Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 858

Chapter 858: Old Friend
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was indeed planning to set up a few formations around China Pharmaceuticals. The first was a spirit gathering formation. His formation skills exceeded by far formation masters there.

Ye Mo was also going to lay an extremely strong defense formation and an attack formation.

It was all superficial, however. Ye Mo was secretly building a teleportation formation.

If Ye Mo said he could build teleportation formation, perhaps the entire North Far State would be shocked. There were many people who could build formations, but rarely those who could build teleportation formations. It was only people who studied formations for centuries. How old was Ye Mo? However, Ye Mo's specialty was teleportation formations. He had studied it for many years in the small world.

With Ye Mo's current level, he could only make a short distance teleportation formation of 100,000 km. But that was enough for Ye Mo, he was building it as an escape.

Even though Yan Zheng was genuine to him, he wasn't going to let others be responsible for his life. The only pity was that he was missing two materials.

A month later, Sun Zhicai successfully reached foundation establishment state and went to China Pharmaceuticals to help. With this, Ye Mo wanted to hire more people.

Ye Mo felt that Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu's talent was good and their progress was fast, but working as a shop attendant also greatly affected their cultivation.

That dat, Ye Mo had told Sun Zhicai to put up hiring notices. Two people were stumbling towards China Pharmaceuticals. Behind the two of them there were two cultivator chasing them. Ye Mo could tell that the people chasing them were from the All Pill Tower.

Ye Mo was speechless. They were too cocky. Yet, he knew that in this city, as long as you didn't kill overtly, it was fine for the All Pill Tower to do this.

It was a man and woman who were running towards him. The man seemed to be in his 40s and the woman seemed to be just 30. Her skin was dark and had a round face and big eyes. Ye Mo felt she was familiar.

They were both injured.

Ye Mo realized that they were ancient martial artists. The man was at black level middle stage while the woman was at yellow level tertiary stage.

"Su Yue, look! This is China Pharmaceuticals! We're here!" the man saw the words and called out in joy.

The woman also looked up and charged immediately.

"Su Yue?" Ye Mo remembered who this woman was. When he set up the stall in Ning Hai to sell runes, he sold one to Su Jingwen and another to the round-faced woman next to her.

He couldn't have imagined she was here too.

"So what if you're here? Believe me when I say that if I want to catch bugs like you, even if you escape to the edge of heaven, I will still kill you!" the two pursuers sneered.

"Oh, really? I don't believe you. I want to see how you're going to beat someone here at China Pharmaceuticals," Ye Mo sneered standing at the door of China Pharmaceuticals.

The two All Pill Tower cultivators saw Ye Mo as soon as they came out. They knew who Ye Mo was - a foreign weak cultivator - but he was lucky and got hired by the Immortal Treasure Tower. He was very cocky and if he even dared to beat their young master, he would beat them too.

"Ye-Qianbei, these two foreign solo cultivators have some conflict with us. Please don't intervene," one stage 7 chi gathering said.

"B*llshit, these two are my old friends and you dare attack them in China Pharmaceuticals! Do you think I don't dare kill you?" Ye Mo didn't move and just waved his hands.

Slap- slap- The two chi gathering cultivators from the All Pill Tower were slapped far away each spitting out a bunch of teeth, but they didn't dare say anything.

The woman covered in wounds recognized Ye Mo and immediately called out in joy, "Ye Mo! Are you really Ye Mo?"

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Hello, I didn't think you'd be here too. Go in first."

Ye Mo then glared coldly at the two cultivators. "Hurry up and piss off! Do you want me to break your dog legs too?"

Ye Mo knew he couldn't do anything to the two men. He was relying on the Immortal Treasure Tower, he didn't have his own power.

Their face turned white, but they ran away quickly.

Seeing that such powerful men didn't even dare to speak after being slapped, Su Yue and the man next to her were even more shocked. They had been at the North Far State for quite some time and they knew that yellow and black level ancient martial artists were at the very bottom there.

Ye Mo took them in and found out after asking them that the man was called Sheng Yizhong and came from the small world. He had met Su Yue here and their point of connection was Ye Mo. Ye Mo dominated the small world and all of those who cultivated ancient martial arts knew of him.

Apart from them, there were a lot more people who crossed the teleportain formation, but they only knew about truth cultivation here. They were old and their talent was average. It was too hard for them to join a sect, so they could only roam around. They heard of a shop called China Pharmaceuticals in River State City, so they rushed over immediately.

"Xiaoyue, you're Su Jingwen's bodyguard. Why are you be here like this and how did you get into a conflict with people from the All Pill Tower?" Ye Mo sighed. He could tell that the ancient martial artists who had gone there weren't living very well.

Su Yue sighed. "Brother Ye, I'm from the Su family and my master picked me to learn ancient martial arts because I had some talent. I later on became Sister Jingwen's bodyguard but some time ago, I heard Sister Jingwen went through the portal, so I came. As for the conflict with them, they were looking for trouble when we asked about China Pharmaceuticals."

Thinking about this, Ye Mo realized that the two martial artists had nowhere to go and he needed to hire people, so he said, "If you have nowhere to go, then stay at China Pharmaceuticals. I was hiring people anyways. I can provide you cultivation resources and a cultivation method."

They had no place to go anyways and with such an offer, they agreed without hesitation.

Ye Mo hired two more female cultivators, which saved time for Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling to cultivate. He taught Sun Zhicai some simple pill concoction methods and gave him the job of making ordinary pills. Meanwhile, he dived into formation research. Even with support, the conflict between him and the All Pill Tower was far from over.

He was only lacking two materials for the portal. Star Sand and Segment Darth. Ye Mo just needed ordinary ones, extreme high quality ones were very rare.

In the second month, China Pharmaceuticals was on the right track. Hence, Ye Mo was planning on going to search for these two materials outside.

Song Yangzhu was at stage 5 and Ye Ling at stage 6. Even Su Yue and Sheng Yizhong were at stage 1 and everything seemed fine.

Ye Mo had found out from Yan Zheng that in a week at the Nan Shan market, there was going to be an auction that might sell Star Sand. Hence, Ye Mo asked Yan Zheng to look after China Pharmaceuticals while he sneaked over to the Nan Shan market.
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