he's not back yet."

He had gone to auction? If he really was gone, then he could take them and leave now.

However, Ye Mo knew that even if he was going to leave, he had to get a mission from the mission hall.

The mission hall was full, like usual. Ye Mo looked at the mission screen and said to Song Yangzhu, "You and Ye Ling go take a mission. Remember, the further away the mission, the better. If not, just choose one from the All Herbs Mountain Ranges, regardless of the difficulty or the reward."

Song Yangzhu nodded. She could tell that Ye Mo was prepared to take them away from sect.

Ye Mo watched the two women leave and afterwards went to the exchange place to get a Ming Yuan pill.

There were also some people there, but far less than at the mission place.

A cultivator in his 50s greeted Ye Mo. When he saw that Ye Mo was a foundation establishment state cultivator, he immediately greeted him hospitably. Although he didn't know why Ye Mo was wearing outer sect member clothes when he was at foundation establishment state, he didn't dare to ask.

"Martial Uncle, can I help you?" The cultivator was at stage 9 chi gathering.

Ye Mo nodded. "Is there Ming Yuan pill for trade here?"

"A Ming Yuan pill?" The cultivator was dazed, but he immediately reacted and said, "Sorry, Martial Uncle, Ming Yuan pills are rare and they can't usually be redeemed here. You can only get it as a reward for a big mission or as a reward from the sect. Or, you can go buy it at pill store."

Ye Mo didn't think a mere Ming Yuan pill would be considered as rare pill.

This meant that he needed to change his plan. Otherwise, he would be facing a foundation establishment state peak genius as a foundation establishment state level 3. Although he had quite a lot of means, even if he could kill Li Bailsen, he wouldn't end up so well himself.

"Do you have any level 6 or higher runes? Ye Mo asked.

The cultivator quickly nodded. "Martial Uncle, there is, but each one requires 5000 points."

5000 points? Ye Mo was speechless. The Rainbow Golden Flower mission had only given him 300 and that had been split between five people.

Ye Mo quickly said, "I don't have enough points, but can I trade with spirit stones or other things?"

The cultivator said with difficulty, "Sorry, Martial Uncle, we only take points. If you want to exchange other things, it's fine, but you must convert it to points first. Two low-grade spirit stones can be exchanged for one point."

Ye Mo cursed. He only had a little more than 10k low-grade spirit stones. Even with all that, he would only be able to buy one level 6 rune.

A level 6 rune was only 6k spirit stones on the market.

"Martial Brother Ye!" When Ye Mo was hesitating, he heard a coarse voice.

Ye Mo turned around and saw it was Liu Zhenyue.

"It's you, Liu Zhenyue! Hello." Ye Mo felt happy that she had gotten back to the sect fine. However, her voice had been crisp in the past, but two months later, it sounded very coarse and she was skinnier too.
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