Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 855

Chapter 855: Gift Pill
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As soon as Ye Mo said this, everyone was dazed. Everyone who had gone to visit Ye Mo today had an important background. Each one of them wasn't someone that the China Pharmaceuticals could reject. They could easily annihilate China Pharmaceuticals.

They hadn't gone there for the shop nor Ye Mo, a mere spirit grade level 1 pill master. It was for the face preserving pill.

Although Ye Mo had taken out the face preserving pill for that day and never intended not to sell it, he wasn't happy with how they were passively coercing him. This was all because he didn't have power. If he had power, then even if he had the immortal face pill, no one would dare say anything.

Ye Mo saw their faces looked bad and quickly said, "You guys misunderstand me. I don't plan to sell it, but after seeing how much City Lord Zhang loves his wife, I am deeply touched. Today, I would like to gift City Lord Zhang this pill to fulfill his wishes."

Ye Mo knew the importance of picking a side. If he hesitated now, he would offend all three of them. He had already offended Peng Shiping, hence Zhang Chengfeng had the biggest power in the city. Although he didn't know if Zhang Chengfeng's character was really that good too, he seemed okay. That Yan Zheng also seemed to be close to Zhang Chengfeng on the surface.

The reason Ye Mo didn't worry about Zhang Chengfeng just taking it and not helping him was due to the fact that Zhang Chengfeng seemed straightforward and didn't look down on him. However, he felt like it could be due to him coming here out of respect for his wife, and not for him nor the shop.

If it was the latter, Ye Mo was sure that Zhang Chengfeng would take the pill and not help him because he believed that China Pharmaceuticals was not worth his help. However, he had only known Zhang Chengfeng for a short time, so he couldn't tell. He could only try his luck.

He didn't really care about one face preserving pill. If it had been something else, then even if it meant that Ye Mo would have had to leave the city, he wouldn't have done it.

The three men were dazed. They hadn't thought Ye Mo was that generous. This pill was worths tens of millions of spirit stones. Ye Mo clearly didn't have enough on his hand, or he wouldn't have rented the shop at that far-off corner.

Ye Mo had decided to give the pill away in this situation, which meant that he was no short-sighted person.

Zhang Chengfeng was dazed and reacted first. He quickly waved his hand. "Boss Ye, how can I let you do that? This pill is so precious, I can't take it for free. It's already a huge favor that Boss Ye is willing to sell it to me."

However, his face didn't show that at all. Ye Mo's heart sunk. He realized that he had seen wrongly this time. Zhang Chengfeng was very handsome and straightforward, but he was the type that didn't care about others' survival in order to reach his goal.

Although Ye Mo had realized this, he still acted. "City Lord Zhang, I respect those who value relationships. Since you're willing to come here personally for your wife, I would like to know someone like you. If you look down on me, then pay me spirit stones."

"Hahaha!" Zhang Chengfeng laughed and got up. "Brother Ye, I admire your straightforward character. Okay, I'll accept your good will. Don't call me City Lord Zhang from now on. I won't call you Boss Ye either. We'll call each other brothers!"

Ye Mo laughed. "In that case, Brother Zhang, I won't be so polite with you."

However, Ye Mo was sure that if the All Pill Tower really attacked China Pharmaceuticals, Zhang Chengfeng would never help Ye Mo. But thinking that the pill was still a symbol of good will, it should make the All Pill tower have some concern. That would be fine - he needed time the most right now.

"Congratulations, City Lord Zhang, on getting what you desired!" Yan Zheng congratulated him first. Peng Shiping was helpless and congratulated him too, but Ye Mo saw clearly the bleak look he hid under his eyes.

"Yangzhu, bring the pill," Ye Mo said.

Song Yangzhu got up to get the pill. They were shook. They had both taken it, but they hadn't thought it was this valuable.

"Manager Peng, did you get the pill?" a voice sounded and a young man wobbled into Ye Mo's shop full of arrogance.

Peng Shiping's expression looked bad. He said politely to the young man, "Young Master, it belongs to City Lord Zhang now."

"What?!" The young man frowned and looked at Zhang Chengfeng and Yan Zheng.

He wasn't satisfied, but he could only salute Zhang Chengfeng. "So Uncle Zhang came personally. Congratulations."

He only nodded at Yan Zheng.

"Are you the boss of China Pharmaceuticals? A foundation establishment state level 3 cultivator? Not bad. Yet you dare to open a shop here with your measly power. You're quite bold." The young master was clearly unhappy that he hadn't gotten the pill.

Zhang Chengfeng frowned, but he didn't speak.

Peng Shiping coughed, wanting to remind the young master not to look for trouble with Ye Mo. However, the young master didn't know Ye Mo had just given the pill to Zhang Chengfeng.

As soon as the young master said this, he saw Song Yangzhu, who was bringing the pill over, and his eyes brightened up. She looked even prettier after being nourished by Ye Mo and her body was exceptional. Her slightly troubled look because of thinking about her daughter made her all the more enticing.

"Hmmm- I didn't think I would get a pretty lady instead of getting the face preserving pill today. Great!" The young master walked up to Song Yangzhu.

Ye Mo sneered. He wanted the young master to do something now. He hadn't given him the pill yet and he believed that no matter how much Zhang Chengfeng didn't want trouble with the All Pill Tower, he would have to stand up for him.

But just when Zhang Chengfeng was about to say something, Ye Mo walked up, kicked the young master and punched his knee caps.

The young master didn't care about Ye Mo, as he was at foundation establishment state level 5 and Peng Shiping was at false core state.

However, Ye Mo's both punches landed on the young master.

Even though the young master was about to react when Ye Mo attacked, Ye Mo's cultivation essence was a lot stronger than his and took him by surprise.

A thud followed after two cracking sounds. The young master was kicked out of the shop and landed on the streets.
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