Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 848

Chapter 848: Burst Essence Pill
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Liu Zhenyue quickly pulled him to a corner and looked around before saying guiltily, "Martial Brother Ye, I caused a lot of trouble bringing you on that mission, sorry."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "That's all in the past, no need to bring it up."

Liu Zhenyue felt more guilty. "I'm not talking about Tong Zhentan, but about Li Bailin and Li Bailsen. He found marks of Tong Zhentan at the scene, so he asked me and Jiang Yi. He realized that it was you who chased Tong Zhentan. So he started to doubt you and then he got your sister and wife involved. So you should hurry up and leave!"

'No wonder Li Bailsen knows I killed his brother', Ye Mo thought.

But Ye Mo knew that he couldn't blame Liu Zhenyue and the others. They were just a few mere chi gathering cultivators, they wouldn't dare hide anything to Li Bailsen.

Ye Mo smiled. "It's fine, I can't blame you. After all, Li Bailsen is a foundation establishment state cultivator. I'm about to leave, so I'll see you if fate brings us together again."

Liu Zhenyue heard this and was dazed. She was confused about why Ye Mo hadn't asked about his wife and sister. She was planning to tell him about it, but she didn't. If Ye Mo didn't want to care about them, asking would be like slapping him in the face.

However, why was Ye Mo there at the mission hall looking for missions? He should have been captured by Liu Zhenyue immediately.

"Martial Brother Ye, take care. I found a Burst Spirit Grass and I want to exchange it for points, so I'm leaving." No matter why Li Bailsen hadn't found Ye Mo yet, Liu Zhenyue didn't dare to talk to Ye Mo too much and so she quickly left.

The only reason she had pulled Ye Mo to the side was to clear her conscience. Ye Mo had saved her after all. She wouldn't be able to rest at ease without warning Ye Mo.

Ye Mo was just about to nod, but he heard the words 'Burst Spirit Grass' and he quickly said, "Martial Sister Liu, did you just say you found the Burst Spirit Grass?"

"Yes? What's wrong Martial Brother Ye?" Liu Zhenyue asked in surprise.

Ye Mo immediately said, "Martial Sister, it's very useful to me. Could you give it to me? How many spirit stones do you need?"

"You want it?" Liu Zhenyue was dazed, but she took it out and gave it to Ye Mo. "Since you need it, you can keep it. Never mind about the spirit stones. You saved my life and I owe you. This spirit herb isn't anything good, so you can just keep it."

Ye Mo took this spirit herb in delight.

The Burst Spirit Herb was a level 3 spirit herb and it was considered a high-level spirit herb for a chi gathering cultivator. It's biggest use was to make the burst essence pill. The burst essence pill was a pill that had great side effects. It was a level 3 spirit herb. After eating the burst essence pill, your power would increase a few levels for two hours.

However afterwards, your cultivation essence would turn impure and you would need to refine it. There would also be few hours of weakness and it increases people's sexual impulses.

It was just limited to foundation establishment state cultivators, but it was much harder to make than the foundation establishment pill. However, Ye Mo could make the burst essence pill.

Ye Mo wasn't worried about the side effects at all. Even for the sexual impulses, he had Song Yangzhu by his side.

"I'm off, take care, Martial Brother Ye," Liu Zhenyue said and quickly tried to leave.

Ye Mo stopped Liu Zhenyue and said, "Wait, this is for you."

Ye Mo took out a bottle and said, "This pill is very precious. Open it when no one is around you. Okay, thanks for today. Goodbye!"

Then, Ye Mo left. He could understand how she felt. She was very kind to manage to pull him over and tell him this.

Liu Zhenyue looked at Ye Mo and sighed. She couldn't help Ye Mo. She knew why Ye Mo wanted the Burst Spirit Grass, but she knew that it was a waste. Even if he could get someone to make the pill for him, he would be instantly killed by the false core state Li Bailsen.

She hoped Ye Mo would manage to leave the sect early and not be stopped by Li Bailsen.

As for the pill, she really didn't care. What could a stage 8 chi gathering cultivator give her? So she didn't even open it and just threw it into her storage bag.


"Two martial sisters, we're also going to Yi City, and the mission you took is also around there. How about we go together?"

A stage 8 chi gathering cultivator with sunken eyes stopped Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu. A white-faced cultivator stood by him.

"Sorry, we have enough people," Ye Ling answered and started looking around. Without her brother, she felt insecure.

"P*ss off!" Ye Mo walked up to them and yelled. He felt it was such a wise decision to take them away with him.

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling walked joyfully to Ye Mo's side.

That sunken-eyed cultivator heard this and was about to act up, but when he saw Ye Mo he ate his words. He couldn't see Ye Mo's power at all. It could only mean that Ye Mo was stronger than him.

The other white-faced cultivator was at stage 7 and couldn't tell Ye Mo's power as well. They could tell that Ye Mo was no ordinary person, so they left without saying anything.

"Brother, I will cultivate faster. I found that in this place, you're nothing if you're weak," Ye Ling said.

Ye Mo nodded and said, "Of course, it's important to cultivate hard. Yet, if you focus on speed too much, you won't get anywhere either. Okay, we're done, let's go. By the way, how is the mission?"

Song Yangzhu took out a mission card and said, "It's a mission in Yi City, three to four people. We happen to have three."

When they got back to Ye Mo's place, they found that no one was watching it.

Ye Mo took the two women inside and said, "I'm going to make a pill. After I make it, I will go to Yan Yuan Peak with you and take Silver."

Song Yangzhu hesitated and said, "How about I go with Ye Ling to take Silver back first? That would save some time."

Ye Mo shook his head. "Your master said you wouldn't be able to go out easily, so how could you guys have come out so easily? I think someone let you guys out, right?"

Song Yangzhu was dazed and nodded. "Yes, after Master left, Big Martial Sister took over Yan Yuan Peak. She's very nice to us. Also, we wanted to see you, so she let us out. How did you know?"

Ye Mo sneered. "If I had been as nave as you guys, I would've long been devoured. If I'm not wrong, that big martial sister is with Li Bailsen. If you guys had stayed at the peak, Li Bailsen wouldn't have been able to get you. Yet you guys went outside."

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling hadn't thought that easy-to-talk-to big martial sister could be this hideous.

"No wonder." Ye Ling thought of something and then shook her head in disappointment.

Ye Mo smiled. "Don't think of it too much. I'm going to concoct pills, we'll take Silver together later."
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