Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 870

Chapter 870: Escaping from Death
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

"You're asking to die!" the tall cultivator roared in fury, as his power drastically increased. He threw a stone drum at Ye Mo. It was the size of a basket when he first took it out, but when it reached Ye Mo's head, it had a circumference of 3 m.

It was so fast that it blasted through the air. The air below the drum seemed to have condensed, clearly due to the man's cultivation essence.

This stone drum was at least a low-grade spirit artefact.

The false core state cultivator couldn't form a chi field like a golden core state master would, but it was already similar. Low-level cultivators wouldn't even be able to escape the cultivation essence confinement, much less block the drum.

The tall cultivator gave a lethal blow immediately, clearly wanting to kill that arrogant little cultivator as fast and bloody as possible.

The female cultivator at the front was shook. She had just realized that this guy had never used his full power.

The expressions of the man and woman who followed the tall cultivator also changed. They realized that their companion hadn't been using his full power all this time. He had been clearly hiding it for a dark purpose.

The tall cultivator was angry, but he had also showed his power to exert his dominance. There was just one Core Building Herb, and he exerted his dominance to imply that it would be his.

However, Ye Mo was no ordinary foundation establishment state level 4 cultivator. He had killed Li Baisen, who was many times stronger than that tall cultivator, despite the help of the burst essence pill. However, Ye Mo had also gotten stronger now too.

He had gained his power through his own hard work and it was much easier to use than the power he had gotten from the pill. It could be said now that Ye Mo's power was the same as when he used the burst essence pill.

With such dense cultivation essence, how could he be afraid of that false core state cultivator who was far inferior than Li Baisen?

Ye Mo burst out his power and broke free from the strangling attack. The next moment, he had already sent out his flying sword. The sword ray went from tens to hundreds, until countless ones formed and clashed with the stone drum.

Heavenly shaking rumbles sounded. The stone drum had been blocked and it couldn't drop down even an inch. In the beginning, the drum could pressure down a little. However, as the sword rays multiplied, it couldn't move at all, no matter how much spirit sense or cultivation essence the tall cultivator put into the drum.

Ye Mo's sword ray was still multiplying and the newly birthed sword rays surrounded the drum. After some time, the stone drum would eventually be subjugated by the sword rays.

That tall cultivator's expression changed greatly. He hadn't thought a mere foundation establishment state level 4 cultivator could be this strong, both in terms of spirit sense and cultivation essence.

However, Ye Mo sighed. His flying sword was too low-quality. He could only use a little more than half of his true power. If he had a high-level flying sword, he would've already struck the stone drum and even injured the cultivator.

Ye Mo knew that he could succeed if he released Shadowless now, but before he was completely sure that he could kill the cultivator, he was going to hide his killing blow.

Ye Mo and the tall cultivator were fighting equally - at least it seemed so. The other three cultivators' expression kept changing drastically. No wonder that foundation establishment state level 4 cultivator was so cocky!

The tall cultivator looked at his two companions and yelled, "Hurry up and help me kill him! The sooner we kill him, the sooner we can do what we need to do!"

The two companions glanced at each other, but they didn't move. If they helped the tall cultivator now, the person to benefit from all of it would be him, not them.

Seeing this, the tall cultivator was furious. He knew his actions had caused suspicion. Without thinking, he took out a rune from his storage back and spat essence blood on it.

Then, with a few more chants, it suddenly expanded. After a second, the sky was covered with lightning. The lightning sparks were the size of chopsticks.

The lightning immediately gathered, forming a huge lightning field which surrounded Ye Mo.

"A level 6 lightning rune!" the three people watching called out at the same time. Lightning runes were the hardest to make.

The woman saw this and immediately started to run. She knew now was the best time.

As soon as the lightning rune was taken out, the two companions realized that no matter how strong of a foundation establishment state cultivator Ye Mo was, he was dead for sure.

The two cultivators immediately stopped the female cultivator from running and they started battling.

The tall cultivator saw this and breathed at ease.

He had wasted an extremely precious lightning rune, but it was nothing compared to the Core Building Grass.

Ye Mo was shook when he got surrounded by the lightning. He found out that he couldn't escape the lightning field no matter what!

Soon, the lightning started to strike Ye Mo.

The smallest lightning sparks had already started to burn Ye Mo's body and his cultivation essence was flying away quickly. The sword rays had now lost the upper-hand. Ye Mo cursed, regretting to have underestimated his enemy. Even if he hadn't released Shadowless, he could've used Winter's Arrival.

Ye Mo tried to divide some sword rays to block the lightning, but his efforts were in vain. His sword rays weren't able to stop the lightning and instead made it stronger.

Seeing that his lightning rune had subjugated Ye Mo and that the stone drum was about to break free and smash Ye Mo into pulp, the tall cultivator laughed.

Crack, crack- Two more lightning rays struck Ye Mo's chest, shattering his armor and causing two deep gashes. Ye Mo was aware that if he didn't go into the golden page world and continued like this, he would be dead for sure.

He took the last three lotus life pills and quickly used the Three Birth Chant to recover. At the same time, he released Shadowless and Winter's Arrival. It was late, but he didn't have a choice.

Crack, crack. Three more lightning rays struck Ye Mo. However, just when Ye Mo was ready to receive an even heavier injury, he joyfully found out that if he used the Three Birth Chant, the lightning rays would get absorbed by him.

Had that really happened? Ye Mo knew he had a mutant lightning spirit root, but he couldn't learn lightning style magic for some reason.

Now, he was absorbing lightning power. Did that mean that lighting style magic had to be cultivated in lightning?

Ye Mo rejoiced and stopped Shadowless from attacking. He simply let the lightning strike him freely.

Crack, crack. Ye Mo knew he was earning big with the Three Birth Chant. He felt his lightning power getting stronger and stronger. Perhaps the next thing he needed to do was find a lightning style attack.

The tall cultivator could've never guessed that Ye Mo's wounds were gradually healing and his cultivation level was increasing.
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