Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Being Followed

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Ring Ring! it was Yu Miaodans phone. She picked it up, but no one spoke.

Just when she was confused, Wu Xuemings face suddenly changed. He immediately said, Quick! Turn it off! Quick

Yu Miaodan closed her phone confusingly and looked at Wu Xueming: Whats wrong, Xueming?

We were probably geolocated by these people. I think it would take no longer than two minutes before they find out where we are... Wu Xuemings face looked bad.

Huh!? Then what do we do? But... I just switched to a new number, and nobody knew... How did they know? Yu Miaodan had a face full of worry and was pale. Ye Mo could tell from Yu Miaodans face that the people they offended were very powerful; otherwise, they wouldnt be this scared.

Before you got your new number, you called Dai Shan. It was probably revealed from her. Wu Xuemings face didnt look good, but he had calmed down already.

How is that possible? Dai Shan is like my sister! Why would she do something like that? Yu Miaodans face was full of disbelief.

Theres nothing thats impossible in this world. Although Dai Shan is very close to you, who could resist their temptation in front of death or benefits? This isnt the time to think about it now. We need to think about what we should do next! Wu Xueming was completely calm now.

Ye Mo saw that Wu Xueming was quite collected and thought of him more highly. When things happened, one need to face it, not complain.

Brother Ye, Im really sorry, you need to get off here. Truth be told, were also running away. However, the people I offended are much more powerful than the people you offended. Right now, we have been tracked by them, and theyll probably find us soon. If you stay in the car, youll be affected too. Wu Xueming had an apologetic face, but he glanced once at Yu Miaodan showing concern.

Yu Miaodan had also calmed down. She had already seen Wu Xuemings worry, but she laughed it off: Xueming, whats there to worry about. Can they stop us from dying together?

However, Wu Xueming didnt feel relieved from Yu Miaodans words. Instead, he said glumly, Sorry, Miaodan, Im a man, but I cant even protect my own woman

After speaking, Wu Xueming had stopped the car, and Ye Mo knew what he had meant by that: he wanted him to get off the car.

For Ye Mo, it was the best for him to get off here. He already had enough troubles and didnt expect that a random ride he took would have as much trouble as he had. However, if he got off here, his heart wouldnt be able to rest. He wasnt some heartless person.

When he needed help, he waved his hand, and they helped him, so now when the same people who helped him were in trouble, he couldnt just pat his butt and leave. Regardless, Ye Mo felt this was unacceptable.

Seeing Ye Mo frowned but still not get off the car, Wu Xueming quickly told him, Brother Ye, hurry up and get off the car, the power I offended is too great. Perhaps it wont be long before they catch up to us, they might even stop us ahead.

Ye Mo smiled and said, Although I dont know what sort of person Brother Wu offended, I really want to stay and help you. After all, you helped me before, if I dont help you, that cant be acceptable no matter what. I think that with one extra person, its one more share of power. I hope Brother Wu wont mind.

Wu Xueming looked at Ye Mo and sighed: I finally understand now why you would offend the local authorities there. With your personality, it would be a miracle if you didnt offend them. But, I really admire your character, and its a pity that I cant share a drink with you. Brother Ye, the people I offended arent ordinary people, and they definitely cant compare with a small local authority you offended. You dont understand the complications, and I wont bother to explain, quickly get off the car.

Seeing Wu Xueming insist, Ye Mo had no choice and said, In that case, Brother Wu, which is the next city?

Jie Mu Town, its a small town. Although its only 20 minutes drive, it takes slightly longer by foot. Wu Xueming thought Ye Mo wanted to walk to the small town and rest. Thus, he introduced it quickly.

Okay, then you can just drop me off there. At the small town, Ill be able to find my own ride. You wont reject helping me out with this would you, Ye Mo smiled faintly.

Sigh twenty minutes is enough for them to find us. In that case, Ill help you one more time. Well take the small road, perhaps we really might be able to escape. Afterward, Wu Xueming turned the car and soon drove onto a small road, and even though the size of the path was limited, Wu Xueming was driving even faster.

It had been twenty minutes since Yu Miaodans phone call, and in the distance ahead, the road lights of the small town could be seen. However, a clear whirring sound could be heard from the distance, Wu Xueming suddenly stopped the car but didnt say anything, and his face gradually became uglier.

Ye Mo nodded as he recognized that it wasnt surprising that Wu Xueming was scared. He had his reason to; these peoples power werent just strong, it was overpowering! They could even find a helicopter... That whirring sound was obviously the noise made by the chopper moving toward their vehicle.

Sorry Brother Ye, I got you caught into this, and you wont be able to leave anymore even if you wanted to. Since they have already found us, they wont let you escape even if you leave alone, after apologizing, Wu Xueming didnt pay any more attention to Ye Mo. Instead, he grabbed Yu Miaodans hand and no longer hid the worry and pain in his eyes.

Xueming, its okay, its fine as long as we can be together. They can stop us from living together, but can they stop us from dying together? At this moment, Yu Miaodan didnt seem worried at all.

Even if I die, I will drag two with me! Wu Xueming suddenly said cruelly. At the same time, he took out a pistol from the car and passed a knife to Ye Mo: Use this to protect yourself! Sigh...

Ye Mo smiled and waved his hand: No need, I have things to protect myself with.

Originally, Wu Xueming felt guilty for dragging Ye Mo into this, but now, he looked at him differently. The enemy had mobilized a helicopter, and there was no way Ye Mo hadnt realized how strong the enemy was by now, yet he was still very calm. It meant that he wasnt an ordinary man.

Thinking about this, Wu Xueming said, Brother Ye, have you ever heard of Metal River?

Ye Mo shook his head, he had really never heard of them.

Wu Xueming continued, Its not a surprise that you havent heard of them because you arent a part of that world. Metal River is the only gang that isnt controlled by Nan Qing in the mainland. Although they arent as big as Nan Qing, Metal River is able to be independent of Nan Qing, and it could even be said that they are the biggest gang in the mainland of China because Nan Qings power range is no longer limited to the mainland but also overseas.

Metal River is so strong because of the boss of Metal River, he is called Metal Mountain and has a title: Metal Chain Stretching Across The River, and the name Metal River also came from his title. The person I offended should be ranked in the top 3 inside Metal River, and his name is Huang. You can tell how powerful he is by him being able to send out a helicopter overtly. In the entire Metal River, other than the gang leader, and the second gang leader who never shows his face, Huang is the strongest.

Although Huang might not be the actual third in power, the gang leader rarely concerns himself with the business in the gang. Most of the things are managed by Huang himself, so he has a lot of power.

Although Wu Xueming didnt continue talking, Ye Mo had already understood the gist of it. Offending Huang meant offending an incredibly powerful boss of a gang. No wonder, he didnt have much fighting will. In this situation, he would at most be able to drag a few with him to his death.
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