Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 857

Chapter 857: Hire Pill Master
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Ye Mo nodded. He understood what Yan Zheng meant, otherwise he wouldn't be accepting what he was giving him.

"Yes, I'm indeed not a spirit grade level 1 pill master," Ye Mo said. He saw genuine will from Yan Zheng and he didn't have any conflict of interest with the Immortal Treasure Tower. There was no reason for Yan Zheng to harm him.

"It is so!" Yan Zheng got up excitedly. "What's the highest level pill Brother Ye can make?" he seemed to have a high expectations.

Ye Mo didn't know what Yan Zheng meant, but he said, "Right now, I came make more than 90% of the pills below spirit grade level 6, if I have the recipe." Ye Mo was confident he could make all of the spirit grade pills as long as he had the recipe, but he was being humble.

"What? You're spirit grade level 6 pill master?" Yan Zheng was shaking with excitement. There weren't many master of this caliber, not even in the entire North Far State. Even the All Pill Tower only had one spirit grade level 6 pill master in this city. The entire franchise couldn't have more than five pill masters with such skills.

Ye Mo nodded. He was certain that with time, he could even make heaven grade pills.

Yan Zheng suddenly grabbed Ye Mo's hand and asked worriedly, "Brother Ye, what's your success rate of making spirit grade level 6 pills?"

"70%," Ye Mo said calmly. The new pill concoction system birthed from the Three Birth Chant had a 99% success rate, but 70% was very high already.

"You can reach 70%?! Great, great, great!" Yan Zheng said. "Brother Ye, I was right about you. I genuinely invite you to join the Immortal Treasure Tower. Don't worry, Brother Ye, I'm not telling you to give up your China Pharmaceuticals, but just asking you to make some pills for us in your spare time in your name. So, we'd be hiring you to be our pill master."

Ye Mo looked at Yan Zheng. "Brother Yan, China Pharmaceuticals is also selling pills. In that case, wouldn't there be a conflict of interest with your tower?"

Yan Zheng laughed. "Brother Ye, the Immortal Treasure Tower has spread over the entire North Far State, why would we care about a mere shop in River State City? Moreover, our business isn't limited to pills, but also magic artefacts."

"Brother Ye, you can rebuild your China Pharmaceuticals and take your wife and sister to stay at our place for the moment," Yan Zheng said seeing that Ye Mo was interested.

Ye Mo had already agreed in his heart, but he wanted to ask about the salary - however, they had just given him 10000 sqm of land. If he still asked for a salary, wouldn't that come off as impolite? Furthermore, he still needed them to deal with the All Pill Tower.

Yan Zheng was very astute and said, "Brother Ye, as for the payment, I know it's half-half usually outside. We're willing to give you 10% of the pills, which means that you only have to give us 60% of the pills."

Ye Mo knew this was rather good. Outside, although the pill master and the customer got half each, if the pill master only had a success rate of 60%, he would still have to give the customer half of the pills that could be made with the resources.

The extra 10% increase was rather good.

Ye Mo said however, "Brother Yan, I can't agree to this arrangement."

Yan Zheng was dazed. It was a very good deal. They were just hiring one person specifically and of course they couldn't do fifty-fifty, like outside. After all, they supplied all the material, if they split it fifty-fifty, it wouldn't be worth for them.

However, Ye Mo said, "My success rate is 70%. I'll give you guys 70% and I won't keep any extra. If you approve of me Brother Yan, agree to this deal."

He was sure he had 100% success rate for spirit grade level 6 pills, which meant that he could get 30% for free. This 30% was enough for China Pharmaceuticals to sell - he was very happy with it already.

Yan Zheng understood what Ye Mo meant and looked at Ye Mo in an even higher esteem.

"Okay, I'll take it then. I'll get your pill master badge sorted." Yan Zheng closed down.

Ye Mo knew what the pill master badge was. Like the East Black State, the North Far State had a pill association. All the pill masters who could allow the association to approve their mortal grade pills were mortal grade pill masters. For example, a level 1 mortal pill master or level 1 spirit pill master. Those who could make heaven grade pills were called pill kings. There was no title for beyond that as the highest level on Luo Yue Continent was only a level 7 pill king.

Ye Mo really didn't care about the badge or the title but since Yan Zheng was willing to help, he wouldn't mind. Yan Zheng could only help him to be recognized as a level 6 spirit pill master. Beyond that, he would have to be tested by the association himself.

With the title of a spirit pill master, it would be much easier for him when he dealt with the pill association. Not only could he buy restricted herbs, but he also get discounts.

After releasing the news of the foundation establishment pill and the face preserving pill, China Pharmaceuticals released another piece of shocking news.

They were going to expand their land and build a China Pharmaceuticals Tower. The head pill master of China Pharmaceuticals, Ye Mo, was also hired to be a pill master for the Immortal Treasure Tower.

When China Pharmaceuticals tower was being built, Ye Mo took Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling to the headquarters of the Immortal Treasure Tower. He urged Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling to keep cultivating while he was concocting pills for the Immortal Treasure Tower.

When Ye Mo was concocting pills, he realized he could indeed concoct pills while cultivating and this made him breathe at ease. He didn't want to waste too much cultivation time for pill concoction. It wasn't as good as focusing just on cultivation, but it was better than nothing.

When Peng Shiping heard the news, he was dazed but he could only watch Ye Mo get stronger.

Zhang Chengfeng heard these news and smiled plainly when he thought about Ye Mo using the face preserving pill to suck up to him. Yan Zheng looked cunning, but he was still too inexperienced. Ye Mo had somehow made Yan Zheng hire him.

In a matter of a week, the tower was finished. Ye Mo took Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling back to the China Pharmaceuticals Tower. Song Yangzhu was now at stage 4 chi gathering and Ye Ling at stage 5.

What surprised Yan Zheng was that Ye Mo made pills much faster than other pill masters and this greatly relieved the demand on pills for the Immortal Treasure Tower.

Due to this, Ye Mo also got a higher status. With adequate cultivation resources and spirit chi, he was at foundation establishment state level 3 tertiary stage.

Most of the spirit stones he had earned were used on buying materials. They seemed like forgery materials, but Ye Mo knew that he was buying formation materials.

Ye Mo believed that his strongest talent wasn't pill concoction, but setting formations.
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