Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 865

Chapter 865: The Person who Bought the Core Building Grass
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

The night had passed, lost in their conversation, and it was daytime.

Yu Ruyu heard Hai Dan's words and quickly said to Ye Mo, "Sorry, Brother Ye."

Ye Mo smiled calmly. He wasn't going to care about what that woman said on Yu Ruyu's account. He waved his hand. "Brother Yu, as a friend, I'll give you a word of advice, there's plenty of fish in the sea."

Then, Ye Mo turned away to leave.

Yu Ruyu understood this and Hai Dan heard it too, but by the time she reacted, Ye Mo had already left.

Hai Dan's pretty face was red with anger. Although she looked down on Yu Ruyu, her pride had been hurt being called not worth it. She couldn't exert her anger on Ye Mo, so she kicked Yu Ruyu on the chest.

Yu Ruyu didn't dare dodge and was kicked many meters away. He fell down the stairs. Ye Mo saw this scene with his spirit sense and shook his head.

Ye Mo put on Nine Transformations and changed into a middle-aged man before heading to the auction.

The auction was quite busy indeed. The entrance was filled with people.

There were no limitations, so you could go as long as you had spirit stones. The entrance fee was 1000 low-grade spirit stones. People could sit anywhere they wanted, but 10,000 spirit stones was the price for a simple room, 100,000 spirit stones for a high-level room, and 300,000 for an extremely grand room.

Ye Mo simply spent 10,000 low-grade spirit stones for a simple room.

The room was simple, but Ye Mo was happy with it after going inside. It wasn't small and one could see the auction board through the display formation. There was no room service though. If you wanted a female cultivator to serve you, you needed to go to the 100,000 spirit stones rooms or higher.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out carefully and found that he could only see the people sitting in open space, but no one from the rooms. Ye Mo also found out that the higher level rooms had better spirit sense shielding formations.

Ye Mo immediately wondered whether he should make a better spirit sense shielding formation. He had the skills and materials.

Just at this moment, a strong spirit sense scanned into his room and went through him without any pause.

The spirit sense was very strong! It was from an at least nascent soul state cultivator. However, from the way he scanned everyone's room without concern, Ye Mo could tell that this person could be at hollow spirit state already.

Ye Mo didn't hesitate and started building a spirit sense shielding formation. He didn't want people scanning his room so easily.

In about 15 minutes, Ye Mo finished a simple spirit sense shielding formation.

This formation couldn't block hollow spirit state spirit senses, but together with the original formation of the room, it was enough to block nascent soul state spirit senses.

The auction had started now, so Ye Mo had to stop making more formations. He had made up his mind to make some more formation disks in his spare time. With that, he could just take one out and use it - instead of working on everything from scratch.

As soon as Ye Mo sat down, a few more spirit senses scanned over, but they were all blocked by his formation. It was as safe as a 300,000 spirit stones room now.

A beautiful woman in her 30s got up on the stage and smiled at everyone. "This auction is held by the Nan Shan market! Yu and Ming-Qianbei, as well as me, will be hosting the auction. I'm Liu Yan, I hope everyone can get what you want from this auction. We will be using middle-grade spirit stones for everything, so please make bids using middle-grade spirit stones. Okay, let's get started!"

Ye Mo noticed that the woman was at least at golden core state tertiary stage. Ye Mo didn't dare study the two old men behind her. From their temperament, they were at least nascent soul state cultivators.

The Nan Shan market was powerful indeed. Anyone could kill him easily.

Ye Mo didn't scan other rooms because he knew there wouldn't be anyone weaker than him.

Liu Yan knocked with a the mace-like artefact and said, "Everyone, the first item of the day is Geng Metal Essence! The starting bid is 10,000 middle-grade spirit stones. Each increment must be no lower than 1000!"

Liu Yuan raised the piece of Geng Metal Essence - it was the size of two fists. Ye Mo sighed. The one he had bought from the small world was the size of a basket, yet he had bought it with just some gold.

Geng Metal Essence had a wide variety of uses. It could be used to make spirit and magic artefacts.

Soon, it was bought for 15,000 spirit stones.

The next two items were spirit artefacts, both sold for more than 50,000 middle-grade spirit stones. Ye Mo realized that he was lucky to have found Li Changsheng's ring, or he wouldn't have been able to buy anything with his earnings.

When a spirit grade level 2 cultivation method was sold for 500,000 spirit stones, the crowd was rowdy. Ye Mo realized that he had rejoiced too early. He only had about 2 million middle-grade spirit stones and 10 million low-grade spirit stones. That was more or less 3 million middle-grade spirit stones in value.

Ye Mo could only hope that Segmented Earth wasn't too expensive, or he wouldn't be able to afford it.

"Now, we're going to auction one of the most sought items in this auction. You guessed it! The Core Building Grass! Its starting price is one million. Each increment must be no less than 10,000."

With this, the scene went wild. Ye Mo could only sigh, he couldn't fight for it at all. Core Building Grass was one of the main ingredients for the cultivation increasing pill. It was very rare, it was a level 5 spirit herb.

The cultivation increasing pill was a pill for foundation establishment state peak cultivators to reach golden core state. There were a few pills that could also do the same, but the cultivation increasing pill was undoubtedly one of the best. The only difficulty was that it required a level 7 spirit pill master to make it.

There was only one level difference between spirit level 6 and 7, but some people were never be able to make this step in their entire lifetime.

Yan Zheng was already very respectful to him for being a level 6 spirit pill master. If he knew that Ye Mo could make level 8 or even 9 pills, he would definitely treat Ye Mo significantly better.

It was just a moment later and the price had already raised to 1.5 million. Ye Mo didn't bid at all, knowing that he couldn't afford it.

There were many foundation establishment state cultivators in this auction, but it was the golden core state cultivators or even the nascent soul state cultivators increasing the price. They weren't buying it for themselves, of course.

If their sect or family had one more golden core state cultivator, their power would increase significantly.

"Two million!" a coarse voice sounded.

Ye Mo reached out his spirit sense carefully and found that the person who had claimed this price also came from a low-priced room.
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