Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 868

Chapter 868: Counter Rob
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Soon, Ye Mo realized that it was a very ordinary hacking sword, but there was something inside the sword that blocked out spirit sense. There were also tens of formations around this spirit sense shielding formation. Ye Mo believed he had quite a good understanding of formations, yet he couldn't tell the type of a single one of them.

The old man heard this and put away the sword before saying, "Sorry, Qianbei, this sword has been passed down by my ancestors. If it wasn't for the fact that I don't have a descendant nor have a way to reach foundation establishment state, I wouldn't sell this sword."

Ye Mo walked up to the stall and took the sword, "I'll have a look."

Ye Mo didn't even look at it and just gave the old man 500 spirit stones. "I like this sword. I'll take it, these are your 500 spirit stones."

When the old man grabbed the spirit stones in a daze, one of the foundation establishment state cultivators stopped Ye Mo and said, "Friend, we saw this sword first. What right do you have to buy it?"

Ye Mo smiled plainly. "That's really strange. I clearly saw you to bargain and pay 90 spirit stones, but the stall owner agree. Is there something wrong with me buying it from him for a price he likes?"

They were a level 3 and a level 5 foundation establishment state cultivators. Ye Mo didn't care at all. He made his power seem like it was at foundation establishment state level 3. He was afraid that the two cultivators wouldn't go out and look for him later on. If they did, he would be able to figure out some stuff. His spirit sense was at false core level - he could see what the two foundation establishment state cultivators might not be able to see.

Since the two men couldn't see the spirit sense shielding formation inside the sword, why did they want it? That's what Ye Mo wanted to know. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to find him if he didn't want them to.

The level 5 cultivator sneered, "According to you, no one needs to bargain. You can just take what you want with money while people are still discussing business."

Then, he looked around to the crowd watching and saluted with his fist. "Friends, is that how things work? I was discussing business with this stall owner, but this guy threw 500 spirit stones and just took the sword. How does he know I wasn't going to pay 500 spirit stones? I was planning on taking out 500 spirit stones. We should respect the order based on who came first, right?"

No one dared intervene. Whoever had more money, deserved the sword. Everyone knew that this foundation establishment state cultivator hadn't been planning on taking out 500 spirit stones.

Ye Mo suddenly laughed. "Let's say you're right! Then I will earn a lot when I go to an auction. When something comes out, I will make the first bid. According to your logic, I made the first bid, so everyone else won't bother making bids because the item belongs to the first bidder. Your logic really makes sense."

Everyone started laughing. Although Ye Mo had bent the truth a little, it was still reasonable.

The foundation establishment state cultivator's face was red. He sneered, "People can compete with in auction. You didn't even give me the chance to make a bid. You just took it and left."

Ye Mo's face suddenly became serious and he nodded. "You're right, very well. You can start bidding. I bid 500 spirit stones. If you make a higher bid, then it's yours."

The foundation establishment state cultivator was dazed. He hadn't thought Ye Mo would suddenly be so easy to talk to and let him bid.

But just after a moment of hesitation later, he said, "I bid 550." No matter what, he had to get the sword.

Ye Mo said, "1000."

The two cultivators didn't expect Ye Mo to add this much at one time, but they still gritted their teeth and bid, "1100."

"2000." Ye Mo knew he had reached his goal when he bid 2000.

The two men saw Ye Mo casually add 1000 spirit stones and realized that it was pointless for them to keep raising the price. Ye Mo was only at level 3 foundation establishment state, but he was already very wealthy. Moreover, that sword-

The two cultivators glanced at each other and didn't speak.

Ye Mo could be certain now that they would follow him.

Ye Mo gave the stall owner another 1.500 spirit stones and left.

The two men also left and Ye Mo walked in the opposite direction.

They went into a quiet room and started to change their appearance.

The level 3 cultivator said worriedly, "Martial Brother Gu, that guy is at foundation establishment state at such a young age and he had so many spirit stones. Do you think he might have a big origin?"

The martial brother gu sneered, "What do you think? If he had a big origin, would he use a storage bag? He probably just had some fortune. That hacking sword concerns our future. We must not let him go, no matter what. Moreover, he's only at foundation establishment state primary stage. I can kill him easily."

Ye Mo left the market casually and flew away on his flying sword slowly.

As expected, after flying approximately 30 km away from market, he noticed the two foundation establishment state cultivators - but they were wearing masks. But without special magic artefacts to change their chi, spirit sense could easily scan through their masks.

Ye Mo didn't go very fast but the two men were patient. They sped up to stop Ye Mo after he was more than thousands of miles away from the market.

"What do you two want?" Ye Mo's face didn't change at all.

The level 3 cultivator sneered, "Nothing, you took what you shouldn't have. Kid, give us everything and perhaps we might let you live!"

Ye Mo laughed. There was some story to that sword indeed. His power level suddenly rose and surpassed level 4. With his power cultivation essence and spirit sense, he could easily imitate the power level of a foundation establishment state tertiary stage cultivator.

The two men had thought Ye Mo was just some ordinary foundation establishment state primary stage, but now Ye Mo's power level had drastically risen. They were quickly forced back by Ye Mo's power.

"You're a false core cultivator?!" the level 5 cultivator called out in shock. He had realized that they had been baited by this cultivator.

Ye Mo didn't waste time talking. He sent out his flying sword and tens of sword ray shot out. He also released Shadowless.

Ye Mo's sword ray pulverized the level 5 cultivator's shield. The next moment, Shadowless was draining the essence blood of the man.

All of this happened in an instant. By the time the level 3 cultivator reacted, he could only run away.

However, he had just taken a step and Ye Mo was already standing in front of him.
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