Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 874

Chapter 874: Pill King
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At this moment, Li Yuqian had put Ye Mo on an equal or even higher status than her. The reality was that a pill king in the cultivation realm had a much higher status than a golden core state cultivator.

Ye Mo rejoiced. "Great! In half a year, I will still be needing your help, Sister Li."

Li Yuqian had calmed down after the initial shock. Reaching golden core state tertiary stage at around the age of 60 was already proof of her talent. However, Li Yuqian used to believe she wouldn't be able to reach nascent soul state until she was 150 or 200 years old.

Yet, fortune was something unexplainable and she had met Ye Mo. Instead of having to wait decades or even a century, she might be able to reach nascent soul state in less than half a year.

Of course, in her eyes, her greatest fortune wasn't having gone to River State city and getting the pills, but the fact that she had met a pill king. Ye Mo was a pill king at such young age! He definitely could reach higher levels in time.

What was the most important thing in cultivation? Resources, of course. And pills were the most important resource. Pills came from pill master. If you had a stack of spirit herbs, but not a pill master to concoct pills for you, they would be useless.

It was no simple thing to know a pill king and make him concoct pills for you. She wouldn't even have been able to afford a pill king's concoction fees. They usually only accepted ordinary requests. They didn't do out of the ordinary items since it would waste their cultivation power.

Thinking about how she used to look down on Ye Mo, she sighed.

She understand what Ye Mo meant when he said he would be needing her help in half a year. She had also known what Ye Mo wanted her to do when he told her to stay at River State City in China Pharmaceuticals. He needed her to protect China Pharmaceuticals, and specially Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling.

She had gone there because she really liked her two talented disciples and she had nowhere to go, as she was disappointed at the Zheng Yuan Sword Sect. Of course, another important reason was that Ye Mo had saved her life.

But now, it seemed her decision had been very right. Even if Ye Mo told her to leave, she wouldn't leave. Unless she didn't want to reach higher cultivation states, she would never leave a pill king she knew.

"Don't worry, Yangzhu and Ye Ling are my disciples. I'm also used to living here. If you have something to do, then just do it. Leave China Pharmaceuticals to me," Li Yuqian expressed her intentions without hesitation.

Ye Mo was very happy with her attitude and nodded in satisfaction. "In that case, I won't disturb your cultivation anymore. I'm going to cultivate too. In three months, I will give you the cao huan pill."

Li Yuqian nodded. "Regardless of whether I can reach nascent soul state, I will treat China Pharmaceuticals as my own place. But I do have something to ask you something."

Li Yuqian paused and said, "The cultivation method you taught Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling isn't an ordinary one, right? If I'm not wrong, it's at least above spirit grade level 7. If it really is, then-"

Li Yuqian looked worried.

Ye Mo heard this and knew that Li Yuqian had realized what he was teaching them. It was to be expected. She was teaching them side by side and knew the way they ran their chi meridians.

Ye Mo didn't intend to hide it and just said, "That's right. I was planning to tell you after you reached nascent soul state but since you know, I'll tell you straight up. The cultivation method they are cultivating isn't at spirit grade nor even heaven grade. I don't know what exact grade it is at."

Li Yuqian was shook again. Not even at heaven grade! What kind of notion was this? It was said that the highest graded cultivation method on Luo Yue Continent was only at heaven grade, at low-level heaven grade.

Seeing her shock, Ye Mo said, "Sister Li, if you hadn't been their master and they hadn't been cultivate right in front of you, you wouldn't have noticed the grade of their cultivation method."

Ye Mo knew what she was worrying about. If other people found out that they were cultivating a cultivation method at above heaven grade, the two women were dead for sure. Yet then again, if it wasn't someone really close to them, they wouldn't be cultivating in front of them in the first place.

Moreover, not even Li Yuqian had managed to get it was at above heaven grade. Other people wouldn't be able to get it either.

However, Ye Mo still decided to warn Song Yangzhu and Ye Ling later that they couldn't do this no matter what.

"Sister Li, I was planning to give you this cultivation method after you reached nascent soul state," Ye Mo said. He really did plan to do so. It wasn't suitable for her to cultivate the Primordial Chaos Chant right now, or she would have to spend large amounts of time converting her cultivation essence. However, if she reached nascent soul state, she could choose a new cultivation method.

Li Yuqian looked dazily at Ye Mo. "You- you were planning on letting me cultivate this cultivation method?"

She really couldn't believe that Ye Mo would be willing to give this to her. Even if it were from father to son, it would be passed down very carefully.

She was aware that she had to choose a new cultivation method when she reached nascent soul state because it was impossible to reach higher states with her current cultivation method. She had been troubled, as she didn't have a better cultivation method. Yet now Ye Mo was giving her such a big gift.

Ye Mo smiled and said, "Sister Li, since you can teach what you know to Ye Ling and Yangzhu, I can teach you this."

Li Yuqian knew Ye Mo was trying to tie them together, but she was still amazed by Ye Mo's magnanimity.

Ye Mo knew that although the Primordial Chaos Chant was really good, his Three Birth Chant was definitely much stronger than it. Once he reached a certain power, he could produce a new cultivation method based on all sorts of spirit roots.

Li Yuqian calmed herself down and looked at Ye Mo. "Ye Mo, your pill concoction skills is the best I've seen. It's my fortune that I can come to China Pharmaceuticals, but I see that your skills are greatly limited by your pill fire. If you just use foundation establishment state level cultivation fire, you won't be able to fully utilize your skills. If you had a good pill fire, your skills would be far superior than a level 1 pill king's."

Ye Mo heard this and realized that he did indeed need a new one. He had thought of getting one before, but there was no big hurry. Yet now that he thought about it, he realized that he didn't need more concoction skills, but a strong pill fire.
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