Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 851

Chapter 851: Cant Resist
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"I'll start spirit controlling the flying cloud pike. Yangzhu and Ye Ling, burn all of the clothes on you right now and wash your hair too," Ye Mo said.

Song Yangzhu was dazed, but she didn't ask anything. However, Ye Ling's face turned red. "Brother, what did you say?"

It was just a small cave. Song Yangzhu was Ye Mo's wife, so it was fine for her to take off her clothes. But how could she?

Ye Mo also realized that his words sounded wrong, so he immediately said, "Since Li Bailsen managed to follow us here, he must've planted a spirit sense mark on you. However, I checked before and didn't find anything. No matter what kind of spirit sense mark he made, it should just be on your clothes. Hence, it should be gone after you take a shower and change your clothes."

Song Yangzhu said, "Husband, I can change clothes here, but Ye Ling doesn't have a place to."

Ye Mo knew what she meant. It was her first time calling him her husband. He immediately said, "We can't think much about that right now, change quickly. After you're done, get on the flying cloud pike with Ye Ling and run. I need to recover. I'll turn my back to you guys, hurry!"

Then, Ye Mo started to focus on spirit controlling the flying cloud pike. No matter the reason, the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect wasn't going to let things go easily when their genius member had been killed. All he could do now was get as far away as possible.

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling also realized the emergency of the situation and didn't dare to hesitate. They quickly changed their clothes. They washed their bodies and hair with a clear water spell and changed into a clean set of clothes.

At this time, Ye Mo had already spirit controlled the flying cloud pike. By the time the two women had burned their clothes, Ye Mo could barely stand.

The burst essence pill was very strong, but the side effects were huge indeed. Ye Mo gave the flying cloud pike for Ye Ling to control. He could only let Song Yangzhu carry him.

Song Yangzhu carried Ye Mo onto the pike while Ye Ling controlled. She made it bigger as they dashed into the sky.

Ye Mo said, "Keep flying south. Don't be afraid of wasting spirit stones. It runs on top-grade spirit stones and I have 3000 here. Just use it."

Other than the control room, the pike had a small room of about eight sqm. However, it was pretty good for even ordinary golden core state cultivators.

The reason Ye Mo allowed Ye Ling to control the pike and fly south was because it was so fast that an ordinary foundation establishment state cultivator wouldn't be able to catch up. An ordinary golden core state cultivator wouldn't try to rob them for a low-grade spirit artefact.

Six hours later, Ye Mo called Song Yangzhu into the room and left Ye Ling outside to control the flying pike.

Just when she was about to go find out why her brother had called Song Yangzhu in, she heard Song Yangzhu's muffled moan. Ye Ling wasn't married, but she immediately realized what was going on. She didn't understand why her brother was in such a hurry, but she knew her brother wasn't lustful.

Ye Ling could only pretend she didn't hear anything, but after a while she actually didn't hear anything. She realized that her brother must've set up a sound barrier formation.

Ye Mo was doing this to remove the side effects of the burst spirit pill, of course. Moreover, the last time they had something intimate was half a year ago.

Song Yangzhu was cold on the outside, but very fiery on the inside. Ye Mo hadn't even told her he needed her for the burst essence pill, but she was already grabbing Ye Mo excitedly.

She had long wanted to do it, but she hadn't had the chance in the past half a year until then.

They took off their clothes one by one. Song Yangzhu didn't even need foreplay,she was already uncontrollable.

In just a moment, Song Yangzhu couldn't resist the joyful sensation and moaned. Ye Mo remembered that Ye Ling was outside and blushed. He quickly set up a sound barrier formation.

A few hours later, Ye Ling saw Song Yangzhu, who had messy hair and a bright red face, walk outside. There was a sense of satisfaction on her face. Ye Ling was speechless - were all women with husbands this audacious?

Song Yangzhu saw Ye Ling's glance and blushed even more.

She explained awkwardly, "Your brother had some side effects after taking the burst essence pill. We- we-"

Ye Ling burst out in laughter. "Sister-in-law, it's your turn to man the wheel. I'm going inside to rest and prepare some food. Even if my brother hadn't taken the burst essence pill, would you have been able to hold back?"

Song Yangzhu heard this and instead, she no longer felt shy about it. She laughed and said, "I wouldn't have."

Ye Ling hadn't expected this reply and was immediately defeated. "I will never discuss such things with a married woman again, I surrender."

Zheng Yuan Sword Sect.

Liu Zhenyue had just gone back to her place. She was scared that Ye Mo would come to find her again. She wanted to get a mission, but thinking that she was about to reach stage 9, she no longer was in the mood.

Just when she was hesitating, Huang Ping suddenly went to visit her.

Huang Ping saw Liu Zhenyue's worry and quickly said, "Sister Zhengyue, does Ye Mo know you're back?"

Liu Zhenyue nodded.

Huang Ping immediately said, "Sister Zhengyue, do you know what level Ye Mo is at right now?"

"Isn't he at stage 8 chi gathering? Is he at stage 9 now?" Liu Zhenyue said.

Huang Ping said quietly, "Ye Mo is at foundation establishment state cultivator now. A newly ascended foundation establishment state Qianbei sealed off Ye Mo's place and his dan tian was destroyed!"

"What?! It has only been a few months! Ye Mo reached foundation establishment state level 1 from stage 8 chi gathering!" Liu Zhenyue was shook. This was too fast.

Huang Ping said again, "I heard Ye Mo left the sect a few hours ago. He took his sister and wife."

"What?!" Liu Zhenyue was shook. How could Li Baisen let them go?

Huang Ping said, "The strange thing is that he didn't send anyone to stop Ye Mo. Instead, he let him leave. He didn't even send anyone to follow them."

Liu Zhenyue calmed down and said, "If I'm not wrong, Li Baisen went after them personally. Sigh-"

"Jiang Yi and I are planning to get another mission. Do you want to go?" Huang Ping asked.

Liu Zhenyue shook her head. She was too tired, she needed to rest. She believed that as long as she didn't make a mistake, Li Baisen wouldn't look for trouble with someone like her.

Seeing Huang Ping leave, Liu Zhenyue suddenly thought of the pill Ye Mo had given her. Ye Mo had said it was a very precious pill. He was at foundation establishment state, it shouldn't be an ordinary pill.

"Foundation establishment pill?!!" Liu Zhenyue saw the pill and exclaimed. Her hands shook, almost dropping the pill.

It was an immeasurable treasure for chi gathering cultivators!
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