Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 867

Chapter 867: Rusty Hacking Sword
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Liu Yan then took out a cultivation method and said, "This is a sword ability called Illusion Cloud, but it's incomplete. There's only a third of it left and it's grade is unclear."

Illusion Cloud? Ye Mo heard this and remembered the Li family's sword ability. If it was, then he didn't have any use for it. He had even gotten a jade slip after killing Li Changsheng that recorded the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. He couldn't even be bothered looking at it.

Liu Yan said, "Only the last third of the sword ability remains, it has been impossible to cultivate it so far. The starting bid is 20,000 spirit stones! Each increment must be no lesser than 1000."

Ye Mo thought about it. Did the Illusion Cloud sword ability not come from the Li family but from somewhere else? The Li family's one was incomplete too.

Ye Mo had had a close-up experience with the power of the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. It was no weaker than Three Birth Sword Ray. The whirlpool sword chi Li Baisen had used was very hard to defend against. If Ye Mo hadn't had the Three Birth Sword Ray, he might have not been able to stop it. However, Ye Mo wasn't interested in it because it was a singled-edged sword ability, not double edge.

"21,000!" Ye Mo bid again. He still wanted to know if this one was connected to the one he got.

Most cultivators cultivated double edge sword abilities. This sword ability was incomplete and it was the latter part, which couldn't be cultivated, so no one bidded after Ye Mo made a bid.

Eventually, the sword ability became his.

When Ye Mo got the sword ability and checked it, he found it was the last three strikes of the Illusion Cloud Six Strikes. He rejoiced - it had been so worth to buy it for 21,000 spirit stones!

It was really called the Illusion Cloud Nine Strikes. Ye Mo felt that if he learned the Illusion Cloud Nine Strikes, his battle power would increase to a rather terrifying state. The complete version was ten times stronger than the incomplete version.

His flying sword was too low-level, however. After getting the sword ability, Ye Mo decided to get a good single edged sword.

The following items were of no interest to Ye Mo. There were spirit herbs and ores that even nascent soul state cultivators needed, but it wasn't something Ye Mo could afford.

Ye Mo only bought one more thing, which was ten pieces of a level 4 spirit herb, the Yin Lian Flower. It was a supplementary ingredient to the stalagmite benefit pill, but only that costed tens of thousands of spirit stones.

Just when Ye Mo thought he was going to have to wait longer, Liu Yan took out a piece of Segmented Earth. "Everyone, we're going to auction a block of Segmented Earth! Everyone knows it's ideal for setting up formations. Many people also use it to forge artefacts. This is a low-grade kind of Segmented Earth, but it's still very valuable and I believe everyone knows this. The starting bid is 300,000 spirit stones. Each increment must be no lower than 10,000."

"500,000!" Ye Mo heard Fei Cijiang bid almost instantly.

"510,000," Ye Mo bid without thinking. Ye Mo still had about 2.9 million spirit stones now.

When Ye Mo bidded, everyone was dazed. They had seen Ye Mo surrender when Fei Cijiang told everyone about his sect, yet now Ye Mo was bidding against him again.

Everyone had realized by now that Ye Mo wasn't afraid of Fei Cijiang's identity - he had just wanted to make Fei Cijiang spend more money. Perhaps there was conflict between the two men.

Ye Mo and Fei Cijiang were capable of easily bidding millions of spirit stones so when they started competing, many people left. The piece of Segmented Earth was low-grade and it could only be used for formations.

Ye Mo's bids made Fei Cijiang very angry. He had thought not long ago that Ye Mo was afraid of him, but now it seemed like he was a clown. That man was bidding 10,000 extra each time to toy with him, making him spend more money. Perhaps that person was laughing at how stupid he was.

"Very well, 600,000!" Fei Cijiang's cold voice sounded.

"610,000," Ye Mo said calmly. He was also annoyed at Fei Cijiang, who took what he wanted every time.





It was just Ye Mo and Fei Cijiang bidding. Each time Fei Cijiang made a bid, Ye Mo would add 10,000 to it. Everyone was enjoying this show. It was not a fight for the piece of Segmented Earth, but two cultivator taking out their anger on each other.

But Ye Mo knew he wasn't.

"Well, well, very well!" Fei Cijiang clenched his teeth and said when the bid was at 1.01 million.

The chunk of Segmented Earth became Ye Mo's.

It was considered quite lucky that Ye Mo could get it for 1.01 million. This was mainly due to their seemingly personal feud over it. Or else, the piece of Segmented Earth might have been sold for even two million.

Ye Mo was prepared to leave once he got Segmented Earth.

"The next item is a level 6 beast core!"

That was also rare, but Ye Mo knew he couldn't afford it either. Hence, he left the auction. At the same time, Ye Mo felt Shadowless wake up. It hadn't grown much bigger, but the golden patch on his back had grown larger.

Ye Mo rejoiced. On a certain degree, he needed shadowless. Its power was very well hidden, yet strong.

Ye Mo went to a corner and stayed there for a long while. When he was sure that no one was following him, he changed his clothes and face.

The auction went on for two more days, so when Ye Mo went back, the market place was still very busy.

Ye Mo walked around the market. He was planning to go back to China Pharmaceuticals.

"Do you want 500 spirit stones for this crappy sword? I have 90 low-grade spirit stones here. If you want to sell it, I'll take it," a voice caught Ye Mo's attention.

Two male cultivators were carrying a huge rusty hacking sword and arguing. The stall owner was an old man in his 60s. He was only at chi gathering level 9.

Ye Mo shook his head. That rusty sword wasn't even worth 90 spirit stones, much less 500 spirit stones.

Ye Mo was about to walk away when he suddenly felt something wasn't right. The two buyers were foundation establishment state cultivators, couldn't they tell it was not worth the money? Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense on the rusty sword.
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