Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 852

Chapter 852: China Pharmaceuticals
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River State City was a rather big cultivation city in the North Far State. It was one those few cities that weren't managed by the big sects. It was managed by a few power factions. The city lord was from the Zhang family, who was said to have a hollow spirit state peak cultivator - he was one step away from body condensation state. Even a five-star sect wouldn't easily mess with such a cultivator.

At this moment, Ye Mo took Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling into River City State. It was half a month after they had left the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect.

"Brother, will we be living here from now on?" Ye Ling looked at the grand city walls and asked.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, we need to find a place to settle. If we keep running around like this, our powers will never increase. Moreover, there have been quite a lot of people wanting to stop us on the way, but we're just faster."

"Then, are we renting or buying a cultivation home? What business will we do to get resources?" Ye Ling knew that they needed resources to settle down and cultivate. Without it, they might as well live in a far off place.

Ye Mo already had a plan. "Don't worry about cultivation resources, this city has a spirit meridian below the city and a spirit gathering formation. The spirit chi here is much better than at the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect."

Ye Mo thought and said, "We have limited spirit stones, so we won't be able to afford a cultivation home for sure. So let's rent a place first. You guys can just cultivate, I will go earn some spirit stones. Then, then we can buy our own shop and start up a business in this city."

"Brother." Ye Ling looked worriedly at Ye Mo. She knew her brother was very capable, but this was Luo Yue Continent and it was completely different to Earth. On Earth, he was the only cultivator, so he stood on top of everyone and no one could touch him.

But there, everyone was a cultivator and there were too many people stronger than her brother. Ye Ling felt that it was hard to build their own power.

Song Yangzhu smiled. "Ye Ling, don't worry about your brother. He can do it for sure. When lived in Ning Hai, he was also very poor - he started at an even lower position than now. Even an ordinary ancient martial artist could beat him, but he still built Luo Yue city."

"How do you know about that?" Ye Ling thought that Song Yangzhu had met her brother later on.

Song Yangzhu didn't say anything. After she lost her virginity to Ye Mo, she researched everything about him.

Ye Ling didn't pursue it. "Brother, what do you intend to use to earn spirit stones?"

Ye Mo immediately answered. "I'm planning to start a pill business. Although I'm starting from scratch, I believe I can do it."

Ye Ling suddenly said, "Brother, why don't why call it China Pharmaceuticals? This way, those who know about China will come to us. If Sister Luo Ying and Qingxue hear about this, they will come too."

Ye Mo smiled. "I was thinking that too."

Ye Ling was dazed and said, "Brother, you made a Luo Yue Pharmaceuticals on Earth. Did you come from Luo Yue to Earth?"

Ye Ling then patted her head. "I'm thinking too much."

Ye Mo was shook. Ye Ling was right! He actually had done that.

They applied for citizenship at the city management office and rented a small shop. It cost 20,000 low-grade spirit stones and they only paid for half a year's rent. The shop was small, but it had two rooms and a kitchen. The only inconvenient was that it was a bit far away.

Regardless, after settling down, Ye Mo was left with no spirit stones at all anymore. He had a lot of valuable items, but he didn't dare sell them.

Compared to the busy city, the tiny China Pharmaceuticals' opening was insignificant.

There were only three people in China Pharmaceuticals, the boss and two waiters. Although Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were both pretty, in the cultivation realm they weren't really outstanding.

Three days later, Ye Ling couldn't sit tight anymore and said worriedly, "Brother, we've opened our shop for three days and we haven't sold one pill. Most people don't know what China Pharmaceuticals is. Should we change our shop's name to China Pill Tower? If things continue like this for three month, we won't have enough to survive."

Song Yangzhu laughed. "We're just a small shop, we can't call ourselves Pill Tower!"

Ye Mo also realized that if they continued like this, they really might not get any clients. He might as well go out and set up a stall again then.

On the fourth day after China Pharmaceuticals' opening, huge news stormed the entire city.

China Pharmaceuticals was selling chi increasing pills, essence increasing pills, great essence increasing pills, rejuvenation pills, essence rejuvenation pills, essence benefit pills and many other types of pills.

The first few types didn't matter, but the essence rejuvenation pills and the essence benefit pills were pills that foundation establishment state cultivators used. Essence rejuvenation pills were for essence recovery and healing. Meanwhile, essence benefit pills were for cultivation before foundation establishment state level 6. It was more precious. Both pills were spirit grade level 3 pills. Even ordinary pill towers might not have it.

But this wasn't the most shocking news. The most shocking news were that the shop had one face preserving pill and one foundation establishment pill.

Both pills weren't hard to make, but the face preserving pill was priceless. But to most, the foundation establishment pill was more important. Cultivation was much more important than looks.

Even the big pill towers had limited amounts of foundation establishment pills. Even if they did, they would sell them in auctions. How could they sell them together with ordinary pills?

Everyone rushed to China Pharmaceuticals to see how they were selling the two pills.

The reason Ye Mo had taken out these two pills was also for a matter of gambling. No matter where, those with little courage starved to death and those with big courage had plenty.

He had to start off with a high profile to get China Pharmaceuticals' name out.

As long as he got his name out, more and more people would come to him for pills, he would get to know more people and get more connections. The city was rather safe and as long as he stayed in it, even if some people desired his fortune, they couldn't do anything.

When he got more wealth, he would be able to turn it into power.

In less than two hours, China Pharmaceuticals' door was filled with all sorts of cultivators.

"China Pharmaceuticals sells pills. Such a strange name!"

"Yes, I saw this place open up a few days ago, I didn't think it was a pill shop."

"A foundation establishment pill? Is that real or fake?"

"Unless they don't want to run a business anymore, it can't be fake."

"Wait, let me see how this foundation establishment pill is sold."

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