Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 863

Chapter 863: Nan Shan Market
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Even a nascent soul state cultivator had to be respectful to a level 1 pill king. The main pills used by nascent soul state cultivators were spirit grade level 8 and 9 pills and maybe heaven grade level 1 pills. Only pill kings could make heaven level pills.

Ye Mo also felt proud of himself. Although he couldn't make the Cao Huan pill right now, he believed he could in a few months.

Ye Mo nodded seriously. "Yes, my master is a pill king. He can make the Cao Huan pill."

Ye Mo felt like that non-existent master was quite a convenient card, so he played it again.

Ye Mo's master was a pill king? Li Yuqian was dazed. She hadn't though Ye Mo could have such a big background. Ye Mo probably met the master after encountering her, since it would have been quite easy to help Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling find a nascent soul state master.

Thinking about this, Li Yuqian said gratefully, "Then I'm grateful to your master."

Ye Mo smiled. "You're Yangzhu and Ye Ling's master. Also, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been able to get the Cao Huan Fruit. A Cao Huan pill is nothing compared to that, but since you have decided to go to River State, I think it's best to go as soon as possible. We shouldn't stay here for long."

"Then, do we go there now?" Li Yuqian could sense that Ye Mo was a lot more experienced in the world and fighting than her, so she asked for his opinion.

"No, I'm going to the Nan Shan market first. But first, I'll find a place for Qianbei to recover," Ye Mo replied.

Li Yuqian thought for a moment and said, "In that case, I'll go with you to the market after I've recovered."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "Qianbei, if I'm not wrong, it definitely won't be long until Zheng Tuoshui goes to the ruins he told you about. If he finds that none of you guys went, he will know that something went wrong. No matter what, he won't be at ease. He will try to find one of you first. With your golden core state reputation, Zheng Tuoshui will know immediately if you go to the market. So, it's best that you head secretly to my place to recover. You should change your face too."

Ye Mo wanted to go to the ruins and damage it, making the scene seem like three out of the four cultivators had died and Li Changsheng had gotten away. However, Ye Mo was aware that it would very hard for him to do that with his current power. Even knowing that they had manage to break the trap formation Qian Tuoshui had made, he didn't dare to try anything. If they had happened to encounter the great elder, they would have never gotten away.

Li Yuqian nodded. They packed their things and quickly left.

Half a day later, they were more than 100,000 km away from where the battle had taken place. Li Yuqian was quite heavily injured, so Ye Mo had no other option but to wait for her to recover. There were still three days left until the auction, so Ye Mo wasn't in too much of a rush.

After a day, Li Yuqian had recovered greatly. She took out a mask and gave it to Ye Mo. "This is for you."

"You are capable of hiding next to me and Li Changsheng and not be noticed, which means that you have a really good stealth cultivation method. I don't have anything good. This mask is called Nine Transformations. After you spirit control it, it can change into nine different faces. No one under hollow spirit state will be able to recognize you, it's yours."

Ye Mo knew it was a very good artefact. It was probably very valuable to Li Yuqian too. He quickly rejected it, "Qianbei, I don't have a lot of enemies. Qianbei should keep this for yourself."

Li Yuqian shook her head. "I will put on a mask after I get to River State City. I will be staying inside China Pharmaceuticals until I reach nascent soul state, unless something happens. I don't need it. However, you might need it for the auction."

Hearing this, Ye Mo agreed and took it. He also found the burst soul pill in Li Changsheng's storage ring and gave it to Li Yuqian.

Li Yuqian was aware that it wasn't much use to Ye Mo, so she took it and the two cultivators followed their own paths.

Ye Mo only took a day to get to the Nan Shan market.

The place wasn't owned by a sect. It had developed into a large scale cultivation market. It was said that there was a nascent soul state peak stage cultivator protecting this place, so everyone felt very safe making deals there. No one would dare offend a nascent soul state peak stage cultivator.

Ye Mo was planning on finding a hotel to stay for the night, but because he had arrived too late, many hotels were full. There were cultivation homes too, but Ye Mo wasn't going to rent one just for one night - it was too extravagant.

When Ye Mo went to the 8th hotel, Ye Mo finally was told by the receptionist that there was a room available. However, the room was more than twice as expensive as the other ones. It was 50 spirit stones a night.

"Okay, then I'll take this room."

Suddenly, someone said, "Are there top quality rooms here?" the voice was crisp and prideful.

Ye Mo turned around to see a pretty woman in her 20s. She was wearing a pink dress and had fair skin. Her hair was tied up beautifully with butterfly ornaments on it. She was even prettier than Song Yangzhu.

Moreover, she was that young and was already at foundation establishment state level 7.

Behind her there was a not so handsome young man in his 20s. His skin was a little dark and he had a squared face - he seemed very innocent. He walked behind the girl but he didn't talk. However, he was also at foundation establishment state level 7.

The waiter was shook by the girl's beauty and it took him a while to react. "There was just one top-grade room, but this friend here already took it. There's another low-grade room but it's rather cheap. Eight spirit stones a night."

Ye Mo heard this and wondered why the receptionist hadn't told him about it too. He could've saved 42 spirit stones. The difference was just in the level of spirit chi inside the rooms.

Hearing this, the woman immediately looked at Ye Mo and said, "Give me your top-grade room, you can have the low grade-room."

If the woman had asked nicely, Ye Mo would have agreed for sure. Yet she made it sound like she deserved to stay at the top-grade room, whereas he belonged at the low-grade room. Without thinking, he threw 50 spirit stones on the counter. "I need to rest. Hurry up and do the procedures."

Seeing that Ye Mo was ignoring her, the woman raised her eyebrow. She was about to rage, but the dark-skinned young man quickly went to him and saluted him with his fists before taking out 10 middle-grade spirit stones and said politely, "Sorry, Big Brother, please help me out. This is a small amount but-"

Ye Mo smiled and took back the middle-grade spirit stones and his own coins and gave eight low-grade spirit stones to the receptionist. "On this brother's account, I'll stay in the low grade room."
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