Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 860

Chapter 860: Ambushing a Golden Core State Cultivator
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Li Yuqian grabbed some runes expressionlessly and activated all of them in an instant. She then took out a bright red feather and weaved a few hand signs. The feather immediately turned into a ten meter long fiery vortex that enveloped Li Changsheng.

Such power! Ye Mo could tell this was Li Yuqian's trump card. Now was best time to intervene.

Ye Mo was a straightforward person. He knew that Li Yuqian's means would bring Li Changsheng some trouble, but it wouldn't be enough to defeat him. If he didn't move now, he wouldn't have that opportunity.

At the same time, Li Yuqian attacked. Ye Mo secretly released Shadowless.

Li Changsheng sneered and used the second strike.

The runes Li Yuqian had activated turned into a sea of flames. Ye Mo could tell that it had been caused by at least level 5 or above runes. However, Li Changsheng's one strike quenched all the flames, while not even a strand of his hair was burnt.

Ye Mo thought that Li Changsheng was so strong.

Sizzle- Ye Mo knew that it was the flaming vortex. If that couldn't injure Li Changsheng either, then Ye Mo decided not to send out shadowless.

Li Changsheng sliced away the runes. He saw an overwhelming amount of flames come at him, but he smirked.

The next moment, his golden sword gathered countless golden sword chi and sliced the flaming vortex.

Sizzle- Li Changsheng's expression changed drastically. The flame seemed to pose a great threat to him.

"Li Fire Feather?!" Li Changsheng called out these words and the golden colour disappeared from his sword. His clothes and hair turned into ashes. Except his inner protection spirit artefact, he didn't have a single strand of clothes on him.

Ye Mo realized that now was the best time to attack. So without thinking, he sent out Shadowless to attack Li Changsheng while gathering all the cultivation essence to activate the Three Birth Sword Ray.

He would've sent out Winter's Arrival if he hadn't been concerned that it might affect the Li Fire Feather's power.

Li Yuqian was already at her limit due to activating the feather. Hence, she had to burn her essence blood to send out her flying sword to attack Li Changsheng, who was focused on defending himself against the flames. Li Changsheng could only prevent her from damaging his vitals, but the flying sword still pierced his body.

Usually, these wounds meant nothing. However, he was using his full power to defend himself from the fire and he couldn't heal himself.

Just when Li Yuqian sat on the ground, she saw Ye Mo dart out. When she saw Ye Mo attack Li Changsheng with his flying sword, she was truly dazed. She didn't know whether Ye Mo was simply innocently brave or had a plan.

Yet, she could barely talk, so she could only watch as Ye Mo attacked Li Changsheng.

Li Changsheng was furious when he saw that a mere foundation establishment state cultivator dared to attack him, but all of his cultivation essence was being used up by the Li Fire Feather and he didn't have a spare hand to fight back

When he saw countless sword rays birthed from Ye Mo's flying sword, his expression finally changed. He was going to be able to leave the fire in a little while, but that foundation establishment state cultivator had chosen the perfect timing.

"Argh!" Li Changsheng roared and burned his essence blood. But even so, Li Changsheng's cultivation essence wall was easily burned down by the fire.

"Who are you? How dare you ambush me?! Do you think you can kill me?! I suggest you leave now or you will die for sure today," Li Changsheng threatened him.

Ye Mo smiled and ordered Shadowless to dash into Li Changsheng's body.

When Shadowless got in, Ye Mo breathed at ease. He knew that Shadowless wasn't enough to take down a golden core state cultivator, but Li Changsheng was distracted by him and the fire.

"What is this?" Li Changsheng felt Shadowless as soon as it got inside Li Changsheng's body, and he tried to push it out with his cultivation essence.

Ye Mo hadn't expected Li Changsheng to be this strong. He had only used a little of his cultivation essence, but he had managed forced Shadowless out.

Shadowless was Ye Mo's trump card. Ye Mo didn't think he stood any chance of winning a fight against Li Changsheng. Without thinking, he activated the second stance of the Three Birth Sword Ray, attacking Li Changsheng's vitals.

Li Changsheng couldn't deal with Shadowless anymore and focused his mind on dealing with the fire and the Three Birth Sword Ray.

At this moment, Ye Mo sent Shadowless in Li Changsheng's body again. Seeing that the fire was growing weaker, Ye Mo burned his essence blood to make his Three Birth Sword Ray stronger. He couldn't let Li Changsheng have it easy now.

Li Changsheng was furious at Ye Mo's way of fighting. Li Changsheng had decided to ignore that small thing. He didn't think something that a foundation establishment state released would be enough to threaten him. He just needed to annihilate the flames and he could then easily kill that foundation establishment state cultivator.

Ye Mo immediately noticed Li Changsheng's intentions and rejoiced. He ordered Shadowless not to eat Li Changsheng's essence blood, but to eat his organs. However, it was a very slow process.

When Li Changsheng found out that Shadowless was something that ate organs, he rested at ease and wasn't as careful as before, but he still kept an eye on it. Even if he didn't do anything, this thing wouldn't be able to eat his organs. Moreover, even if his organs were partly eaten, he could recover them quickly.

Li Changsheng smirked. He knew he had won.

When Li Yuqian saw the flames grow weaker, her eyes were full of despair. She hadn't expected Li Changsheng to be able to annihilate it this quickly.

Ye Mo saw the flames die and knew time was up. He controlled Shadowless to devour Li Changsheng's dan tian and essence blood as quickly as it could. Instantly, Shadowless devoured all of Li Changsheng's dan tian.

In that instant, Li Changsheng realized what was going on, but Shadowless was too fast. He couldn't even react and his dan tian had already been devoured.

Li Changsheng was shook. He wanted to force out Shadowless, so he ignored the flames and the Three Birth Sword Ray.

However, Shadowless was too fast. It already was devouring Li Changsheng's meridians and essence blood.

Li Changsheng forgot about the flames in his worry. Sizzle- There was a burning smell of meat. Li Changsheng's body crumbled down rapidly and Ye Mo dealt the final blow, piercing Li Changsheng's body with the Three Birth Dword Ray.

"Curse you!" Li Changsheng swore as he struggled. He had been killed by a foundation establishment state insect.

Li Yuqian, who couldn't move at all, stared at this shocking scene unable to say a word. Things had happened too fast and she fainted immediately when she relaxed.
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