Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 850

Chapter 850: Youre Harsh
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

As soon as Li Bailsen attacked with his sword, Ye Mo's expression changed. He hadn't thought the difference between the first and second strike could be this huge. The second strike formed countless whirlpools, which were emitted by Li Bailsen's sword will, around them.

But when the spinning whirlpool swords had just taken form, Ye Mo's sword flowers transformed into hundreds of gleaming sword rays.

The sword rays and the second strike clashed together, making ear-shrieking sounds.

Li Bailsens face changed. He realized that after taking the burst essence pill, Ye Mo's cultivation essence was clearly on par with him. The sword flowers could stop his eddy sword chi. He didn't dare believe this at all.

Even though Ye Mo was now at foundation establishment state level 6, he was also at false core state. Moreover, although he was at false core state, his cultivation essence was much higher than a usual false core state cultivator's. This meant that Ye Mo was invincible in foundation establishment state simply as a foundation establishment state middle stage.

This person must be killed today, or there would be endless disaster. Li Bailsen made up his mind and stopped caring about getting injured. The sword was gradually forming the third strike and he took out a few runes too.

They were all level 5 or even 6 runes. He knew that Ye Mo wouldn't be able to last long with the burst essence pill, but he didn't dare to make that risk. If Ye Mo got away, even if he got Ye Mo's wife and sister, he wouldn't be able to rest assured.

However, he was assuming everyone was like him, because he would run away on his own if he was in his shoes. He didn't know Ye Mo's character, but Ye Mo would never leave behind his wife and sister.

The Three Birth Sword Ray barely blocked Li Bailsen's eddy sword chi and annihilated it. However, his sword ray also disappeared completely. It couldn't keep growing unless he used his spirit sense and created new ones.

He realized that no matter how quickly his Three Birth Sword Ray worked, it wouldn't be as fast as Li Bailsen's sword chi.

When Li Bailsen was going to use the third strike, Ye Mo forcibly used Winter's Arrival from his sea of consciousness. An overwhelming frost spread out to Li Bailsen.

Even from 300 meters away, Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling could feel that bone-chilling frigidness and they couldn't help but to hug each other for warmth.

Meanwhile, Li Bailsen, who wanted to use his rune, was slowed down by the frost. He could tell was Ye Mo's killing move, so without thinking, he activated his cultivation essence and the frost started to melt.

So strong! It was Ye Mo's first time attacking with Winter's Arrival. Yet in less than three seconds, Li Bailsen broke free. Even though his Winter's Arrival was incomplete and he was too weak, one could still see Li Bailsen's power from his reaction.

However, Ye Mo only needed those few seconds. His flying sword had gathered all his cultivation essence and shot at Li Bailsen, who hadn't used the third strike yet.

"You're asking to die!" Li Bailsen roared. His sword clashed against Ye Mo's flying sword again.

Ye Mo was thrown in the air, but he just spun in mid air. Then, the flying sword left his hand and attacked Li Bailsen again.

When it was a few meters from Li Bailsen, countless sword rays left the flying sword and Ye Mo spat some blood.

It was the first time he used spirit sense and cultivation essence to activate the Three Birth Sword Ray.

Li Bailsen's expression became serious. He had only seen the sword rays twice. However, he felt that despite Ye Mo not having used the sword ray to its full power yet, he wasn't scared as he had the third strike.

That was sword manipulation. The two strikes before were for mortals, but the third strike was an immortal sword technique.

That person was too dangerous. Li Bailsen was just about to use the third strike when he shook. He felt as though something had gotten inside his body.

Not good. He immediately realized that he had been ambushed by Ye Mo.

Without thinking, he activated a shield and tried to leave. He had to force the thing out of his body first, even if he couldn't kill Ye Mo first.

Ye Mo's sword rays slashed the shield. Instantly, there were hundreds of marks on it.

Ye Mo could tell that Shadowless had succeeded, so he used cultivation essence and shot the shield.

Crack- Li Bailsen was using most of his cultivation essence to force out Shadowless. Hence, his shield couldn't block much and was sliced open by Ye Mo's sword.

Multiple sword rays passed through, piercing Li Bailsen's body.

"I'm going to kill you, you shameless person!" Li Bailsen was heavily injured and tried to use his runes.

But as soon as he turned around, he stopped halfway in a daze. His face was full of terror. He couldn't even activate his runes.

A few moments later, Li Bailsen suddenly knelt down and looked dazily at Ye Mo. Despair and dissatisfaction flashed across his eyes. He opened his mouth, as though wanting to say something, but he couldn't say anything.

Ye Mo wiped the blood from his mouth and carefully approached him. He was afraid that Li Bailsen was pretending to be dead, but when Li Bailsen's body quickly got dry, his head began to tingle.

Soon, a pea-sized bug flew to Ye Mo's palm. This bug was a little darker now, but the golden patch had gotten more than twice as large.

Ye Mo looked at the bug in his hand and couldn't say a word.

He knew how powerful Li Bailsen was. He might have not been his match, even after taking the burst essence pill. Yet, such a cultivator had been crushed by a tiny bug.

Shadowless saw Ye Mo look at him and growled, as though he showing off.

"You're harsh," Ye Mo spat these words and threw Shadowless into the golden page world. What kind of ancient breed was this? It was this terrifying and it was only on its infant stage. What could this guy do when it grew up?

Of course, it had to do with Ye Mo distracting Li Bailsen as well.

"Brother, did you really kill Li Bailsen?" Ye Ling called out in joy.

"Hehehe!" Song Yangzhu looked at the bony Li Bailsen and got scared.

Ye Mo didn't know how to explain So, he just took the storage ring and the sword before burning Li Bailsen and said, "Let's go, we shouldn't stay here."

As soon as they left, another woman who had her face covered was staring at where Li Bailsen had died in a daze.

After flying 10000 km away, Ye Mo suddenly said, "The effects of the pill have passed. Let's rest for a while. I'm going to see if this Li has a flying artefact."

The three of them found a quiet place to land. Ye Mo opened Li Bailsen's storage ring and found there were nearly 3000 top grade spirit stones, some pills, herbs and materials. There were a few jade slips and two jade cards. One was the sect's, another had the word Li.

"Hmmm- A flying wind pike." Ye Mo took out a pike-shaped magic artefact from Li Bailsen's storage ring.

"Brother, is this a flying magic artefact?" Ye Ling glanced at the rocket-looking thing and asked.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, it's a low-grade spirit flying artefact. It's not even Li Bailsen's. I understand that Li went to the auction for this. That's why he didn't have many spirit stones."
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