Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 866

Chapter 866: Not Enough Spirit Stones
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo could tell from the voice belonged to a woman. Ye Mo couldn't scan his spirit sense in, as it could shield golden core state spirit senses or lower.

No one bid for the Core Building Herb after such a huge rise, and the woman eventually got it.

Ye Mo was regretful. If he had known that woman, perhaps he could have negotiated with her to make the cultivation increasing pill and they could have gotten half-half.

After the herb, the next few items were ordinary, so the audience gradually calmed down again.

"The next auctioned item is a stool of unknown origin. No one knows what this seat is made of! I can only tell it's something special. I hope the buyer is lucky! If anything goes wrong, the auction holder will not be responsible. The starting bid is 100,000 spirit stones! Each increment must be no less than 10,000." Liu Yao placed a stone stool on the table. It seemed difficult to handle and heavy.

However, Ye Mo almost jumped up in excitement. The stone stool in his ring had started shaking as soon as Liu Yao took it out.

He had found the stone stool in the small world. He got the first one from Master Tian Ze, who had left it behind accidentally. He still couldn't understand what it was.

The audience fell silent. Even the nascent soul state cultivators weren't hustling to get their spirit stones out. No one wanted to spend 100,000 to buy something that they didn't know what it was.

"110,000!" someone finally made a bid after the silence.

"130,000," it seemed like someone was taking the lead and it lead to a round of biddings.



It had just been moment, but the price had already gone over the 200,000. Ye Mo was desperate. He knew he had to make a bid.

"500,000!" Ye Mo called.

Ye Mo forgot that the more desperate he was, the more people would think this thing was relevant.

"600,000!" someone else bidded.

Ye Mo was shook. He realized that there were too many wealthy people there. His wealth really wasn't anything compared to theirs.

Even Ye Mo stopped. He could tell now wasn't the time to bid, he had to wait until the audience calmed down.

Liu Yan hadn't expected the stone stool to reach this price. She smiled sweetly. "This unknown stone stool has reached 600k! Someone must've realized this is some kind of treasure. Although I also want the bidder to tell us what it is, I know it's impossible."

Ye Mo got furious at her when she suddenly said, "Okay, since one person recognized it, will a second person also recognize it? It's 600,000 now. Is there a higher price? There's only one opportunity."

However, no one else made a bid and the scene fell silent for a while. Liu Yan then said, "First time for 600,000. Any more bids? Second time-"

Someone called, "700,000!"



Soon, the new round of bids brought up the price to one million.

Ye Mo didn't care that much about the herb from before, but he really cared about the stone stool. He believed it was very extraordinary. He would feel very regretful if he couldn't get it.

The price stopped at one million.

Liu Yao was very satisfied with her persuasive skills.

"Okay, 1 million, first time! Is there a higher price? If not, you'll be missing out on the fortune the stone stool may bring you," Liu Yao said.

"1.01 million," Ye Mo calmed down and said.

"1.2 million!" the previous bidder called seemingly unhappy.

Ye Mo reached out his spirit sense, but he couldn't penetrate the room of the bidder.

At the same time, tens of spirit senses scanned over to Ye Mo, wanting to see what sort of a bidder he was. Yet what shook them was that although this cultivator had the lowest grade room, their spirit sense couldn't penetrate it.

"1.21 million," Ye Mo added.

"1.3 million."

"1.31 million," Ye Mo added again.

"1.5 million."

"1.51 million."

It seemed both parties were angry. Liu Yan kept making remarks to spice up the feud between the two bidders.

When Ye Mo called out 2.51 million, the cultivator finally raged and roared, "Three million! If you still want to bid, it's yours. I'm the Hidden Sword Sect's Fei Cijiang. I'd be very happy if you got the stone stool."

Ye Mo fell silent. He wasn't threatened by Fei Cijiang, but he only had three million spirit stones. Yet now, he had no option but to watch Fei Cijiang get the stone stool.

Ye Mo also realized about the importance of spirit stones while improving his power. Although he was rather wealthy for a foundation establishment state cultivator, his spirit stones were nothing compared to the truly wealthy people.

Both of the things he had wanted to buy were taken.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't bidding anymore, everyone assumed that Ye Mo was scared of Fei Cijiang since the Hidden Sword Sect was almost as strong as a five-star sect.

Fei Cijiang was very unhappy that he had had to spend three million to buy the stone stool.

After the auction, he would teach that guy a lesson.

Despite not having gotten the stone stool, Ye Mo had found out that Fei Cijiang was from the Hidden Sword Sect, so he made up his mind. Once he had enough power, the first place he would go to would be the Hidden Sword Sect. He must get the stone stool.

Even Liu Yan hadn't expected that some random stone stool would get sold for three million middle-grade spirit stones. It was the highest priced item of the auction so far!
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