Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 871

Chapter 871: Deal
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo felt his power was increasing slowly. Ever since he had started cultivating the Three Birth Chant, he was able to sense all five elements from his spirit chi and even control the wind element spirit power. However, he hadn't been able to control lightning and ice power. Thanks to the two eggs, he got ice power.

And that way, the power he had happened to miss was lightning. However now, he could absorb the power from the lightning rune, allowing him to cultivate lightning style. This created balance amongst the elements in his body and caused his power to increase drastically in such a short time. When his lightning power was completely balanced with all other elements, the increase would slow down.

Ye Mo realized that the spirit chi in the world was mostly consisted of the five elements, but it had a really little amount of wind, ice and lightning power. Hence, when he found a place to cultivate wind, lightning and ice, his power would increase drastically.

Ye Mo could feel his cultivation essence reach full capacity and break through a small barrier. Then, his cultivation essence and meridians expanded again.

Foundation establishment state level 5! Ye Mo rejoiced. He hadn't thought he could breakthrough amidst a battle. However, his biggest acquisition had been that he had found out what he needed to cultivate from now on.

When Ye Mo was ready for more lightning strikes, he found that his surroundings had quietened down. All of the power of the lightning rune had been absorbed by him. That tall cultivator looked dazily at Ye Mo, as though he had seen the most unbelievable thing.

Ye Mo sent out his Winter's Arrival. The intense frigidness immediately confined the false core state cultivator. The man shivered and came back to his senses. He immediately realized things weren't good.

Ye Mo wasn't going to give him time to break free. His flying sword formed countless sword rays again and instantly pierced the cultivator into a honeycomb.

When the intense cold permeated, even the other cultivators started shivering subconsciously. They stopped at the same time, but they just saw Ye Mo's flying sword tearing the tall cultivator into pieces.

The scene quietened down.

Ye Mo slowly put a new set of clothes on himself before taking back Winter's Arrival. Then, he walked up to the tall cultivator casually and took his storage bag.

"Qianbei, Wanbei will leave." The short fat cultivator worriedly saluted Ye Mo with his fist and disappeared immediately.

The other female cultivator also copied the man and flew away on her flying sword.

Ye Mo didn't chase after them. Although he could've killed them, his main target was the cultivator with the Core Building Herb.

The woman saw Ye Mo wasn't chasing after the other two cultivators and instead set his gaze on her - her expression looked bad. She knew she was Ye Mo's target.

With Ye Mo's power, she would die if she fought him. Moreover, she was already heavily injured too.

She had spent all her savings on this herb and in the end, it benefited someone else.

She sighed. Seeing Ye Mo's decisiveness, she could tell that she would die if she didn't take it out. Perhaps, she was bound to stay at foundation establishment state her entire life.

The woman hesitated for a moment before giving Ye Mo the herb. "This is the Core Building Herb, it's yours."

Ye Mo smiled. If someone dared to try steal from him, he would steal from them in return and even kill them. Yet, he also really couldn't just steal someone else's belonging without a reason. He had his moral principles.

Ye Mo smiled but didn't take it. "You're right, I came here for the herb but I'm not here to rob it. I would like to make a deal. If you agree, you won't lose anything."

The woman took back her hand in bewilderment. The herb was quite a fortune, no one would let this opportunity slide.

She had long been living in the bottom level of the cultivation realm and she knew how evil and selfish people could be. She was dubious about Ye Mo's words. If she had been pretty, she would have thought Ye Mo had come for her body, but she knew she was very average. Also, no matter how pretty she was, the herb would be worth more than her.

Ye Mo said, "I'm a pill master, a level 9 spirit pill master."

This time, she reacted fast and immediately said in joy, "You can make the cultivation increasing pill?!"

Ye Mo nodded. "Yes, I can and I have great confidence in it."

The female cultivator understood now. She could tell that Ye Mo was one of those rare cultivators who didn't like stealing other people's things. She knew that Ye Mo had no reason to lie to her, she had nothing valuable to be trick for.

Even if Ye Mo only had 10% chance of success, she would have a try.

Without thinking, the female cultivator gave the herb to Ye Mo. "I didn't think you to be a pill master. I'm Zhen Xiaoshan. If you can make the pill, then just give me one."

Ye Mo took the herb and nodded. "Don't worry, I will give you a pill for sure. I'm Ye Mo, the boss of River State City's China Pharmaceuticals. If you have nowhere to go, you can go there first. When I finish concocting the pill, you can go for golden core state there."

"Huh!!" Zhen Xiaoshan was shook by Ye Mo's words. She had thought Ye Mo would just give her a way to contact him and tell her to wait, but he was an actual pill shop boss. No wonder he could make pills! Having a safe place to reach golden core state was more important to her than anything. She immediately bowed and said, "Thank you, Brother Ye, I have no place to go."

Ye Mo waved his hand. "I'm younger than you, just call me Ye Mo."

Then, Ye Mo took of his mask. "This is my real face. Hmm?"

Zhen Xiaoshan quickly asked, "What's wrong?"

Ye Mo took a seed from the herb and said, "These people are really generous. They didn't even take away the Core Building Herb's seed."

Zhen Xiaoshan smiled and shook her head, "The seed can only be collected before harvesting the herb. Otherwise, the seed would be useless. Even if it can be grown, no sect would spend three to five hundred years to grow this herb."

Ye Mo smiled and didn't answer. He took out a jade box and put the seed inside. His golden page world was very big now. He wanted to see if the golden page world could grow it.

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