Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 859

Chapter 859: Ping Yao Li family
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The Nan Shan market wasn't close to River State City, but it could be reached by teleporting to Gan Yuan City and then go from there.

Ye Mo knew that if he used the teleportation formation, the All Pill Tower would know for sure. Although Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling should be fine, he still didn't want the All Pill Tower to know he had left the city.

Ye Mo used Li Baisen's flying pike to leave. It would cost him an extra few days but it didn't matter.

Ye Mo was at foundation establishment state level 3 peak now. He was much faster than when Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu piloted the pike. He spent two days to travel half the way.

On the third afternoon, Ye Mo stopped not far from Gan Yuan City and found a white Snow Fox.

The fox dashed and it reminded Ye Mo of the Snow Fox he had seen in the Mei Nei Snow Mountains. This fox looked the same, but it was countless times faster.

Because Snow Foxes were animals that could find spirit items, Ye Mo chased it without thinking.

However, the fox was very fast and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Luckily, it wasn't out of Ye Mo's spirit sense yet, so Ye Mo could follow it.

Ye Mo thought it would be easy for him to catch the fox, but two hours later Ye Mo realized that the fox was taking him further and further away. He realized he had no hope - he wasn't as fast as the fox.

Just when Ye Mo was about to give up, a wave of power alerted him. He took back his spirit sense, and even the flying pike. He clearly felt that both powers weren't something he could deal with. It was clear that the powers belonged to golden core state cultivators.

Ye Mo used the Three Birth Chant's stealth ability and retreated. He didn't want to be stopped.

But before Ye Mo could, the two golden core state cultivators came in his line of sight. Ye Mo immediately lay prone without thinking. He didn't even dare to let out his spirit sense. He just hid in a corner, not moving.

"Ji Changsheng, we're both Zheng Yuan Sword Sect cultivators. I already gave you the thing, why are you still trying to kill me?" it was a woman's voice. Ye Mo didn't dare to scan with his spirit sense so he peaked. He actually knew the woman.

The woman was Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling's master, Li Yuqian. Why was Ji Changsheng trying to kill her?

They both seemed heavily wounded, but Ji Changsheng was better off than Li Yuqian.

Ji Changsheng sneered, "You gave me the thing, but you already took one. Do you know what a Cao Huan Fruit means to our Li family? It means a nascent soul state cultivator. Of course I can let you go! Just leave behind a drop of your life essence blood."

The Cao Huan Fruit was a level 6 spirit herb. It was very rare - rarer than a face preserving fruit because it could be made into a Cao Huan pill. It was a pill needed for reaching nascent soul state.

A fully matured Cao Huan plant would bear 9 fruits. He didn't know how many Ji Changsheng had. Although Ye Mo also desired it, he knew he wouldn't be able to get his hands on it.

"Keep dreaming! You're surname is Ji. How are you from the Li family," Li Yuqian rejected the proposal without hesitation. Even if she saved her life, giving out her life essence blood meant that she would be someone else's puppet. How could she do something like that?

Ji Changsheng sneered and stared at her. "I've always been from the Li family."

Then, he flashed a jade card with the word Li. Ye Mo remembered that when he killed Li Baisen, he also got a jade card with the word Li in it. It seemed that these two men were from the same family.

Knowing that Li Baisen had such a powerful family member, Ye Mo felt cold sweat on his back. If Li Changsheng had chased after him, he wouldn't have been able to get away even in the River State City.

Ji Changsheng was at least at golden core state tertiary stage and although Ye Mo didn't know why two months had passed fine, that sense of danger rose up in his heart.

"Then, should I call you Li Changsheng? Li Changsheng, even if you're from the Li family, was it necessary to kill Elder Han? Was it necessary to kill Elder Yu? You took the Cao Huan Fruit! Why are you trying to kill everyone from the same sect?" Li Yuqian roared.

"Hahaha!" Li Changsheng suddenly laughed and put his sword away. He took out a golden single-edged sword instead.

He waved it and said, "When I left my family, I stayed at Ping Yao City. Yet, the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, being a double edge sword sect, wanted my Li family's Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. Yu Zhenfei and Han Mu, these two old fart ancestors, took people from the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect and robbed our Li family's Illusion Cloud Six Strike. We, Li family descendants, swore that one day we would come back to Ping Yao City and make a bloodbath with the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. Killing Yu Zhenfei and Han Mu is just the beginning!"

"You're from the Ping Yao Li family? This means Li Baisen is also from the Li family?" Li Yuqian was shaking. Clearly, she knew about this story.

Li Changsheng said hatefully, "If you give me your life essence blood, I can let you go. The Zheng Yuan Sword Sect won't exist anymore anyways. It will only remain the Li family. You took one of my Cao Huan Fruits and you're now at golden core state tertiary stage. If you joined the Li family, you could even reach nascent soul state."

Li Qianyu's face went pale. Li Changsheng said pridefully, "This time, I got five Cao Huan Fruits. Other than Li Baisen and me, there are three more golden core state cultivators in the Li family and they're all at golden core state tertiary stage. There will be at least two of us reaching nascent soul state. If that happens, we would have the foundations for a four star sect. The Zheng Yuan Sword Sect will be nothing! If you know what's good-"

"Keep dreaming! Even if I die, I won't hand over my life essence blood!" Li Yuqian interrupted him without hesitation and spun her sword to attack Li Changsheng.

Li Changsheng sneered and said, "I've reached the fifth strike of the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. I want to see how many strikes you can block."

Ye Mo hadn't thought that Li Yuqian could already be at golden core state tertiary stage. That Cao Huan Fruit was really not bad. Li Changsheng could take the upper hand easily, which meant that he was at least at golden core state peak.

Li Changsheng and Li Yuqian were more or less on the same level, so Ye Mo no longer had the intention of running. If he hid on the side, when they both got injured, he would have an opportunity.

Suddenly, a huge explosion sounded - Li Changsheng's first strike had clashed with Li Yuqian's flying sword. Li Yuqian spat mouthfuls of blood.

Even from this far, Ye Mo felt the killing intent of the sword chi.
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