Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 862

Chapter 862: Li Yuqian, Victim of a Scheme
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Why didn't she seem happy about the news?

"Do you think that I should be happy about the news?" Li Yuqian suddenly asked.

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, you just said that the sect was strong and that it wasn't afraid of the Li family. Why do you suddenly seem like that you don't want the Li family to be annihilated?"

Li Yuqian gave the flying sword message to Ye Mo. "You will know after you read it. It was sent secretly by my close friend."

Ye Mo read the message - it was very short. "The Li family was annihilated yesterday. The burst soul pill of the Li family is on Li Changsheng. If you get these news while still free, run away immediately. I've left already. If you're trapped, tell-"

The message was getting unclear and eventually disappeared.

Li Yuqian sighed. "You opened up a pill store. Even if you're not a pill master, you should know about the burst soul pill, right?"

Ye Mo nodded. This pill was for golden core state tertiary stage cultivators. After taking it, one would gain a burst of power for four hours. A golden core state peak stage cultivator could even reach nascent soul state middle stage.

This pill was similar to the burst essence pill, but the ingredients for the pill were even rarer than the Cao Huan fruit. It's side effects were also much more potent than the burst essence pill's. The consumer would lose three levels of power. If a golden core state peak stage was lucky, he would be able to remain at golden core state primary stage. If not, he would drop to foundation establishment state.

Moreover, the ingredients used for the pill could be used for hollow spirit state pills, so rarely anyone would use it to make such a useless burst soul pill. Yet, the message said that the Li family had one and it had been passed down.

Li Yuqian then said despondently, "The one who told us about the ruin and arranged for us to come here was the big elder of the sect, Qian Tuoshui. He was supposed to come, but he couldn't make it in last minute."

Hearing this, he understood and asked, "Are you saying Qian Tuoshui sent you three to die, hold Li Changsheng back and make him take the burst soul pill? Meanwhile, the sect would annihilate the Li family?"

Li Yuqian nodded. "That should be it."

Ye Mo took a breath in. They had used the Cao Huan fruit as a bait. Then he said, "If it had been me, I wouldn't want to lose these good items."

Li Yuqian shook her head. "You're wrong. He doesn't know about the Cao Huan fruit. If he did, he wouldn't have let it go. We never reached our target place, we were trapped in a trap formation for a few months. We only broke free yesterday and then we saw a stealth formation. After breaking in, we found the Cao Huan fruit. So in the end, we never got to the place Li Tuoshui told us to go."

Ye Mo frowned. He felt things didn't seem right. He thought and asked, "I still have two questions Qianbei. First, how could Li Changsheng get injured if he had the burst soul pill? He could easily kill a golden core state cultivator if he took it. Second, how could Qian Tuoshui be sure that Li Changsheng would want to kill you as soon as you guys found the place?"

Li Yuqian said, "Who can predict everything in the world? In his eyes, Zhen Fei and Han Mu are at golden core state peak stage and tertiary stage respectively. With my middle stage peak power, Li Changsheng would have never succeed if he didn't take the burst soul pill. He didn't expect us not to find the ruin he provided us, but instead we found the Cao Huan fruit. He also didn't expect Li Changsheng to be this cunning and decisive. If you hadn't been here, Li Changsheng would've succeeded."

"Did you four break the stealth formation first and then find the Cao Huan fruit? Li Changsheng said for everyone to consume one first?" Ye Mo asked.

Li Yuqian looked approvingly at Ye Mo and said, "Yes, when we found the Cao Huan fruit, I was very happy too. No one objected to Li Changsheng's proposal, so we ate one each. But while we were digesting the fruit, Li Changsheng ate the fruit but didn't start to digest it. He killed Han Mu and heavily injured Zhen Fei while they were cultivating. However, he was heavily injured too by Zhen Fei's counterattack. But I was able to digest the fruit while they were fighting and reach golden core state tertiary stage."

Ye Mo nodded. No wonder Li Changsheng hadn't taken the burst soul pill.

Li Yuqian continued, "I knew I was no match for him, so I ran. And you know what happened afterwards. "

Ye Mo understood the full story now. It seemed like a burst soul pill was in the ring and he didn't even know about it. He could sell it for money, even if he didn't need it.

Ye Mo looked at the fatigued Li Yuqian and asked, "Doesn't the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect also have a nascent soul state cultivator? Why be afraid of the burst soul pill?"

Li Yuqian smiled bitterly. "Grand Elder Wang failed in reaching hollow spirit state 30 years ago and died. If Elder Wang were still here, not even a four-star sect would dare to fight us, much less the Li family. That Qian Tuoshui wouldn't dare use us as a bait either."

Another reason that Li Yuqian hadn't mentioned was that Qian Tuoshui had sent them to die because they also disagreed with merging the sect with the Hidden Sword Sect.

Ye Mo understood what was going on, but he didn't want to stay with Li Yuqian. After all, she was at golden core state and he was at foundation establishment state.

"What plans do you have now, Li-Qianbei?" Ye Mo thought and asked.

Li Yuqian hesitated before saying, "I was born in the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect, but I don't want to go back now, so I don't have a place to go. If you don't mind, I can tell my senior disciple to come out and we can go together to your pill shop."

Ye Mo shook his head. "I don't mind that, but if you're coming with your senior disciple, then you don't need to come to my place. If I'm not wrong, your senior disciple allied with Li Bailsen. Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were in trouble due to her."

Then, Ye Mo explained what happened at the peak. Hearing the story, Li Yuqian's face changed many times before giving a long sigh. "In that case, I'll go to the River State myself. Yangzhu and Ye Ling are my disciples, I didn't teach them much. I can go to River State to recover and teach them."

Ye Mo couldn't really stop her now. He took out three Cao Huan fruits and gave them to Li Yuqian. "Qianbei, you can have these. I got five altogether."

Li Yuqian's face changed and said with a sunken expression, "Ye Mo, I've always lived in the sect and I rarely went out. So, I don't think about a lot of things. If you think I'm going to River State for the fruits, then I won't go. It's precious but first, I don't know how to concoct pills nor do I know high level pill masters. It's useless to me."

Hearing this, Ye Mo took it back and said, "Sorry, Qianbei, I misunderstood you. In that case, I'll take back the fruit. I know a pill master who can make heaven grade level 1 pills. I can give you a Cao Huan pill later."

"What?! You know a level 1 pill king?!" Li Yuqian couldn't stay calm anymore.
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