Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 872

Chapter 872: The Six Big Halls of Fame
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When Ye Mo took out his flying pike, Zhen Xiaoshan umderstood why he hadn't taken the herb too seriously. This flying spirit artefact was worth at least one million middle-grade spirit stones.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense into the city before he went in. When he found that China Pharmaceuticals' formations were well and the shop was running normally, he breathed at ease.

When Zhen Xiaoshan saw China Pharmaceuticals' inside, she was shook even more. Ye Mo was younger than her, but he was a pill master and had such a grandiloquent pill shop at a place like River State City.

When Ye Mo went in China Pharmaceuticals, Sheng Yizhong was working with a few attendants. The moment they saw Ye Mo arrive, all of them went up to greet him.

"Brother Ye, you went to Nan Shan market indeed! I didn't think I would be lucky enough to meet you just when I was about to leave," Yan Zheng walked out of the shop accompanied by Su Yue.

"Brother Yan Zheng, thank you," Ye Mo saluted with his fist. He was truly grateful to Yan Zheng. He had helped to look after China Pharmaceuticals when he was gone. If it hadn't been for Yan Zheng, he really wouldn't have dared to leave Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling there by themselves.

Yan Zheng waved his hand. "Brother Ye, no need to be so polite. We're lucky to have your help! I need your help with something, but you must have a lot of things to do. I'll come back tomorrow."

Ye Mo could feel that Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling were cultivating, so he was in no rush to see them. He said, "It's fine, we can talk about it now."

Then, Ye Mo said to Su Yue, "Xiao Yue, take Zhen Xiaoshan to rest. She'll be one of us from now on."

Zhen Xiaoshan was going to stay at China Pharmaceuticals for at least half a year, so he told Yan Zheng that she was a new recruit.

Seeing the two women leave, Yan Zheng then said, "Brother Ye, I would like to know how long it would take you to concoct a level 7 spirit pill. If you can make it within half a year, we can provide you with some help but of course. If you know a level 7 spirit pill master, that would be even better".

Ye Mo knew that although Yan Zheng had asked if he could reach level 7 in half a year, his real intention was to ask if he knew any level 7 pill masters. It was just a one level difference, but the gap was too great. If one could cross this gap in half a year, then there would be many level 7 masters in the world.

Yan Zheng was asking about his non-existent master. If he could teach a level 6 pill master, then he might have other disciples that were at level 7.

Seeing that Ye Mo wasn't speaking anymore, Yan Zheng knew that Ye Mo had understood what he was implying. He said awkwardly, "Have you heard about the Ten Secret Lands?"

Ye Mo shook his head.

Yan Zheng said, "I only know about the Yun Zhen Palace and the Desert Herb Valley."

"The Yun Zhen Palace?" Ye Mo was shook because he had actually heard about it.

When he used to be a part of the East Black State's Magical Herb Sect, he had heard that there were countless fortunes in the Yun Zhen Palace. It would open every 30 years and cultivators less than 100 years old could go in, regardless of how powerful they were.

The difference in power of those who went in was huge. Some geniuses even reached nascent soul state at the age of 100, so the palace was also very dangerous. Those who went in were usually at golden core state cultivator, rarely any chi gathering or foundation establishment state cultivator would try it.

However, there were limited spots, so the requirements were very strict. Ye Mo only knew that five-star sects and above had spots to go in. The Magical Herb Sect was a four-star sect, so they didn't have the right to go in.

"You've also heard about the Yun Zhen Palace?" Yan Zheng asked.

Ye Mo nodded. "I've heard people talk about it before. It's said to be very hard to get into."

Yan Zheng nodded. "Yes, it hasn't opened yet, but even if it does, we won't meet the requirements to go in. Those who go in are prodigies and some powerful cultivators. I'm talking about the other secret land, the Desert Herb Valley. It's also has limited spots."

Ye Mo asked Yan Zheng, "What does this got to do with a pill master?"

Yan Zheng replied, "There are many spirit herbs in there - even the Cao Huan Fruit. The North Far State has very limited resources, so all spirit herbs are a huge attraction to sects. By the way, do you know that Luo Yue Continent has four states?"

Ye Mo nodded.

Yan Zheng realized that Ye Mo did indeed know a lot. Perhaps his master had told him all this.

Yan Zheng continued, "The Desert Herb Valley has many herbs, which means it has cultivation resources. Only 500 people can go in each time. People get sent outside if they're not among the first 500. So the sects have come up with a way to divide it. Other than the spots sects usually get, the extra ones have been split based on the six big halls of fame. All the sects who have someone on the six big halls of fame get three to ten extra spots."

"The six big halls of fame are the chi gathering hall of fame, the foundation establishment hall of fame, the golden core hall of fame, the forgery hall of fame, the pill concoction hall of fame and the rune making hall of fame."

Ye Mo asked in bewilderment, "Why isn't there a nascent soul or a hollow spirit hall of fame? Or a formation hall of fame?"

Yan Zheng smiled. "The North Far State has a hall of fame for nascent soul state cultivators, but it's not called a hall of fame. It's called the Nascent Soul State Fifty Three Kings. The number one king is a solo cultivator called Xu Changjie. There's no ranking for hollow spirit state cultivators, but everyone has their own ranking. As for formation masters, there are too few people."

Ye Mo then asked, "Do the big six halls of fame include the 50 best? Does that mean that if you're on the ranking, you can get more spots for your sect?"

Yan Zheng shook his head. "It's not like that. If it were, then there wouldn't be enough spots. Each hall of fame has 100 people. Only the top three can increase spots for their sect. The only exception is for pill concoction. If you're in the top 10, you can get your sect three spots."

"Why?" Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Yan Zheng explained, "That's because this secret land is mostly filled with spirit herbs. Only pill masters can fully utilize them. In half a year, the headquarters of the pill associations in the North Far State will hold a tournament for the hall of fame. After the tournament,the Desert Herb Valley will opens."
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