Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 873

Chapter 873: Genius
Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Thinking about the substantial amount of herbs in the Desert Herb Valley, Ye Mo got immediately interested. He saluted Yan Zheng with his fist and said, "Brother Yan, I understand. Don't worry, I can help you for sure, but I have one small request."

Yan Zheng saw that Ye Mo agreed and immediately replied happily, "Tell me, Brother Ye! I'll do anything I can."

Ye Mo nodded. "I can probably help you get three more spots, but I want one spot for going into the secret land too. Will this be possible?"

Yan Zheng had already thought of this before he went to ask Ye Mo for help. Both Ye Mo and his master were pill masters - there was no way they wouldn't want a spot. Thinking about this, he immediately said, "No problem, the requirement is that only those below golden core state can go in. It would be perfect for you to go in."

Ye Mo was already at level 9 spirit pill master. In half a year, he might even become a pill king. Ye Mo was very confident in getting into the top 10 for the pill concoction hall of fame with his level of skills.

After sending Yan Zheng off, Ye Mo went to see Li Yuqian.

Li Yuqian's internal injuries had recovered. She was very happy with the cultivation environment there, so she had spent all her extra time teaching Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling wholeheartedly.

Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling only went out for a moment, but they got to meet Ye Mo before going back inside to cultivate. Meanwhile, Li Yuqian waited on the side, as though she had something to tell Ye Mo.

"Li-Qianbei, I believe I can make the cao huan pill in three months. If you can reach golden core state peak stage in that time, it would be perfect." Ye Mo thought she was going to ask about the pills.

Ye Mo also wanted her to reach nascent soul state due to his plans. He was going to the Desert Herb Plain in half a year. He would feel much more assured if there was a nascent soul state cultivator protecting Ye Ling and Song Yangzhu.

Li Yuqian hadn't come for the pill, but she was still shook that it could be ready in three months. Li Yuqian shook her head and said, "I have no way of reaching golden core state peak stage in three months unless I get the qin wen pill. Although I have the spirit herbs needed for the pill, I don't know any spirit pill master above level 7, so I don't have a way to make it. If your master comes, I want to ask your master for help."

Ye Mo understood what she meant. He thought of a while and then decisively said, "Li-Qianbei, please forgive me for not telling you the truth before. I'm actually a level 1 pill king myself. I said I can get you cao huan pill, not because my master will make it, but because I can. So, I can help Qianbei make the qin wen pill."

"What?! You're a level 1 pill king?!" Li Yuqian stood up abruptly. She really didn't dare to believe Ye Mo. How old was Ye Mo? And he dared call himself a level 1 pill king? Was he crazy?

Ye Mo understood her shock. If he hadn't been cultivating the Three Birth Chant, he wouldn't have believed he could reach pill king at such an age. He hadn't thought there would be such a powerful cultivation method in the world. It's like the original cultivation method from when the world was born. He knew that his ultimate achievement could never be become a mere pill king.

Although he hadn't really made a heaven grade level 1 pill yet, he believed he could do it and he wouldn't need much time. The reason he wasn't too sure yet was because he hadn't had a pill to make. He had exaggerated his skills a little to assure Li Yuqian.

"Yes, I'm not crazy. I'm indeed a level 1 pill king, believe it or not," Ye Mo said word by word.

Li Yuqian really wanted to believe Ye Mo, but his words were too absurd. Her expression became serious and didn't ask anything. She threw tens of herbs on the ground and said, "Then make the qin wen pill right now. I'll watch."

Ye Mo didn't object and simply took out his Shen Nong Cauldron.

He had been using it for many years and it felt very comfortable. Although he hadn't completely spirit controlled the cauldron, it was very effective with pill concoction.

Seeing Ye Mo smoothly control the cauldron with his spirit sense and send out cultivation fire, Li Yuqian could finally start to believe him.

Not all the herbs on the ground were needed for the pill. Ye Mo knew she had done this on purpose. Without thinking, he waved and more than ten herbs separated the rest and fell into the cauldron.

Li Yuqian saw this and nodded, feeling that Ye Mo had some real capabilities. However, after seeing him just throw them inside without order, her expression looked a little bad.

Even she knew that no matter what pill you were concocting, there was an order for putting the herbs in the cauldron. If you got it wrong, you would get a cauldron of ashes or the cauldron might even blow up.

Ye Mo had done this intentionally. He had chosen to show her his means and it wasn't going to be ordinary means.

Li Yuqian's expression soon looked surprised. There was no smell of burned bits. Instead, the impurities of the herbs came out of the mouth of the cauldron.

Tens of minutes went past and Li Yuqian realized that Ye Mo's actions weren't slowing down at all. Instead, they became smoother and smoother. She was shook. Ye Mo was only at foundation establishment state level 5, but his spirit sense was even a little stronger than someone at false core state.

Li Yuqian carefully sent her spirit sense inside the cauldron and found that the herbs had been rapidly refined and ordered. With this, she could tell that Ye Mo's skills were definitely at pill king level.

An hour later, the herbs had finished being refined into pure herbal liquid. Meanwhile, Ye Mo controlled the liquid with his spirit sense while he kept pulling and stirring.

Such rapid means! Ye Mo hadn't finished making the pill, but Li Yuqian knew he definitely could. He refined the herbs in a little more than an hour, when usually it would take four hours.

Moreover, Ye Mo was using an ordinary cultivation fire. If he used another fire, wouldn't he be even better?

Ye Mo then weaved a few more pill signs and the liquid started to condense. Another hour later, the pill was gradually taking form and the aroma of the pill speed out.

Ding, dong! 12 turquoise pills were pulled out and placed into a jade bottle.

"Qianbei, the pill is made. Have a look." Ye Mo gave the bottle to Li Yuqian.

Li Yuqian subconsciously grabbed the bottle and poured one. She immediately gasped. "Great quality! Top-grade qin wen pills, and you even made 12 pills in a cauldron. You're a level 1 pill king indeed!"

Li Yuqian was shook. She knew what a level 1 pill king meant. In the North Far State, every pill king had a mass followers. There was one in front of her right now that was this young and made pills that fast.


Ye Mo interrupted her thoughts, "Li-Qianbei, with this will you be able to reach golden core state peak stage in three months?"

Li Yuqian came back to her sense and quickly said, "Ye Mo, although I'm older than you and I'm your wife and sister's master, you're a level 1 pill king. Just call me Sister Li. I'm sure I can reach golden core state peak stage with this in three months."
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