Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 853

Chapter 853: Recruitment
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

China Pharmaceuticals' prices were the same as other pill towers. Although Ye Mo wanted to sell them cheaper, he didn't have the power to do so.

Without enough power, lowering the price wasn't a small deal. Offending the big pill businesses was no laughing matter.

China Pharmaceuticals didn't have a big faade, but its advertisement was really good. It clearly wrote that the foundation establishment pill would be sold to the 300th customer for 100,000 spirit stones. If the 300th customer didn't want it, it would be sold to the next one. The face preserving pill would not be sold.

Selling the foundation establishment pill for 100,000 spirit stones wasn't very expensive. It was rather cheap, but Ye Mo didn't want to earn money from it. He wanted to use it to bring fame to China Pharmaceuticals. So he would even sell it for 1000 spirit stones.

Almost everyone who had the money was rubbing their palms. Many chi gathering peak cultivators hadn't been able to reach foundation establishment state for a long time. The had all saved up spirit stones to buy the foundation establishment pill.

"It's opening!" With a call, the doors of China Pharmaceuticals opened. All the cultivators waiting at the door went inside, as though if they arrived a little later, they wouldn't get the foundation establishment pill.

Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were dazed at the bustling cultivators at the door. They finally realized what madness was. It was just a foundation establishment pill, but it caused such a ruckus! The store's front, that used to be empty, was now filled with a sea of people.

"This!" Song Yangzhu sighed. No matter where Ye Mo was, he would always cause a big commotion.

Ye Mo stood at the door and his foundation establishment state level temperament exploded. He has plenty of cultivation essence and his spirit sense was strong. The power he exerted was the same as a foundation establishment state tertiary stage cultivator's.

People felt his power and calmed down. If they offended a foundation establishment state tertiary stage cultivator, he could annihilate them at any time. Even if he couldn't kill someone in the city, one couldn't stay in the city forever. Furthermore, he could open a pill shop, which meant that there was a pill master behind him. A pill master's power was not simple. Even a golden core state wouldn't want to offend the lowest grade spirit grade pill master.

"Everyone!" Ye Mo waited for the people to be a little more quiet before saluting his fist. "Today's the opening of our China Pharmaceuticals. My master left me two foundation establishment pills, I've used one for foundation establishment state and now there's one left. This one will be sold to the fortunate person. No matter who you are, if you're the 300th to come and buy something from my shop, you have the right to buy the pill. Of course, you can give up your right too."

"Qianbei, will your master be able to get more foundation establishment pills?" someone from the crowd asked.

Ye Mo laughed. "Good question! Although we don't have a solid foundation, my master has powerful origins. I'm not even sure if my master can get more foundation establishment pills, but I can assure everyone that my master will come to this city in a year. If there's more, we will sell them for sure."

Ye Mo thought that in a year later he would at least be at foundation establishment state middle stage - and maybe even tertiary stage. If he were at foundation establishment state tertiary stage, he would be able to deal with an ordinary golden core state. In order to not decrease the popularity of China Pharmaceuticals, of course he wouldn't tell them there would be no more.

"Okay, now let the sales begin! Please stay in order, those who cut in line will have to leave." Ye Mo waved his hand.

There was just one foundation establishment pill, but many people wanted to see how the other pills were. After all, the benefit essence pill was also very precious for a foundation establishment state cultivator.

People stayed in an orderly fashion.

Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu were both very busy. Some people bought a bottle, some bought a few. The supplies Ye Mo had were soon depleted.

As more and more bottles were sold, joyful discussions sounded. They found out that China Pharmaceuticals' pills were much better than the pills of other pill towers. They had less impurities and stronger effects, but their prices were the same as other pill towers.

With this joyful discovery, Ye Mo's pills got sold even faster.

Soon, the 300th customer arrived and he was a stage 7 chi gathering cultivator. He had come to buy the great essence increasing pill, but he hadn't expected that he would be this lucky.

When Ye Mo saw that the cultivator was in a daze for a long time, he realized that the cultivator didn't have the ability nor the intention to buy the foundation establishment pill.

The cultivator behind the stage 7 also saw this. He was a male cultivator in his 60s. He looked old and he gone in the line to see if he would be lucky enough to be the 300th customer.

The old cultivator pulled the young cultivator aside and said shakily, "This is a bottle of great essence increasing pill. Move aside!"

That young cultivator agreed and moved aside. It was a win-win situation.

Ye Mo saw the old cultivator buy the foundation establishment pill and said, "Everyone, the lucky one to buy the foundation establishment pill has appeared! He is this man. Let's wish him success in foundation establishment!"

Many people got disappointed and half of the long queue disappeared, but Ye Mo wasn't worried. He had reached his goal.

"It's Sun Zhicai, isn't he a pill master himself? Why did he buy pills here?" someone saw the old cultivator and said.

"Pffft- He's just a mortal level pill master."

Hearing this, Ye Mo had an idea. He had seen Sun Zhicai excitedly hold the foundation establishment pill and almost start crying. Ye Mo walked up to him immediately.

"Friend, hello, I'm Ye Mo, the owner of China Pharmaceuticals. Congratulations on getting the foundation establishment pill. I wish you a successful foundation establishment," Ye Mo said.

Sun Zhicai put the foundation establishment pill away and bowed. "Ye-Qianbei, thank you. Thank you for letting me buy this pill."

Ye Mo smiled. "It's completely your luck that you were able to buy it. I heard you're a pill master, right?"

Sun Zhicai quickly nodded. "Yes, I come from a pill making family. However, my family passed away and I've become a solo cultivator now. I can only make some mortal level pills."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "That's fine, I'm saying this because we're in shortage of people right now. If you're still willing to make pills after you reach foundation establishment state, you can come to China Pharmaceuticals. Of course, although we have just opened, we won't mistreat you. You will have the pills you need for foundation establishment state."

Sun Zhicai was dazed and said excitedly, "Qianbei, I can only make some mortal level pills though."

Ye Mo smiled. "If you become a pill master at China Pharmaceuticals, of course, I won't just let you make mortal level pills. Moreover, I'm a spirit level pill master, I can teach you a few things."

"Huh!" Sun Zhicai was dazed. Such good fortune had fallen upon him! Being taught by a spirit level pill master was no easier than reaching foundation establishment. Yet, he had gotten both.

"Master, I'm willing!" Sun Zhicai knelt down on the ground.

Ye Mo was speechless. He pulled Sun Zhicai up. "You're not my disciple, I'm just giving you a few pointers."
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