Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 869

Chapter 869: Im Here to Watch the Show
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"Qianbei, I was lured here to stop Qianbei by Gu Yuhuo. I'm willing to give you everything I have just so Qianbei can have mercy on me." The level 3 cultivator had seen Ye Mo kill his companion instantly and realized the difference between them was too great.

Ye Mo said, "Tell me why you must have that sword! Is there something special about it?"

Ye Mo sent out his flying sword again, covering the sky with sword rays, and waited to attack the level 3 cultivator.

The cultivator, who had wanted make a deal with Ye Mo, shivered at the scene. He couldn't understand how Ye Mo controlled the sword rays to this degree. He immediately said, "Qianbei, Gu Yuhuo and I found the map of an ancient ruin. We've been there, but we couldn't go in. The key to the door is a hacking sword."

Ye Mo asked, "So you're saying that the sword I just bought is the key? There are millions of hacking swords in the world. How can you be sure that this is the one?"

"Qianbei, that hacking sword has nine crevices. Ordinary hacking swords don't have as many meaningless crevices. The sword you bought happened to have them, so- so-" The level 3 cultivator was shaking. He didn't know if Ye Mo would let him go afterwards.

Ye Mo hadn't really noticed the crevices until now. After perusal, Ye Mo noticed that each crevice had a different shape and inside the crevice there were formations hidden inside.

"Where is the map?" Ye Mo asked.

"Inside Gu Yuhuo's storage bag," the cultivator didn't dare lie and quickly replied.

Ye Mo searched Gu Yuhuo's bag and indeed found an ancient map inside.

Ye Mo studied the map and realized that he had been there. It was at the All Herb Mountain Ranges!

"All Herb Mountain Ranges," Ye Mo murmured.

"Yes, yes," the foundation establishment state master quickly replied, wondering what Ye Mo would do to him as he had no value anymore.

Ye Mo wasn't going to be generous. If he hadn't been a match for the two men, they wouldn't have let him live. Hence, he also didn't have any reason to let them live. Moreover, the sword and the map were all secrets. He wasn't going to let go off a ticking bomb.

Ye Mo immediately activated the sword rays to kill this foundation establishment state cultivator and then he took his storage bag.

Ye Mo went on his flying pike, but he immediately realized that he shouldn't go back to River State immediately. He should go to some other place and set up the teleport formation before going back.

Two days later, Ye Mo arrived in an unknown mountain range 100,000 km away from River State. He was planning on setting up the teleportation formation there because the furthest one he could make with the materials he had was of a 100,000 km distance.

Ye Mo found a distant valley in the ranges and opened up a cultivation cave. Inside, he was going to set up the teleportation formation.

It took Ye Mo half a day to drill a hole in the valley, after which he started making formation flags.

Luckily, he had already finished most of the flags. The main materials he needed to deal with were Star Sand and Segmented Earth. Three days later, Ye Mo finished setting up the teleportation formation and left some pills and spirit stones in the stone room before leaving.

He then walked out of the valley and rebuilt the valley to how it was before. Finally, Ye Mo could rest assured. Now he just needed to set up the other side of the portal inside China Pharmaceuticals. With that, even if he offended someone strong, he could take Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling and run away.

Ye Mo left the valley and went on the flying pike, heading towards River State City. He had been gone for around 10 days and he was very worried.

However, he hadn't gone very far when he scanned four figures. One at the front and three at the back, all rushing towards the mountains he was in.

Ye Mo believed that ordinary people wouldn't be able to find his teleportation formation at all. He had large amounts of sound and spirit barrier formations in a spirit chi arid valley. Hence, Ye Mo didn't care at all where they were going.

They were two men and two women. The one at the front was a woman and seemed to be at foundation establishment state peak stage. The three people behind her were also all at foundation establishment state peak stage, one was nearly at false core stage.

"Even if I die, don't think you'll get it!" the woman called out in rage. Her voice was coarse and she had heavy injuries.

Ye Mo heard this and realized that it was the woman who had bought the Core Building Herb at the auction.

Ye Mo immediately realized why these people behind were chasing her. He sighed - this woman had been too careless and had let people recognize her. It was very important to not let people recognize who you are after an auction. Fei Cijiang had told people who he was because he had a strong background and people would respect him instead.

The Core Building Herb was very rare - rarer than Bitter Ten Years. Yet, Ye Mo had now encountered it in such a barren place. There was no reason for him not to follow them and watch.

With these thoughts, Ye Mo also followed them.

The four cultivators immediately noticed this and the woman ran even faster. The other three cultivators sneered. Ye Mo was a small mere foundation establishment state level 4 cultivator, but he dared join the party. He was asking to die.

Ye Mo followed behind them. In half a day's time, they had already passed Ye Mo's formation.

Although Ye Mo could catch up to them easily, he still stayed behind carefully. Ye Mo wasn't afraid of any one of them but if they gang up against him, he would have to run.

Seeing there were no more escape routes ahead, the female cultivator stopped and looked back. She brushed her messy hair back and stared coldly at the three pursuers, ignoring the level 4 man, Ye Mo.

The other three cultivators also stopped, forming a semicircle around the female cultivator.

Ye Mo stopped too and just stared at the group. Ye Mo then noticed that the woman who had gotten the herb looked like she was in her 40s - her skin condition wasn't very good. One could tell she had had a harsh journey of cultivation. She had average looks, but her body was very good.

As for the three pursuers, one was a tall man who was more or less 2 m tall and was nearly at false core state. But from his chi, Ye Mo could tell he was a far cry from Li Baisen.

The other man was short and fat, he was at foundation establishment state peak stage. The woman was in her 30s and had a smile on her face. She was much prettier than the woman running.

Seeing that the woman had stopped, the tall man said coldly to Ye Mo, "P*ss off or die!"

Ye Mo sneered at the man and said in contempt, "Who do you think you are? I want to be here and watch the show, do you have a problem?"

Seeing a mere level 4 foundation establishment state cultivator dared curse at a false core state cultivator, the two people behind the man as well as the woman in front were dazed. They couldn't understand where Ye Mo got his courage from.
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